Audemars Piguet Millenary Précieuse Watch

Audemars Piguet Millenary Pr & eacute; cieuse
The best way to break the silence is to stage ‘The Metamorphosis’ in order to stand out in the beauties of the harem. Just looking at the shape, we know that Audemars Piguet knows it well. A beautiful & ldquo; chain meter & rdquo; has been staged in the Millenary Pr & eacute; cieuse watch: a round chain bezel in 18K pink gold set with 147 quality diamond . The solid and empty ring-shaped case and the butterfly hair ornament have the same effect. Isn’t the brocade silk satin strap the epitome of a long skirt? What a great luxury.
Films that reproduce the scenes of European classical palaces are endless. Complex hair accessories, heavy jewelry, white lace, and fluttering skirt corners have become first-class aphrodisiacs to stimulate modern people. The luxurious and luxurious palace decoration fascinates all living beings, and the supporters naturally do not miss every opportunity to wear them, just like a palace-style watch. And the best suit for this style is the dress with gold and brown as the main color. Only the wide color space can fully display the luxurious patterns on the female table. Women’s watches that are brightly colored and adorned with various gemstones have the function of shining your dress.

Fortitude And Domineering Tasting Taffy I Gbvt Men’s Watch

Elysee perfectly integrates trendy design with German superb watchmaking craftsmanship, while pursuing classic elegant ideas while incorporating elements of racing with extremely casual characteristics. The extremely high cost performance makes it a luxury entry for German watch brands. Product. Today I want to introduce you to the Elysee Graff von Tripps series TAFFY I GBvT men’s watch, official number: 17010.
   The watch case is made of stainless steel, with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 13 mm. It has a sapphire crystal and is water-resistant to 50 meters.
   The bright and delicate silver bezel, with the light brown-based multi-function dial, is fortitude and domineering.
   Equipped with Citizen / Miyota 9100 automatic mechanical movement, with day, date, month and power reserve display functions, to meet the wearer’s multi-function requirements for time.
   The watch has a leather strap specifically designed for racers, with a butterfly buckle. The fine brown leather strap is selected, and the treads are carefully displayed to show the taste details.

Ingenuity, The Century Heritage Of Micro-painted Enamel Art – Jacques De Roth Art Workshop Experience

More than 400 years ago, Europeans (Geneva is the birthplace) have started to use enamel technology on clocks and watches, and derived micro-enamel technique. Micro-painted enamel is an outstanding representative of western enamel technology, and is considered to be the most difficult of the three major types of enamel (the other two are filigree enamel and filled enamel).
   The ancient tradition of micro-painting enamel can be explored from the Flemish region at the border of Europe, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands in the middle of the 15th century. At the end of the 15th century, Limoges in the Midwest of France developed into an important town of micro-painted enamels based on its enamel making process. Initially, it made religious-themed utensils and later gradually made decorative crafts. From the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century, the technique of micro-painting enamel has gradually matured in Geneva for use in watchmaking.
   Due to the time-consuming and laborious work of making a micro-painted enamel surface, and the fact that pocket watches have gradually entered history because of the rise of watches, the once-prosperous micro-painted enamel technique reached the early 20th century, and it became difficult to master the inheritance of this technique. Today in the Swiss watchmaking industry, there are only a few watch brands that can produce micro-painted enamels, which also makes the art of micro-painted enamels, which is known as one of the seven major watchmaking processes in Geneva, more precious.
   As one of Jacques de Roth’s undisclosed traditional ancient crafts, it has a history of nearly 300 years. It has been famous for its large-scale fire enamel craftsmanship. In the 21st century, Jacques Delo is committed to carrying forward the micro-painting enamel, a representative of western enamel craftsmanship, and making the watchmaking tradition created by its founder into the existing watch series. China has continued its heritage.

