Power And Passion Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel Collection Absolute Watch

In 2019, Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel series Absolute watches were officially born. The new interpretation of Laureato Laureato Laurel series Absolute watches is even more capable. Girard Perregaux has injected more fashionable and dynamic elements into the new products and reinterpreted The style of modern men.

  Laureato’s Laurel crown series Absolute watch adopts a larger case, keeping up with the trend of today’s large diameter, with tighter lines, highlighting the brand’s professional and exquisite watchmaking technology. Brand new structure, black PVD titanium case with iron blue bezel, waterproof depth increased to 300 meters. Girard Perregaux’s Laureato Laurel Collection is enough to make us stand out.

Watch real shot

  The watch is 44 mm in diameter, the case is PVD-plated black titanium, and polished and satin-finished, showing two distinct metal textures. The classic octagonal bezel is also treated with a satin matte process, and the new structure brings a different visual experience.

Lug display

  The crown is also designed in an octagonal shape, engraved with the Girard-Perregaux brand logo, and is surrounded by a non-slip texture.

  The sunburst dial fades from the dark blue in the center to the deep black on the periphery, just like the change from shallow to deep sea, very beautiful.

  The Barton indexes and hands are covered with Super-LumiNovaTM luminous material, which is convenient for reading the time at night. The red second hand is the distinctive feature of this new model, showing strength and passion. A date display window at 6 o’clock adds extra practical functions to the watch.

  The movement is equipped with a GP03300-1060 automatic winding movement, which can provide a power reserve of 46 hours. The case back is fixed by six screws and engraved with the LaureatoAbsolute symbol. The compact bottom design helps protect the inside of the movement.

  The black rubber strap with blue stitching is sporty. The words Girard and Perregaux are injection-molded on the strap, highlighting the overall aesthetic style of the watch.

  Girard Perregaux gives Laureato the Laurel Collection Absolute watch in black and blue, which is full of meaning. Walking between azure and inky, the Laureato Laurel Collection Absolute watch and Girard Perregaux’s theme ‘Skywalker’ fit seamlessly, inspiring our infinite pursuit of the universe and extraordinary excellence.

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 SIHH Geneva International Watch Salon brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

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Lange Saxonia Two Elegant Works Join Lange’s Collection

In Lange, the word SAXONIA is the embodiment of simple design and charming machinery. Both new SAXONIAs show the essence of the watch, as can be seen in the harmonious layout of the mother-of-pearl dial and the meticulous design of the factory-made movement.

SAXONIA white 18K gold and 18K rose gold models with mother-of-pearl dial

   The two latest SAXONIA watches are available with a 35 mm case and are made of white 18K gold or 18K rose gold. The white dial of solid silver is covered with a thin and gorgeous mother-of-pearl. Elegant solid 18K gold hands and bar-shaped hour markers complement the white alligator strap.
   Lange has always taken watchmaking skills seriously, like the manual winding movement of SAXONIA, which is already a big gem in itself. This L941.1 caliber brings together Lange quality marks such as traditional decorative components, screw-fixed gold sleeves, and hand-engraved balance wheel plywood, which has repeatedly demonstrated the famous reputation of the watch factory.

Louis Vuitton Time Vortex Rose Gold Nautical Watch

In 2010, Louis Vuitton introduced an innovative and interesting new time reading method: Tambour Spin Time, the secret lies in the beating cubes instead of the traditional hour hand Display the time at the time mark position.

