Seiko Space Walk Commemorative Edition Best Sports Watch Of The Year

Spring Drive Commemorative Edition © Seiko
    At the 2010 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards last night, the Seiko Spring Drive Space Walk Memorial Edition was awarded the Sports Watch of the Year. This is the highest honor given to Seiko’s unique leading Spring Drive technology, and Seiko is proud to receive this award.
    Representing Shinji Hattori, President and Chief Executive Officer of Seiko Watchmaking, Shu Yoshino, general manager of public relations and advertising, described the watch: ‘This is the only watch in the world worn on spacewalk. Created the first pioneer of the space watch. Like the hands jumping on the dial, this watch is a step forward for human beings in space exploration. I sincerely thank everyone for giving this award to us This will be the pride of the entire Seiko family. ‘
    Along with other award-winning watches, the Seiko Spring Drive Space Walk will be on display at the Belles Montres salon in Paris from November 26-28.
    This is the second time Seiko Watch has won the Geneva Watch Awards. In 2006, Seiko’s first generation E-Ink watch won the best electronic watch award.

Updated: 9. May 2021 — 18:07
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