   The process of micro-painting enamel requires that the watch case is covered with a layer of anti-deformation enamel glaze. In order to make the watch case resistant to high temperatures during firing, several layers of white glaze are placed on the metal plate, and then drawing is started. The master of enamel uses a single brush to decorate several layers of colored glaze with delicate strokes to draw a delicate pattern. At this time, color mixing is the biggest science. If the color mixing is excessive, the pattern will be blurred after sintering, and the picture will be destroyed. Therefore, after partial drawing, sinter first, then draw the next part, and then sinter. The last step is to apply several layers of colorless transparent glaze to enhance the three-dimensional impression of the pattern. Sometimes one side of the micro-painted enamel has to be sintered dozens of times. If it burns out in the middle (such as cracking, color mixing failure, etc.), this work will be destroyed. So micro-painted enamel is very precious.
   The master watchmakers at Jacques D’Or Art Workshop know how to adjust the thickness of the powder, how to master the heat, and how to fire a dial with a unique luster and texture. The dial produced by this process has the same quality for a long time, and the enamel is gorgeous and bright. It can remain unchanged for thousands of years, and the time can still be renewed. Each Jaquet Droz micro-painted enamel dial is drawn by hand, which is cumbersome and requires extremely complicated and delicate craftsmanship, which takes about 40 hours to complete under a microscope. It is for this reason that micro-painted enamel is completed. Craftsmanship has been used on only a few models, creating unique and classic models that are entirely hand-drawn and timeless.
   Each of Jacques Dro’s micro-painted enamel watches is an ingenious and unique masterpiece. Each dial adheres to the brand’s excellence quality requirements, consisting of five layers of enamel, after more than a week of hand-made, and about 20 open flame treatment processes to achieve the ultimate effect. The dial’s white space is like an unfolded canvas. The color lines are drawn between the square inches, exuding the strong aroma of art, which is timeless. Whether it is a bird or a beast, or a portrait of a person on the dial, the mood is clear, the strokes are delicate, one stroke at a time, and the finest muscle textures, feathers and fur patterns on the subject animal are carefully delineated, as well as the vivid posture of soaring and running, The tranquility and beauty of the mountains and waters reflect each other; the subject’s eyes are flowing, looking forward to life, the clothing is clear in texture, and the texture is elegant, which expresses the expression of writers, painters, and musicians in intoxicating creation. Such a gorgeous enamel coat is worn on the body of the watch, the watch presents artistic sensuality and romance.
Petite Heure Minute Horses

Petite Heure Minute Carps
   Each of Jakodro’s watches is as fascinating as works of art. The brand’s nearly 300 years of legendary history has been meticulously depicted between square inches, and all are manufactured with a global limit of 88, 8 or even 1 piece. Each micro-painted enamel watch is like a rare treasure, and only a few distinguished people can include it.
   In order to further show Jacques Dro’s unique micro-painted enamel technology to watch lovers, collectors and connoisseurs who love luxury watches, Jacques Dro specially organized the “Jacques Dro Art Workshop Experience” event in Shanghai. Mr. Le Ngoc Thanh, a Jacques Dro enamel micro-painter from afar, was invited to perform the enamel micro-painting process for the guests, and the guests were invited to experience the drawing dial in person. Let the guests personally experience the unremitting efforts of Jacques Dro’s ultimate pursuit of ‘beauty’.

   For almost three centuries, Jaquet Droz has engraved time with subtle design, superb craftsmanship and infinite creativity. Throughout Jacques Dro’s brand history, each watch was born in excellence and poetry. Nowadays, Jacques Dro is based on the field of fine watchmaking, and strives to create unique luxury watches with superb watchmaking technology. It continues to carry forward the pursuit of perfection and innovation, and conveys the core values ​​of emotion and poetic imagination. ‘Beauty’ and ‘pleasure’ enjoy passing on to you through the watch, dedicating to the centuries-old watch culture inherited from the brand.