Love sailing, love Tambour Spin Time
On the basis of this exquisite movement structure, La Fabrique du Temps, a watchmaking workshop under Louis Vuitton’s advanced watchmaking workshop, further developed and manufactured the same series of nautical watches—Tambour Spin Time Regatta. This fun-filled movement has two important functions: timekeeping and a five-minute countdown to the regatta — five flip cubes will show the passage of time.
According to the latest format of the America’s Cup regatta, the pre-race countdown has been changed to 5 minutes. The Tambour Time Spin Nautical Watch helps the sailor make full use of these five minutes to adjust the hull to the best starting position. The 30-minute countdown hand will start to move to the right, and the 5-minute countdown cube will slowly flip in turn, turning from blue to red. This way of counting can count the countdown before the game into the total duration.
Following the platinum model launched in 2012, Louis Vuitton launched a limited edition Tambour Time Rotating Rose Gold Nautical Wrist this year. This new rose gold version features a crown and buttons covered with rubber and an elegant dark gray alligator strap. Through the pale gray transparent sapphire surface, the movement and the Geneva wave pattern on the surface can be seen faintly.

Louis Vuitton La Fabrique du Temps watchmaking workshop develops LV156 self-winding movement
12-hour cumulative time and 5-minute time fly-down countdown function
48-hour power reserve
Vibration frequency is 28,800 / hour
18K Rose Gold Case, Crown and Button Covered Rubber
Case diameter 45.5 mm
Gray sapphire crystal surface
Dark gray alligator strap
18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle
Monogram classic engraved on the case back
100 meters waterproof
Limited count of 100 pieces issued-

How Should We Face A Watch With A Good Design But Equipped With Eta Movement

Some time ago, I was writing an article about the 60th anniversary of the Longines Army Flag Series when sorting out new watches of various brands at the Basel Watch Fair, expressing a point of view from the purchase and daily From the perspective of wearing, this replica watch is a watch I think Longines is worth buying this year. I mainly want to say three reasons. One is that this watch will be listed in the country so you can buy it (because it is limited, it may not be easy). ), Second, it is suitable for daily wear, and third, its design is loyal to the original and has modern beauty, so it is more beautiful. After the article was published, some tablemates left a message ‘However, it is still an ETA movement’, which resonated with my contrast at that time. I think ‘how to face a watch with a good design but equipped with an ETA movement’ is really worth thinking about.
Where does the contrast come from

Equipped with ETA’s automatic movement provided by Longines Longines Replica Watch Limited Edition price 15900 yuan

   In 2013, the Swatch Group reached an agreement with the Swiss Competition Commission to gradually reduce the external supply of movements. Since then, homemade movements have been pushed to the forefront of public opinion. We can clearly feel that the watch market after 2013, A large number of self-made movements have been launched, and it is not uncommon for high-end watch factories to even launch a few new self-made movements in the same year. Let us even have an illusion that the self-made movement must be a beautiful movement. We have reason to believe that the re-selection of the movement supplier or the independent development of the movement, in the long run, the latter is a more ideal but also a risky choice, and the booming watch market at the time, Many manufacturers have confidence (the market has cooled in the past two years, and the pace of launching self-made movements has obviously slowed down a lot). The insistence of the high-end watch factory on the self-made movement and the good performance over the years have also convinced us from the bottom of our heart that the self-made movement represents the strength of a watch factory, represents the sincerity of a brand, and a watch is even higher. The value of having such a watch makes us more decent.

More and more brands are starting to make their own movements

   It is precisely because the homemade movement gives us a beautiful feeling. Relatively speaking, as a general-purpose movement, ETA seems very ordinary. Watches using ETA movement have a lot of impression value (without comparison, just No harm). In terms of quantity, ETA movements are very common, because they have been seen everywhere, and even so many third-party movement manufacturers are fully modelling ETA movements, which are rare and expensive. ETA movements are everywhere , Naturally does not appear to be expensive. In terms of price, watches with homemade movements are generally more expensive than watches with ETA movements. Generally speaking, the public price is less than 20,000. We can hardly find mechanical watches with homemade movements, but use ETA movements. There are a large number of watches, and they are mainly concentrated at this price, so we think that ETA movement is not a high-value movement. Furthermore, we can always see a certain brand launching a self-made movement, what craftsmanship it uses, what kind of meticulous decoration, high technology content, etc., and ETA movement we rarely see such ‘advertising’, so The ETA movement doesn’t know much, so it doesn’t consider it special. It is for these reasons that we have some prejudice against the ETA movement, even if many watch friends have watches equipped with the ETA movement, and the time is particularly accurate, but it can not change the impression that the ETA movement is an ordinary movement.

