Star Trek With The Little Prince Iwc Pilot’s Hand Chronograph ‘little Prince’ Special Edition

May 19, 2015——IWC launches a new special edition of the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph “Little Prince”, with its unique planet-jumping week display, to accompany you and the small The prince embarked on an interplanetary journey. The inner circle of the dial is arranged around seven planets, and a golden light blooms every day, symbolizing that the famous little prince described by Anthony Saint Exupery visited a new planet on his interstellar journey. The back of the watch is also engraved with the seven planets and is marked with the names of the inhabitants of each planet where the little prince stays.

   A king who ruled a fictional kingdom, a businessman who thought he owned the entire planet, and a geographer who never left his desk, the little prince set out from his little planet to find friends, and encountered various things on the journey Various strange characters from other planets. The interstellar journey described in Anthony Saint Exupery’s most successful literary work, The Little Prince, became the source of inspiration for IWC. Inspired by it, IWC has carefully crafted a new Pilot’s Watch Chronograph ‘Little Prince’ special model (model: IW371807) with charming mechanical functions. ‘The collaboration with the Anthony Saint-Exupery Youth Foundation provides inspiration for several of our special edition pilot watches,’ said Georges Kern, chief executive of IWC. ‘Since the book’ Little Prince ‘celebrated its 70th anniversary two years ago, we have introduced many different models to pay tribute to the young heroes in the story. The special edition not only has an exquisite needle-tracking device, but also a childlike star-like element. Maybe it doesn’t look strange at first glance, but it is very subtle.
   On the night blue dial with a unique cockpit design, the jumping planetary dial around the central ring of the dial is a big surprise of the watch. On this glamorous week display, a different glittering golden star is lit every day. However, the days of the week do not change in a particular order, with flashing Venus seemingly jumping across seven different positions on the dial. The hollow stars on the dial symbolize the planet the little prince once visited. The names of these planets and the people who inhabit them are engraved on the bottom of the watch in the same order on the dial: the king, the vanity admirer, the drunkard, the merchant, the lantern holder, the geographer, and the rose that the little prince remembers— —After ending his adventure, the little prince returned to Rose. At the bottom of the table you can see the planet this little boy with wheat-colored blonde hair is visiting, which is really an interesting experience. The center of the case is also decorated with a portrait of the little prince. The wearer can make the golden stars jump to another position by turning the crown. In other words, which star on the dial is lit on seven days a week is entirely up to the wearer.

    The complication of the chronograph hand also now has a place in the Pilot’s Watch “Little Prince” special edition series. Chase chronograph, also known as rattrapante, is a watchmaking challenge that is often underestimated. With two superimposed chronograph seconds hands, the wearer can accurately record split times in as little as one minute. The fascination of the special edition of the pilot’s chase chronograph ‘Little Prince’ is that it not only has all the technical characteristics of the pilot’s watch, but also has a poetic design element. The powerful features of this watch include self-winding, time, date, star-shaped week display with jumping, small second hand with stop device, 12-hour cumulative chronograph function, hand tracking function, and stable assembly to withstand sudden steps The pressure-reduced double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass mirror also includes the strong antimagnetic protection provided by the soft iron inner case of the IWC pilot watch. The night blue dial reflects the elegant sportsmanship of this watch. The hands and scales are treated with Super-LumiNova® *, which ensures clear reading even at night. The lettering on the bottom of the table clearly indicates that the watch is limited to 1000 pieces. The Pilot’s Chronograph Chronograph “Little Prince” comes with a brown matte calfskin strap with beige stitching.

Updated: 5. April 2021 — 2:45
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