As Father Love Jacques Dro’s Father’s Day Sincere Choice

Father’s love is deep and simple, subtle and timeless, like a mountain of perseverance, which requires us to meditate and read. Each of Jaquet Droz’s watches is classic and timeless, as well as novel and unique. It will inherit and create vividly, just like the inheritance and breakthrough between father and son. Today, Jacques Dro writes a father’s carol with his noble figure and elegant air mass spectrum, and presents his father with the most exquisite and most desirable holiday gift.

 The Grande Date series is an outstanding work from Jacques de Loire’s classic style of Geneva in 1784. It is beautifully crafted and contains countless efforts of artisans. It can be described as a masterpiece that showcases minimalist aesthetics and advanced watchmaking. .
Jacques Dro breakthroughly displays the date through an oversized surface. The hands are designed at 6 o’clock, completely overturning the traditional display method, and perfectly realizes that the date and the hour and minute dial are on the same dial. The 5.4mm size increases the date reading surface and improves legibility. In addition, the large calendar watch series ingeniously shifts the hour and minute hands from the center to the 12 o’clock position, the automatic winding movement, and the dual barrel mechanism are also specially designed with a dual deviation layout including the date display . The ‘big fire’ ivory enamel dial and three-dimensional hour and minute hand dial made by fine cutting make Jacques Delo’s exquisite craftsmanship perfectly reflected on the large calendar enamel watch. This series is limited to the production of 88 pieces. It is included in the sire of his father, and he will hide his infinite respect and tender love in his wrist.

Big calendar watch series
Ivory ‘Grand Feu’ Grand Fire Enamel Dial
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
65-hour power reserve
Large calendar window at 6 o’clock
43 mm diameter
Limited to 88 pieces
Market reference price: 209,500 yuan

 Perpetual calendar moon phase (PERPETUAL CALENDAR ECLIPSE)

 The Jacques de Perpetual Calendar Eclipse watch has a modern design and an age-modern calendar display. The red gold hands, the moon and the stars are bright and perfectly balanced with the calm and restrained contrast of the matte black dial, which is full of masculinity. Equipped with a black leather strap, creating a magnificent view of the heavens. Two straight hands walk on the deep and deep black Grand Fire enamel ‘Grand Feu’ dial, which contrasts with the other two crooked and crescent crescent-pointed serpentine hands. The calendar display is distributed on both sides of the dial: the date is displayed on the right and the day is displayed on the left. The month display at 12 o’clock is equipped with only a hand to pass over it, and a hidden leap year display window. At 6 o’clock, a golden moon appears with the opening of the black onyx indicator window. The moon appears or disappears, and the light and dark overlap until it is completely hidden. The entire dial is like a sky with 8 stars (8 is the lucky number of the brand). The never-ending gears are like fatherly love, day after day, year after year, hidden and dense.
Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase PerpetualCalendar Eclipse J030533200
Black Grand Fire ‘Grand Feu’ Enamel Dial
18K red gold case and setting
Self-winding movement
Central hour and minute hands
Date and week flyback display
68-hour power reserve
Moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Analogue month display at 12 o’clock
Leap year display at 12 o’clock
43 mm diameter
Market reference price: 467,000 000