ETA 2824-2 movement

   Because of this, when the brand has an excellent design, the watch is very much loved from all aspects, but under such a design with a distinctive characteristic and historical background, we should think it should have a seemingly beautiful The self-made movement with higher technical content, but the fact is that only a higher-level universal movement is used, so people have a psychological contrast.
Movement and watch should be treated differently
   We certainly believe that the vast majority of watches using homemade movements have good quality. At the beginning, we were willing to pay for these new technologies, new designs, new enthusiasm, and new values, but gradually, We have found that some brands of self-maintained cores have achieved a high return rate. Despite the brand’s reputation, their self-maintained cores are not necessarily more stable, more durable, and more refined, and we ca n’t learn from advertising and brand information. Learned. Therefore, in the first two years, many people in the industry came out to remind that the homemade movement watch that sounds beautiful is not necessarily a myth, it may also be a fairy tale, which requires our rational treatment.

Most of Bell & Ross watches use ETA movements, but they do not prevent it from being very distinctive.

   Let me first talk about the ETA movement in my eyes: I certainly think that the mainstream mechanical movements of ETA are ordinary movements, but I also determine that these mainstream mechanical movements are good movements, fortunately, the quality is stable and the precision High and cost-effective. At the same time, we should distinguish the movement from the watch. After all, we buy a watch. Except for some large and complex watches, the movement only accounts for a small part of the value of the watch. I do n’t think it’s worth it to give up your favorite brand and design for the movement.

Tag Heuer changes ETA movement

   The quality of the ETA movement, I do n’t want to say more. Many watchmakers bought back an ETA movement. Just adjusting it can achieve high accuracy, even within 5 seconds per day. This is because of the ETA movement itself. Excellent quality and reasonable structure. To give a less appropriate example, I think that the ETA movement is just like Nokia in previous mobile phones. It is ordinary, but it is easy to use, cost-effective, and unmatched in the same price range.

ETA special for Longines movement

   Back to the Longines at the beginning, in fact, the Clock and Forms Bureau has now formed a very independent barrier. Let’s not talk about brands with the ability to make their own movements. We mainly discuss watches equipped with ETA movements. My point is, The movement has become part of the brand’s value, and the movement has already been selected when choosing a brand, so it is good to look at the brand.
   The reason for this is that the Swatch Group is a large application of ETA movements. Ordinary grade ETA movements are used in Tissot, Hamilton and Certina, and more advanced are used in Mido, and top ETA. Movements are mainly used in Longines, Radar and other brands. In addition, Montblanc, Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Tudor, Breitling are also major customers of such movements. Some of these brands are not only in use, but also replace key components. To improve the performance and value of the movement, it is a modified ETA core. So when you choose a brand, you basically choose what level of ETA movement. However, we have to believe in the big brands and small brands because everyone is unfamiliar with it.

Breitling Super Ocean Series Watch with ETA Movement

   From the perspective of ordinary watch enthusiasts, we do n’t have much to say about a universal movement like ETA. When we are talking with friends about an ETA movement watch, you can say that it is a mechanical movement and can automatically Apart from being on the chain and going well, is there any technical talk about it? I don’t think so. Based on this, every time a friend asks me to recommend a watch, if it is not an Omega, IWC, Rolex or above, I generally only say a few recommended brands, and then look at the style you like, the movement does not need to pay too much attention As long as there is no quality problem under the test. Even for big names like Patek Philippe and Rolex, the movement is only a small part of what we talk about. What we like is their quality, design, heritage, feelings and stories.
   Therefore, when we are faced with a watch equipped with an ETA movement, is the brand and design of this watch your favorite, is its price suitable, and is its after-sales guaranteed? These are better than this movement. More important.

2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show Cartier Launches New Watches

At this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, Cartier interprets the power of extraordinary style with new works, and invites you to explore the world of superb craftsmanship.

