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In other words, at this year’s Basel watch exhibition, various brands have presented a variety of excellent works, which is very shocking. Among them, although many timepieces are presented to the public for the first time with designs with complex and innovative materials, it always makes me feel that there is a lack of something related to ‘historical heritage’. After all, for this kind of precision machinery manufacturing, there is a long history of imprint, and the lasting meaning must be endless.
Past Autavia series: antique market, rave reviews
  For many watches, the term ‘antique’ sometimes means that the timepiece is of high value.

TAG Heuer Autavia series antique timepieces

  On March 10, 2015, TAG Heuer launched the Autavia Cup selection event, which aims to select the new Autavia replica watches to be released in 2017. The public showed an extremely strong interest in the Autavia Cup. In the first round of selection, thousands of enthusiasts participated in the voting. It can be seen that the Tag Heuer Autavia watch is very popular among the public, but its antiques Good things are hard to find in the market, and the recurrence of the Autavia series is also an inevitable development trend.

TAG Heuer launches first dashboard timepiece for other pilots

  The term Autavia is derived from the abbreviations of automobile and aviation, and originally represented the dashboard timer used in racing cars and airplanes from 1933 to 1957. In the trend closely related to Tag Heuer and sporting events, in 1933, Heuer introduced the first dashboard timepiece specially designed for pilots, which can run continuously for eight days without winding, and has excellent readability. After discontinuing the dashboard timer, the Autavia series name is still valid.

TAG Heuer launches first dashboard timepiece for pilots

  Although many people associate the Autavia name with the background of the car, personally, in fact, the flying elements show a lot, whether it is a stopwatch with an instrument panel on a heavy car or an airplane, or a relief on the back of the case Helicopters, TAG Heuer want everyone to know that they are not just about racing.

  As one of the brand’s main watch series, Autavia Chronograph has witnessed three ‘first’ of Tag Heuer:

Autavia chronograph first appeared in 1962

  First of all, before that, TAG Heuer’s chronographs were only marked by the model number, and Autavia was the first chronograph with a formal name of TAG Heuer. It was created by Jack Heuer at the age of 30 for the company. First watch. With the rapid development of various fierce competitions, as a racing enthusiast, Mr. Jack Heuer, knowing the market demand for wrist chronograph models, officially converted the production of this instrument into a wearable ‘ Timer. ‘

  Secondly, Tag Heuer is the publisher of Calibre 11, the world’s first automatic chronograph movement, and this Calibre 11 is used in the Autavia series. Later, Cal11, Cal12, Cal15 and other movements were derived, collectively referred to as the Chronomatic family, and their predecessors for research and development were all Calibre 11 movements.

Autavia 1163 MH (first edition of 1969)
  The first product launched by TAG Heuer in 1969 using the Cal11 movement was Autavia 1163 MH. The first version featured the ‘Chronomatic’ name above the ‘Heuer’ shield. The word ‘Autavia’ appeared on the lower part of the dial. ‘Chronomatic’ was larger and more competitive than later versions. Its production time is very limited (1969) and it is very rare. At present, in the antique market, it may be controlled in the range of $ 20,000 or even higher.

  Finally, Autavia is TAG Heuer’s first chronograph with a rotating bezel. The rotating bezel can calculate the elapsed time or track the time in the second time zone. The stainless steel case ensures a water-resistant depth of 330 feet. This bezel is very useful for racers or navigators. Compared with TAG Heuer’s earlier chronographs, Autavia chronographs have increased in size, offering dual chronograph models or triple chronograph models with 12-hour timing .

  Later, in the mid-1960s, TAG Heuer continued to improve the Autavia chronograph, the bezel became thinner, and the hands were brightly polished metal to complement the shiny hour markers on the dial. In order to comply with safety regulations, the luminous material was changed from radium to thorium, as evidenced by the small ‘T’ mark on the dial. The above two models are particularly important in the history of TAG Heuer. The three chronograph models have been worn by F1 world champion Jochen Rindt, while the dual chronograph models have been used by Indianapolis 500 and F1 champion Mali. Mario Andretti has worn it.