Rolex Tells About The Dream Of Time

As the most well-known and best-selling Swiss luxury watch brand, Rolex has always been a symbol of top quality. In addition to excellent quality, its tough and consistent brand spirit is even more infectious. For countless watch lovers. Three new works at the Baselworld 2010 show once again the charm of this watch giant. As the most well-known and best-selling Swiss luxury watch brand, Rolex has always been a symbol of top quality. In addition to outstanding quality, its tough and consistent brand spirit has infected countless watch lovers. Three new works at the Baselworld 2010 show once again the charm of this watch giant.
  Rolex never sells watches. Rolex operates the dream and passion of men for time. Of course, in today’s extremely fierce competition in the watch industry, this top watch brand relentlessly pursuing time and art is not only Rolex, but Rolex can always be proud of its peers in its unique way and ability. The most important of these is an excellent work that combines traditional technology with modern latest technology and condenses top watchmaking culture.
  Today, Rolex is known worldwide for its absolutely sophisticated watches-every Rolex COSC Observatory-certified precision timepiece is a benchmark for watchmaking, and such glory has already been launched in the world in 1910 From the time of the Observatory certified watch, Rolex has been around.
  Perhaps the most interesting thing about Rolex is the non-brand charity under the name of the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. As we all know, the Foundation donated a language library to help the blind and an exhibition hall of the Animal Conservation Union in Lucerne, Switzerland, and provided audiovisual equipment; scholarships for vocational school graduates in Geneva; Switzerland’s Swiss watch research laboratory, etc … A large part of the brand’s revenue is used by the foundation to support various cultural and charitable causes, including watchmaking teaching, fine arts and business and social sciences, and this is also The desire of the brand founder Hans Wilsdof.
  At the Baselworld 2010, Rolex launched the new Submariner Date submariner calendar watch, which still follows the traditional shape of Submariner in appearance. At first glance, there are basically not many changes, but if you look closely, almost every The details are all new design-from the cut surface, the lugs to the case material and the luminous signs and hands are completely innovative. As a top diving watch that has undergone time verification, outstanding water resistance is naturally the most basic quality manifestation that allows it to transcend time and space. From the initial water resistance of 100 meters, to the subsequent 200 meters to 300 meters today, This fully illustrates the extraordinary skill of Rolex in the field of watch waterproof technology.
   The new Submariner Date 2010 watch case is made of 904L stainless steel, which is more resistant to seawater corrosion. The unidirectional rotating outer ring of the case is also made of black ceramic named Carachrom (green version) With Carachrom green ceramic outer ring) material, as the brand’s self-developed material, it has absolute abrasion resistance. In addition, the inner scale of the outer ring is coated with platinum, which can be seen in luxury.
  When diving or in low light, the time scales and hands coated with Chromalight fluorescent substance will turn blue, which is easier to recognize than the previous green fluorescence, and the eyes look more comfortable. Equipped with 3135 automatic movement, Parachrom blue hairspring, 48-hour power reserve, oyster strap, buckle. Explorer Watch
  In terms of internal structure, the new Explorer watch is equipped with the same Parachrom hairspring as the Submariner Date watch. Parachrom blue hairspring developed by Rolex for a long time is made of niobium and zirconium alloy. The antimagnetic metal hairspring is more than 10 times more shock resistant than the traditional Invar hairspring.
 The new Explorerer watch also uses a 904L stainless steel 39mm case, Chromalight luminous coating, sapphire crystal, automatic winding movement, 48-hour power reserve, 100 meters water resistance, also with an oyster strap and buckle. Rose gold and stainless steel
  Rose gold and stainless steel case, bezel set with 24 diamonds, sapphire crystal, chocolate-colored surface with Roman numerals, 6 o’clock hour setting with gems, self-winding movement, water resistance to 100 meters, oyster strap and Clasp.
  Gold and stainless steel
  Gold and stainless steel case, outer ring set with 46 diamonds, sapphire crystal, silver surface with Roman numerals, 6-point hour setting gemstones, self-winding movement, 100 meters waterproof, oyster strap and buckle.
  White gold and stainless steel
  White gold and stainless steel case, triangular pitted bezel, sapphire glass mirror, deep rhodium shades. The time scales on the surface are very distinctive, except for the Arabic numerals at 6 o’clock and the brand crown at 12 o’clock. In addition, the other scales are floral patterns, just like a flower blooming garden. Self-winding movement, waterproof to 100 meters, commemorative strap with crown buckle.

Omega Parents Watch Recommended Great Gift For Mom And Dad

In May, Mother’s Day is coming. While we carefully prepare gifts for our mothers, don’t forget the great fathers. Here, the editor recommends a parent watch for everyone, once to express the love of our team father and mother.