Cartier, the power of style …
   Born in the 1980s, the Panthère de Cartier Cheetah watch has a new look and jewellery: the timepiece made of 18K gold is comfortable and wearable, showing the iconic joy of Cartier style. Once launched last year, the Drive de Cartier watch was favored for its elegance, and this series adds two new masterpieces: the 7mm ultra-thin movement is exquisite and simple, satisfying the taste of a chic gentleman; moon phase complex functions , It brings a unique visual enjoyment.

From Cartier Craftsmanship
   High-end jewellery craftsmanship with time aesthetics, Cartier boldly creates beautiful works with ingenious craftsmanship and love of precious gems.

   The Papyrus watch is set with 32 emeralds of uniform color, showing gorgeous lush jewelry branches. The Trait d’éclat watch is set with 15 rubies weighing 24.93 carats, like a precious ribbon wrapped around the wrist.

   The iconic cheetah has given Cartier endless inspiration, inspiring jewellers and watchmakers to work together to create beautiful and creative watches.

   Cartier opens up a new field of fine watchmaking, launching Ronde Louis Cartier flame gold craft cheetah decoration watch, oversized model. The Panthère Royale watch embellishes platinum and diamonds into beautiful lace, showing the bold and innovative craftsmanship of graphics. On the Panthère Joueuse cheetah decoration watch with complex functions, the cheetah showed the naive appearance of chasing the ball and playing, while the cheetah and the ball also illusionized the function of displaying time.

   Cartier’s fine watchmaking craftsmanship and unique aesthetic style are combined to create extraordinary masterpieces equipped with Cartier’s iconic movements, including: mysterious movements, skeleton movements and minute repeater movements.

   Two Rotonde de Cartier watches are a new chapter. One presents the hidden beauty of the dual mysterious tourbillon and the rhythmic beauty of the minute repeater mechanism; the other combines the openwork aesthetics with the two signature processes of the mysterious movement.
   For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Blancpain Celebrates The Official Opening Of The Flagship Store On Queen’s Road Central, Central

A group of Blancpain high-level and distinguished brand friends arrived in the venue on the Linbaojiani Huracán sports car, and presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new flagship store will be unveiled and ribbon-cutting ceremony by Blancain Global Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President and Sales Director Marc Junod, and Hong Kong and Macau Vice President Jalil Elkouch-Bordier. Friends of the brand, Joël Robuchon, the chef with the highest honors, and Mr. Huang Zhuohui, the director of Lam Po Kinney Hong Kong, also attended the event to celebrate and witness the brand’s new milestone.

   Adhering to the brand philosophy, the flagship store is located at 29 Queen’s Road Central, Central, and there are many famous shops nearby. International financial service companies and top hotels are in a row, offering a panoramic view of the prosperity and prosperity of Central. The 1,200-square-foot (110-square-meter) flagship store uses elegant wood to create an elegant, comfortable and private retail space. The warm wood and the traditional watchmaker’s work table echo each other, giving the home a unique and pleasant atmosphere. The VIP room, Blancpain bar and Blancpain library are specially set up in the store, which shows Blancpain’s hospitality.

   In order to be solemn, Blancpain not only displays the exquisite timepieces just released at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in the store, but the brand watchmakers also deliberately give demonstrations.

   After the opening ceremony, Blancpain invited guests to a VIP dinner at the Landmark L’ Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Celebrity chef Joël Robuchon not only participated in the dinner, but also personally designed dishes, and matched each elegant dish with the right wine. He also specially prepared autographed apron as a souvenir for the VIPs present. After carefully arranged the venue, the design of Blancpain was implemented. There is also a VIP room at the venue, where guests can enjoy Blancpain’s outstanding watch series at will.