  It can be seen that in that era, Autivia and speed and passion became the eternal memory of young people of that era.
Today’s new Autivia series: high value + new technology
  Appearance style: retro, fashion
  Today the brand continues the classics, reopens a new chapter, draws inspiration from the original representative models, presents the new Autavia series, and introduces it to the altar as an independent series.

The heritage of the Tag Heuer Autavia series

  Here, a friend really asked, why did the continuation of the classic launch a three-hand model instead of a chronograph? First of all, this is not a replica watch, but a new work of TAG Heuer for the Autavia series. Secondly, in terms of price, I think the relative cost of a three-hand watch will be much lower.

New Autavia series-7 models (steel, bronze)

  There are 7 models in the Autavia series. There are two kinds of case materials: stainless steel and bronze. The 42 mm diameter design is more suitable for the wrist size.

New Autavia watch-stainless steel

  The 60-minute graduated black, blue ceramic or stainless steel two-way rotating bezel highlights the sporty feel of the watch.

New Autavia watch-bronze

  The dial’s color scheme is particularly trendy. The smoked dial is available in black, gray or blue. The date window is at 6 o’clock. The hour markers, hours, minutes, and seconds are coated with SuperLuminova® fluorescent paint, so you can read the time even on a dark adventure.

  The crown design draws inspiration from pilot watches and chronographs that use oversized crowns. The size of the XL is designed to allow pilots to operate accurately while wearing gloves.

 The engraved caseback at the bottom of the case combines tire and propeller design elements, reminiscent of the geometry of an aircraft’s propeller, while using an ultra-wear-resistant steel coating to protect the movement.

  The strap or bracelet of each model in the Autavia series is interchangeable and can be operated at home without using any tools. This design is very convenient and can be used in various outdoor adventure occasions. The leather calfskin strap is available in dark brown or light brown.
  Technical manufacturing: professional and exclusive

Tag Heuer Isograph carbon composite Calibre 5 movement

  The new Autavia three-hand watch is equipped with the Calibre 5 movement certified by the Observatory. It adopts the high-end carbon composite hairspring introduced by Tag Heuer earlier this year. The combination of the movement and the Isograph carbon composite hairspring ensures that the watch can accurately move the time.

Tag Heuer Isograph carbon composite Calibre 5 movement

  Behind the invention of this new hairspring design is a team of mathematicians, physicists and scientists from TAG Heuer. Carbon composite hairspring not only shakes the traditional watchmaking world, but also improves the performance of models using this patented technology. Its advantages are that the hairspring is lightweight, low in density, hardly affected by gravity and impact, and antimagnetic. Made entirely by TAG Heuer, the design and production are carried out in its laboratory in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
 If you are interested in such timepieces that have developed from antique history, then you may wish to try the new Autavia series. With its serious historical pedigree and brand-new technology, you ca n’t afford to lose or be fooled. Coupled with the high value and low price, it is extremely cost-effective. At this time, Tag Heuer is conducting a tour of AUTOVIA antique watches. The tour information is attached below. Interested friends may wish to take a closer look at AUTOVIA timepieces on the spot. It is reported that the price of the watch is between RMB 25,800-31,900.
  Wuhan International Plaza Store Date of exhibition: May 19-May 22
              Phone: 027-85513966
  Shanghai Ganghui Hanglong Store Date of exhibition: May 25th-May 29th
              Phone: 021-64262051
  Xi’an SKP shop Date of exhibition: June 1st-June 5th
              Phone: 029-83698379
  Beijing SKP shop Date of exhibition: June 8-June 12
              Phone: 010-65307316
  Beijing Oriental Plaza Store Date: June 8-June 12
              Phone: 010-58116255

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