 Series: Saucer Series
 Movement: Omega 2500 / Omega 1456
 Case: 18k yellow gold-stainless steel case
 Table mirror: wear-resistant sapphire crystal
 Bracelet: stainless steel-gold two-tone bracelet
 Function: calendar, coaxial escapement, waterproof 30 meters

 Omega Diffuse series watches began in 1967. Since its inception, the Diffuse series watches have used innovative design and technological innovation, making the watch not only a symbol of fashion, elegance and dignity, but also a representative of Omega’s sophisticated manufacturing Table technology. This Omega couple pair watch uses silver dial / white mother-of-pearl design, 18k yellow gold-stainless steel two-tone case, noble and elegant, comfortable, simple and generous, making every moment a sweet memory.
 Related watch information: omega / 10000120 /

2018 Mille Miglia Trinidad Chopard Celebrates The 30th Anniversary Of The Collaboration Between The Brand And ‘the World’s Most Beautiful Car Race’

Since 1988, Chopard has been a long-term partner and official timepiece supplier of the MilleMiglia Miles, fully supporting this legendary car race that was born 90 years ago. From May 16th to 19th, 2018, 440 antique cars will compete fiercely on the thousand-mile track, between Brescia and Rome at a distance of 1,600 kilometers, via Ferrara, Cervia, San Marino, Western Famous towns such as Enna, Parma, and the well-known Monza circuit. This competition only accepts antique cars that participated in the car race from 1927 to 1957. Loyal to the tradition that started in 1988, the professional car collector who loves the collector car Chopard Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele will also participate in this new car race.

Together for 30 years under the banner of enthusiasm

   The rumbling sound of a sports car engine, the bitter smell of asphalt on the asphalt road, the thrill of accelerating the throttle, the adrenaline rush, the intense and exciting atmosphere of the track and the quiet and serene world of the watch, the perfect atmosphere of pure space Comparison. But there are still similarities between the two: a close connection with time, a passion for precision machinery and a 100% focus. As a result, Chopard and MilleMiglia have forged an indissoluble bond, and together they have written the 30th anniversary of the cooperation. This long-term relationship originated from Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s personal love for antique cars. With his active promotion, Chopard began to become the MilleMiglia Trinity in 1988. ‘S main sponsor is one of the earliest watch brands that established partnerships with the racing industry. For the president, this close relationship clearly benefits from the common ground between the two sides. He said: ‘People who love precision racing also love extraordinary timepieces, and vice versa. In these areas, extreme precision and sporty elegance are essential. ‘ Since his first participation in the MilleMiglia Miles for the first time, Mr. Karl-Frederick Schaefer has participated in the race as a racer every year, and he will co-drive with his son Karl-Frezscheffer this year. . Chopard’s second convoy will be driven by Albert Carreras, son of renowned tenor José Carreras, and close friend Jordi Pascual. Mercedes-Benz Mercedes 550 SL car participates in the competition.

The spirit of family heritage

   For the Schaefer family, MilleMiglia is a great testimony to its passion and heritage. Every member of the family has experienced this wonderful and legendary game under the striking Chopard banner. This year, Chopard’s co-president Carl Frederick Schaefer will start on the thousands of miles of track with the attention of his father Karl Scheufele. At the beginning, it was his father who passed on his fascination and love for antique cars. This is a very special and precious moment for a father. What could be more fascinating to enthusiasm for exquisite machinery such as cars and watches from the bottom of my heart? However, the MilleMiglia is an extremely demanding and tested race. Drivers must always devote 100% of their attention to guarantee zero errors. To avoid the trap and win, the driver must have the spirit of inheritance, balance, sharing, and companionship. These prerequisites are logically similar to the qualities required by Chopard watchmakers.

Fierce and exciting events + picturesque scenery

   Continuing the tradition established since 1927, MilleMiglia also started from Brescia this year, following a planned route around a circle, passing more than 200 cities and towns in northern and central Italy. This circular route will be slightly adjusted every year to please Enthusiastic racing fans and spectators flocking all over the world. The first stage of the year will begin on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 16 and end in Cervia. In the second stage of the race, all the racing teams will be racing to reach Rome, the city of the Seven Hills, at nightfall. On Friday, the 18th, the convoys will set off in Tuscany with amazing scenery and reach Palma in the Emilia-Romagna region. Finally, on Saturday morning, all riders will start to return to Brescia and receive warm cheers and applause from the enthusiastic audience at the terminal.