Blancpain Flagship Store, 29 Queen’s Road Central, Central
Address: Shop 3-5, G / F, China Building, 29 Queen’s Road Central, Central
Phone: +852 2518 9800
Email: [email protected]

About Blancpain
Revolutionary tradition
   In 1735, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain founded Blancpain in the Swiss Jura Mountains. It has been over 280 years and is the oldest watchmaking brand in the world. The brand implements the traditional concept of innovation and has created countless complex timepieces over the years. With a passion for innovation, Blancpain has become a leader in the watchmaking industry. Blancpain strives for perfection, and strives to perfect the limits of watchmaking.
   Blancpain not only pursues innovations in watchmaking technology, but also invests a lot of resources in research, human resources and production facilities, so that the watchmaking process can be passed down. Although this is completely contrary to the current trend of pursuing short-term benefits, this is our strength and also shows the long-term vision of the brand.
   From parts manufacturing to watch design, Blancpain has become the premier watch brand with its breathtaking new movement. In the past 10 years, the brand has designed no less than 34 new movements.

Jacques Atelier Reverso’s New Customized Dial Shows Men’s Charm

Jaeger-LeCoultre launches Atelier Reverso personalized customization service to create unique and exclusive watches for you. You can personalize the dial on the back of the Reverso watch, and pair it with one or more interchangeable straps of different styles to design a watch of your dreams. In 2017, the Grand Workshop launched six dials with male appeal, each of which is available in two sizes, making those who love this classic watch more love it.

Free space for creativity
   Everyone’s style and taste are different. Atelier Reverso allows customers to show different personalities through different dial designs, such as a lacquered dial with a gem-set case.

New models, new colors
   In 2016, Jaeger-LeCoultre designed five dials for the large version of the Reverso Classic double-sided dual time zone flip watch. In 2017, Atelier Reverso launched six new dials. Among them are three new-toned dials-the ‘1931’ red dial is reminiscent of the first Reverso watch, a touch of red, dark blue dial showing subtle color changes, and gray dial showing carbon fiber texture, highlighting men’s Courage. The other three dials are made of new materials, including a gray meteorite dial, a green marble dial inspired by soldiers, and a tiger eye dial with warm colors.

   The above new dial design will add vitality to the Reverso Classic double-sided dual time zone small seconds flip watch. This watch is the brand’s new menswear model. It is available in medium and large models. It is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement, highlighting Jaeger-LeCoultre’s long-established watchmaking tradition and superb craftsmanship. The front dial is decorated with a matte guilloche pattern with a small second hand display; the back dial is decorated with a clous de Paris guilloche pattern. The second time zone is displayed in opal tones, and there is a 24-hour day and night display at 6 o’clock.
Unparalleled experience
   Since 2016, Jaeger-LeCoultre hopes to share the brand’s watchmaking culture and show the joy, ideas and thoughts in the watchmaking process in a new way. Therefore, the big workshop allows watch enthusiasts to design the dial on the back to create their own watch. The Jaeger-LeCoultre craftsmen in Ru Valley, Switzerland make design a reality with skill. The personalized Reverso Classic double-sided double time zone flip watch, the Reverso Classic double-sided double time zone small seconds flip watch, and the Reverso Classic double-face flip watch can carry the most sincere emotions for the wearer.

   Atelier Reverso also allows customers to choose different colors of straps, and different materials such as calfskin, crocodile, ostrich and silk satin. In just a few simple steps, the strap can be changed to give the watch a different look. Changing the clasp is also easy and fast, allowing the wearer to enjoy the fun of casual matching.

   For Jaeger-LeCoultre, there are endless precious experiences in the field of watchmaking. Atelier Reverso awaits you on a unique adventure.

Athens Watch Ulysse Nardin Launches New ‘golden Watch’ Year Of The Horse

The year of the horse is approaching. To commemorate the courage and determination of Maxima, the Swiss top watch brand Athens Ulysse Nardin presents the ‘Golden Watch’. The watch image, like a wild horse without a reins, seems to embody the spirit of freedom and unrestrained innovation pursued by independent watchmaking brands.

