The First Baume & Mercier Concept Store Opened In Hong Kong

The cooperation between Swiss high-end watchmaker Baume & Mercier and the legendary American racing brand Carroll Shelby has been intimate, and from July 1 to On the 20th, a concept store was opened in a famous shop in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, demonstrating the precise quality inherited from the brand of Baume & Mercier and Carroll Shelby and the spirit of unremitting pursuit of dreams.

 That night, Baume & Mercier specially invited Mr. Wang Zongyao and Ms. Cen Lixiang to attend the unveiling reception, and they each wore the latest watch models. Wang Zongyao wears a Caplan series Shelby® Cobra 1963 Competition limited edition watch (limited edition of 1963 pieces, valued at HK $ 37,100). The black dial and steering wheel shaped hands highlight the racing characteristics of the watch and exude a mature and stable temperament. Wear the Petite Promesse series watch (valued at HK $ 25,400) with a noble dress, pair with eye-catching bright orange double-circle leather strap, bezel set with brilliant diamonds, and the delicate size shows the charming and classic temperament. During the event, the two held a toast with Mr. Luo Qinwei, Managing Director of Baume & Mercier and Ms. Chassot Marie-Emmanuelle, Baume & Merchandise Director, to celebrate the opening of the concept store. In addition to seeing the antique convertible racing cars and limited edition watches in the concept store, the two also tried the simulation racing game on the scene, tasted the nervousness of the racers, and experienced the legendary experience of the Cobra racing team. The ‘The Capeland Cup’ simulation car scoring star competition was also held during the event. The participants included Wang Zongyao, Cen Lixiang, Huang Yiqing, Zhong Qing, Hu Lin, Chen Shihui, Cen Jieyi and Mr. Dixon, Jocelyn Luko and Anthony Storm, Zhang Jiansheng, etc.

 Baume & Mercier’s first concept store in Hong Kong covers an area of ​​more than 185 square meters, with black and yellow as the keynote, showing an extraordinary style. In order to let the fans see the Shelby Cobra racing style, the brand carefully arranged to display a 1990 Shelby AC Cobra bright yellow convertible. The concept store also specially set up the Sprit of Competition 3D D-Box simulator. The 12-hour endurance Sebring track is equipped with a D-Box dynamic seat and a 3D screen composed of 3 thin-bezel LED displays, making players sit in the seat as if they were in a black convertible Cobra CX 2128 No. 15 In the simulation, the multi-sensory enjoyment of the shock of high-speed movement and the expansive landscape experience was felt during the simulation of racing. There will also be a ‘The Capeland Cup’ racing simulation scoring competition. Visitors can participate. The winner will receive a Capeland Shelby® Cobra limited edition chronograph.

 In addition, four new Capeland Shelby® Cobra 1963 ‘Legendary Drivers Edition’ were first displayed on the venue. These four self-winding watches are engraved with the numbers representing the four drivers at 9 o’clock on the dial:
’15’ for Dan Gurney ’97’ for Dave McDonald
’50’ for Ken Miles ’96’ for Allen Grant
 This series of watches is a true collection, limited to 15 pieces, commemorating the first race number of the Cobra CSX2128 car, and engraved with the name of the driver. Each piece meets the strictest standards of fine watchmaking and is believed to meet all expectations of collectors.
 The new Kaplan Shelby Cobra 1963 chronograph advocates a spirit of tenacity and adventure, which symbolizes the belief of constantly surpassing oneself. This watch commemorates the legendary Cobra CSX2128 race car. It carries the passion, brilliant achievements, perseverance and team spirit of the race, and it also represents a dream that will never die.
 This chronograph is dedicated to highlighting the unique charm and power of Cobra racing, and its chronograph hands are specially engraved with the brand logo cherished by Carol Shelby. The hour and minute hands show the shape of a racing steering wheel. Whether it’s a polished / satin-finished stainless steel 44mm case or a black ADLC-coated stainless steel model, it shows a surging sense of power. These two unique chronographs are paired with yellow rubber inside calfskin leather, black alligator leather strap or black vulcanized rubber strap, and a triple folding safety buckle. The black vulcanized rubber strap is made of racing tires.
About Baume & Mercier Hong Kong Concept Store
Opening hours: July 1 to July 20, 2016 (10 am to 8 pm)
Address: Shop 2A, G / F, 9 Kingston Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (the main entrance is located at 8-10 Caning Street)