Extreme style racing, showing the Italian art of living

   Every year, the course of the MilleMiglia Miles is slightly adjusted. However, there are two characteristics that will never change: the total distance of the race must be a thousand miles, and the Italian-style life art presented by the competition. These two characteristics make this antique car race famous. The most outstanding riders are happy to compete to enjoy driving the outstanding antique cars that only the most famous collectors and museums lent out during the competition. The elegance of these old antique cars can only be matched by top drivers, and the two can go hand in hand. Although the competition was fierce and difficult, the spirit of friendly and fair competition made people forget the challenges. The joyful mood, the warm and inspiring atmosphere and the art of living, as well as the passion for loving the exquisite machinery, have made the Triathlon a great success.

Chopard MilleMiglia 2018 RaceEdition competition edition watch showcases the excellence of certified movements


   Chopard’s long-term relationship with Trinity has spawned the MilleMiglia series of precision timepieces. Every year, Chopard regularly releases a limited edition version of the series. The MilleMiglia2018 RaceEdition competition edition watch is equipped with a delicate dial with a stopper pattern and a chronograph dial, inspired by the historic racing dashboard. Its self-winding chronograph mechanical movement is certified by COSC (Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency), with an oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour. It provides hour, minute, chronograph, speedometer and date display functions, and has 42 hours of power. Storage performance. This outstanding precision mechanical device is mounted in a 42 mm case with a transparent bottom cover. The bottom cover is marked with a special pad printing ‘Chopard & MilleMiglia-30annidipassionne’ (the 30th anniversary of the passionate cooperation between Chopard and Tripoli). This competition edition is limited to 1,000 pieces of all stainless steel and 100 pieces of stainless steel in 18K rose gold two-tone style.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Disc Limited Edition Omega 431. Watch Appreciation

Omega is a well-known international watchmaking company and brand. The brand was founded in 1848. Omega has achieved brilliant achievements in the field of watchmaking in its long history. The Omega dish flying series is an extremely outstanding series of the brand, dignified, elegant, simple and simple, not touting. This is synonymous with the dish flying series. Today, Omega coaxial technology is very mature, and it has been applied to many watches as a major feature. Today we will introduce the limited edition of the butterfly flying calendar.
 The Omega Butterfly Flying Calendar 431. adopts a noble platinum case, showing its extraordinary temperament in cold tones. At the same time, the mirror is designed with a circular arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective and abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal, which improves practicality. The dial uses white as its main color, with blue decorative hands and elegant Roman letters, making the dial surface fresh and simple. In addition, the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions on the disk are engraved with the Omega logo and series information in black font, while the 3 o’clock position indicates the month and date in a window style, and is displayed in black font. It forms a black and white classic match with the white disk body. The visual effects add glory. The back of the watch uses sapphire crystal glass as the back so that the table friends can appreciate the exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology and the flow of ‘time’. In order to wear comfortably, Omega equipped the butterfly flying calendar watch with a flexible leather strap, which adds to the style of the watch and is more practical.