UlysseNardin 鎏 Golden Watch (Limited to 88)

Just like all Athenian enamel watches, the 鎏 Golden 骐 骥 Watch is a lifelike expression of horses that is memorable. For the past 25 years, the Athenian watch has used a rare enamel process to realistically interpret a realism on the dial. In 2011, it acquired a long-term partner, Donzé Cadrans, a world-renowned enamel dial factory. Athenian watch is one of the few watchmaking brands specializing in this century-old craft.
The new ‘Golden Watch’ uses the sophisticated and intricate enamel filling process champlevé method, directly sculpt the area to be colored on the dial with a chisel, and then fill the enamel solution. Its warm tones of black, white, tan, gray and green are refined from different metal oxides, perfectly depicting natural landscapes and a small group of beautiful animals. The dial is then baked at a high temperature to make the enamel enamel. After the enamel surface has cooled, it is polished and polished. An extraordinary work by the master of enamel craft was born.
The watch is made of 18K rose gold case, limited to 88 pieces, with a diameter of 40 mm. It is equipped with a UN-815 automatic winding movement. The blue crystal glass on the case back can be used to appreciate its beauty. The watch has a power reserve of about 42 hours, the Swiss official observatory certified COSC, and a chocolate brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap with rose gold pin buckle.
The watch design expresses the passion to move forward. Just as people need to work hard for life, ‘Golden Bell’ is an emotional watch; it is a symbol of personal freedom and self-discipline. It is like the autonomy of Athenian watch, suitable for thinking For independent people.

Longines Elegant Ambassador Agassi And Graf Help ‘future Tennis Star’, The New Concas V.H.P. Limited Edition Watch Pays Tribute To The French Open Legend

[June 2, 2018, Paris, France] Summer Paris, just as the French Open is in full swing, the ninth ‘Longines Future Tennis Star’ event is staged in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris Peak matchup. Forty young players from all over the world gathered together to experience the charm of clay tennis during a week-long training and competition. Longines elegant image ambassador, tennis legend Andrea Agassi and Stephen Graff, together with Spanish tennis stars Eriks Cretga and Arantcha Sanchez, came to the final scene to provide technical guidance for young players , And present a wonderful doubles exhibition match to help the future star of tennis. That evening, in honor of the tenth anniversary of Longines’s elegant image ambassador Andre Agassi and Stephen Graff, a grand dinner was held at the Rodin Museum in Paris. In the witness of celebrities and guests from all walks of life, Longines unveiled the special limited edition watch of the V.H.P. Agassi and Graf Foundation of the Concas series, and held an auction ceremony. Longines and two elegant ambassadors recall the ten years of cooperation and the unforgettable moment when Longines is the official timekeeper for this clay court grand slam tournament.

Longines Concas V.H.P. Agassi and Graf Foundation Special Limited Edition

Tennis stars help future stars (from left to right): Spanish tennis star Eriks Cretega, Spanish tennis star Arante Sanchez, Longines Global Vice President and Marketing Director Juan Carlos Card Mr. Perry, Longines Elegant Ambassador Andre Agassi, Longines Elegant Ambassador Stephen Graf

  Tennis legend reappears red clay, swinging to help future stars

40 young players from all over the world gather in Paris to experience the charm of clay tennis

  From May 31st to June 2nd, the official French Longines Chronograph of the French Open, with the strong support of the French Tennis Association, presented the ‘French Tennis Star of the Future’ event for the ninth consecutive year, fulfilling its solemn role in helping young people’s tennis committed to. This competition welcomed 40 young men and women younger than 13 years old to gather together. They come from China, Hong Kong, Australia, Austria, Germany, Singapore and other countries and regions. Before the game, the young players were trained at the ‘Longines Tennis Academy’, with Spanish tennis star Eriks Cretega as the mentor and professional technical guidance. Longines held a lottery ceremony in front of the landmark Eiffel Tower in Paris, allowing young players to fully understand the competition system and opponents.