The overall appearance of the Omega Butterfly Flying Calendar watch is fresh and elegant, stylish and simple, which is very suitable for individual and stylish men.
 Functionally, a major feature of this Omega Butterfly Flying 431. calendar watch is the window-type calendar display. This function eliminates the user’s trouble of adjusting the date at the beginning of the month. It only needs to be adjusted on March 1st every year. In addition, the annual calendar is also a jump date. At 12 o’clock in the evening, the date will instantly jump to the date of the next day. Interested friends can observe it, which is also a visual enjoyment. Its time display is presented in the form of a large three-handed hand. The large blue hands are particularly conspicuous on the white dial, which makes the watch very beautiful while increasing its legibility. At the same time, in order to meet the daily waterproofing requirements, Omega has added 100 meters of water resistance to this watch, even if users take it swimming or diving in shallow waters.
 As a classic model of the butterfly flying series, the Omega Butterfly Flying Calendar watch does not earn eyeballs with unique functions, but uses ordinary and ordinary daily functions to bring users a bland but indispensable wrist experience.
Omega watches are famous for their coaxial movements, and the Butterfly Series is the first watch to test coaxial technology. This butterfly flying 431. calendar watch is equipped with Omega’s homemade 8611 self-winding coaxial movement, which has long-lasting and stable superior performance. In order to ensure the stable power output of the movement, Omega specially adopts a continuous double barrel structure, which can not only improve the power reserve capacity, but also make the torque of the spring output not significantly reduce with the lack of power.

Omega’s coaxial movement has matured and stabilized since 8500, with no major problems. The Si 14 hairspring equipped with it is extremely diamagnetic and at the same time has a very good toughness, which will not easily cause the decline of metal memory. In addition, the hairspring is a cardless hairspring, even if the power is insufficient, it still does not affect its travel time accuracy. The traditional hairspring with fast and slow clips will touch the fast full clip due to the hairspring expansion and contraction, which makes the hairspring unbalanced, especially when the power is insufficient, which affects the oscillation system to a certain extent. In addition, in terms of the appearance of the movement, Omega has polished the movement’s plywood, wheel train and screws to a high standard. The details of the movement can be seen in its user experience and brand development.
 Overall, the Omega Butterfly Flying 431. calendar watch is exquisite and elegant, stylish and restrained, highlighting innovation, taste and personality, it is the ideal choice for fashionable men. Its functional collocation also reflects the overall temperament of the watch very well. The concise junior hand and practical date display highlight the atmosphere of the watch owner everywhere. For its special 8611 coaxial movement, Omega’s unique coaxial escapement technology is applied to ensure accurate travel time. At the same time, Omega Watch Factory has provided it with a free warranty for up to 8 years, so that users can use it with confidence. At the same time, with the growing trend of revival of mechanical watches, as a limited edition watch, its value-added space can be imagined. Its market reference price is 330,000 yuan. At this price, you can buy a limited edition Omega watch, which is definitely worth it.
 Watch details: omega / 19739 /

Three Spokespersons For Men’s Watches

Those who understand watches must be familiar with these words: ultra-thin, diving, three questions, tourbillon. We have selected three new Geneva watches for you to help you interpret the three spokespersons for men’s watches.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin
庆祝 In celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Reverso series, the new Grande Reverso Ultra Thin has launched a revolution in minimalism. The extremely small thickness of Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 movement (only 2.94 mm) makes this Reverso watch unprecedentedly thin. Although its large case brings a thick texture to the wrist, it is still light and comfortable to wear due to its curved lines.
Embellished with a simple dial with a checkered pattern, quaint and elegant Arabic numerals, and slender blue hands, this ultra-thin watch brings together all the classic aesthetic elements of the Reverso collection. This new model showcases the essence of the personality of the Reverso series. It is the perfect combination of tradition and nobility, elegance and fashion.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea Remastered Dive Watch
Memovox Deep Sea watch is the first diving watch manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre. It is one of the few watches with landmark significance. Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a faithful replica series of two outstanding classic dive watches in 2008, Memovox Tribute to Polaris 1965 and Memovox Tribute to Polaris 1968. Now, Jaeger-LeCoultre, a top watchmaker from Vallée de Joux, has gone back in time and has traced its origins, launching a replica of the 1959 Memovox Deep Sea watch, named Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea.
The original watch is unique in that it introduces two series, one designed for athletes in the old continent and the other for divers in the new world. To pay tribute to its glorious watchmaking history, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents two replicas of the 1959 Memovox Deep Sea watch this year, and they are issued in limited editions, giving collectors and watches specializing in excellence in watchmaking. Get what you want.

Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau Minute Repeater
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau watch, with its iconic design, eye-catching new interpretations and unparalleled creative ingenuity, is perfectly blended with top watchmaking technology. On the 80th anniversary of the legendary Reverso watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre gave this series a new look, introducing the Reverso Répétition Minute à Rideau Minute Repeater.
巧妙 The cleverly designed curtain covers the dial, and the timekeeping mechanism can be activated as soon as it slides, and the double-tone spring sounds the timekeeping at the predetermined hour, quarter clock, and minute.
Only when the curtain turns to one side, the Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau Minute Repeater watch reveals its essence. This exquisite display design is the pinnacle of unprecedented fine watchmaking culture and technology: the hour and minute hands glide past the minute repeater movement. The minute repeater movement is recognized as a state-of-the-art fine watchmaking technology, reflecting the highest standards of modern mechanical watchmaking.
Press the curtain to start the precise mechanical device. Like magic, through the highly complex mechanism composed of 270 parts such as gear teeth, gears and barrels, the three-question device is driven to produce a moving melody. This complex mechanism independently constitutes complex functions, making the Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau watch a masterpiece of watchmaking craftsmanship, which goes hand in hand with all kinds of traditional complex functions.

Hublot Hublot Brand Ambassador Dwayne Wade Shares Professional Watchmaking Legends Across The Borders

July 12, 2013-Shanghai, the top Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot has once again set off a wave of fusion-super basketball star, HUBLOT Hublot just won the NBA Finals for the third time Dwyane Wade, the global brand ambassador, appeared in Shanghai in a totally different capacity, bringing a unique watchmaking class to all Hublot guests and media friends to witness this journey The professional watchmaking spirit and courage behind the adventurous Swiss watchmaking legend.

 For this extraordinary and extraordinary mission, Dwyane Wade, who has just won his third NBA championship in his career again, looks very excited. He not only shared what he saw as the Hublot brand ambassador at the watchmaking factory in Nyon, Switzerland, with friends at the scene, but also tried to disassemble and assemble the fusion of Hublot watches-the case of the King’s Supreme series. , Showing the wisdom and style of super basketball superstars outside the court.

 The desire for victory, the constant pursuit and enthusiasm for success, and the Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship that pursues excellence and innovation are highly compatible with the spirit of continuous movement, creating legends that are one after another. As one of the most popular NBA stars, Dwyane Wade combines superb ball skills, outstanding strength and unique personal style, which complements Hublot’s ‘art of fusion’. In February 2011, he officially joined the Hublot family and became the brand ambassador. He also further strengthened the close relationship between Hublot and professional sports, especially basketball. It is with talented and passionate star players such as Dwyane Wade that the charm of basketball can be spread all over the world.

HUBLOT Hublot perfectly integrates traditional Swiss watchmaking art with modern high-tech technology. Whether it is an innovative concept in its professional field, or always amazing product research and development, and a unique marketing strategy, it has become a ‘successful worldwide’ model’. Since 2004, Hublot has been advancing all the way, creating an unprecedented legendary way in Swiss watchmaking. The spirit of daring to be the first in the world makes HUBLOT stars shining in the fields of football, basketball, skiing, sailing, yachting, polo and even rock music.

 Regarding being able to attend HUBLOT Hublot events in China with a completely different mission, Dwyane Wade said: ‘Thank Hublot for this precious and memorable experience. Do not follow the old tradition and pursue endless pursuit The breakthrough is my credo in life, and it is also the common philosophy that brings me and Hublot together! ‘

 As another important guest at the event, Mr. Benoit Toulin, President of Cotai Watch & Jewellery Greater China, said: “HUBLOT Hublot is the most individual and innovative The Swiss luxury watch brand has played a vital role in the development of LVMH, and has injected vitality and vitality into the entire Swiss watchmaking industry. I am very glad to be with Wade for today’s event, proud Witness the development and achievements of Hublot in the field of professional watchmaking. ‘