Longines Ambassador Andre Agassi presents a doubles performance match with the champion champion

  On May 31, the Longines Future Tennis Star event officially kicked off in front of the Eiffel Tower. After nearly a week of training and competition, the competition ushered in a final duel on June 2. Swiss teenager Kilian Feldas quickly controlled the situation after the start of the game, and finally defeated Russian young player Yaroslav Jemin by 4-2, 4-2, and won the men’s singles championship. At the same time, Spanish teenager Victoria Jimenez is from Clarevi Nagono in the United States and won the women’s singles championship.

Longines Men’s Singles Award Ceremony for Future Tennis Stars

Longines Future Tennis Star Women’s Singles Award Ceremony

  After the match, Longines Ambassador Andre Agassi and Stephen Graff joined hands with Spanish tennis stars Eriks Cretega and Arantcha Sanchez to present a doubles performance match with the young players. Longines Global Vice President and Marketing Director Juan Carlos Capelli and French Open Tournament Director Guy Vogt present a trophy to the young champion and a Longines Concast VHP wrist table. This is also the designated watch for the French Open.

Longines Future Tennis Star Awards (from left to right: Mr. Juan Carlos Capelli, Longines Global Vice President and Marketing Director, Longines Elegant Ambassador Andre Agassi, Future Tennis Star Woman Single champion Spanish player Victoria Gimenez, French Open tennis director Guy Fergut, future tennis star men’s champion Swiss player Gillian Fieldas, Spanish tennis star Arante Sanchez, (Longines Ambassador Stephen Graf, Spanish tennis star Eriks Cretga)

  Agassi and Graf limited edition watches elegantly come out, charity auction pays tribute to ten years

Longines French Open Charity Dinner

  On the evening of June 2, to pay tribute to the tenth anniversary of the collaboration between Longines and the elegant ambassador, tennis legend Andre Agassi and Stephen Graff, the prestigious Rodin Museum of Art ushered in a grand charity dinner. The dinner was during the French Open and attracted many guests and media from the sports field. To commemorate this important moment, Longines launches a special limited edition watch from the Concas V.H.P. Agassi and Graf Foundation. Men’s and women’s watches are individually numbered, each limited to 10 pieces. The watches will be sold through charity auctions, and the proceeds of the auction will be donated to the ‘Tomorrow Foundation for Children’ and the ‘Andre Agassi Education Foundation’ founded by two elegant image ambassadors.

Longines French Open Charity Dinner

  The Longines Concas V.H.P. watch has achieved a major breakthrough in the field of quartz chronographs, combining extraordinary timekeeping accuracy, superb technical content and sporty appearance, achieving its elegant and unique temperament. The watch is equipped with a Longines exclusive movement, which is famous for its outstanding travel time accuracy. The annual error is only ± 5 seconds. At the same time, it uses a GPD (Gear Position Detection) system that resets the hands after the watch is affected by a magnetic field. In addition to these attractive features, the movement also provides long battery life and perpetual calendar functions.

Longines Concas V.H.P. Agassi and Graf Foundation Special Limited Edition

Longines Concas V.H.P. Agassi and Graf Foundation Special Limited Edition

  Men’s watches have a black dial. The women’s watch features a white mother-of-pearl dial with 70 brilliant diamonds on the case. To pay tribute to the French Open, where Longines is an official partner and official timekeeper, both men’s and women’s watches add orange elements to the hands, hour markers and rubber straps, echoing Roland Garros’ famous clay court. The back of the male watch is engraved with the words ‘The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education’, and the back of the female watch is engraved with the words ‘Children for Tomorrow’. All models are placed in specially designed and numbered watch boxes, decorated with the theme color of Roland Garros.

Longines French Open Charity Dinner

  At the charity dinner of the day, Longines took the first pair of watches numbered 1/10 for $ 100,000. They will be sent to the Longines Museum in Sommia, Switzerland for careful collection. From that night until 6pm (UTC + 2) on July 2, 2018, the remaining nine pairs of watches will be online auctioned (www.longines.com/auction). At that time, the buyers with the highest bids will go to the foundation headquarters in Las Vegas and Hamburg, Germany, respectively, and the pair will be presented by Agassi and Graff.
Watch description

Longines Concas V.H.P. Agassi and Graf Foundation Special Limited Edition
Watch Number: L3.716.0.87.9 Suggested Retail Price: New Price

  Longines launches a special limited edition V.H.P. watch from the Comcast series, praising the tenth anniversary of co-operation with two Longines elegant image ambassadors. The watch features a white mother-of-pearl dial and is set with 70 brilliant diamonds on the case. To echo the famous clay court, the black hands are coated with orange Super-Luminova®, and the black rubber strap with orange border. This watch is equipped with an exclusive movement developed by ETA for Longines. This exclusive movement is known for its outstanding travel time accuracy, with an error of only ± 5 seconds per year. The dial with a diameter of 41 mm indicates hours, minutes and seconds. The model is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and a folding safety clasp.

Longines Concas V.H.P. Agassi and Graf Foundation Special Limited Edition
Watch Number: L3.726.4.59.9 Suggested Retail Price: New Price

  Longines launches a special limited edition V.H.P. watch from the Comcast series, praising the tenth anniversary of co-operation with two Longines elegant image ambassadors. The watch features a black dial and a round stainless steel case. To echo the famous clay court, the black hands are coated with orange Super-Luminova®, and the black rubber strap with orange border. This watch is equipped with an exclusive movement developed by ETA for Longines. This exclusive movement is known for its outstanding travel time accuracy, with an error of only ± 5 seconds per year. The dial with a diameter of 43 mm indicates hours, minutes and seconds. The model is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and a folding safety clasp.
Technical Parameters
  Watch number L3.716.0.87.9 diameter 41 mm
         L3.726.4.59.9 diameter 43 mm
  Movement Quartz movement L288.2 (ETA E56.111)
  Functions Hours, minutes, seconds, date display window at 3 o’clock (perpetual calendar)
  Case Round, steel with diamonds, 41 mm diameter
      70 Weselton IF / VVS diamonds, total weight 0.840 carats
      Round, stainless steel case, 43 mm diameter
      Multi-layer anti-reflective synthetic sapphire crystal
  Dial Black or white mother-of-pearl dial
      2 Arabic numerals and 9 bar-shaped hour markers with V.H.P. red coated with orange Super-Luminova®
  Hands Black hands with orange Super-Luminova®
  Water resistance up to 50 meters
  Strap Black rubber strap with orange border
      Double folding safety clasp and opening device when pressed

How To Make An Artificial Hand-painted Enamel Watch

Enamel Watch
What is enamel made of? Start with a pile of sand & hellip; & hellip;

What is enamel made of?
When it comes to enamel watches, they must be described as more expensive than sky-high prices. In fact, the raw materials of enamel itself are extremely ordinary: nothing more than some silicates such as quartz, feldspar, borax, etc. To put it plainly, it is a pile of sand. The same composition, which is attached to the surface of the pottery or porcelain tire, is called & quot; glaze & quot; and the building tile is called & quot; glazed & quot ;, and attached to the metal surface is & quot; enamel & quot;
Enamel has the warmth of jade, the brilliance of jewelry, and the detail of bone china. The most important thing is that this material is timeless and will not oxidize and fade. Even after hundreds of years, the bright colors of enamel will not fade away.
Why are enamel watches so expensive?
Although enamel is beautiful, it is very risky. The paint of various glazes cannot be mixed, and the fluidity of the glaze and the water volatilization during firing need to be reasonably considered. Secondly, whether the outline of the pattern becomes blurred after firing in the furnace is a risk of painted enamel, but also its value. For example, uneven heating during firing may not produce the same color even with the same glaze. In addition, it needs to be fired in at least twenty processes at a high temperature of 800 ° C. At each step, there is a danger that the glaze may break or the color may change slightly. Therefore, with little care, the entire production process will be abandoned. For every successful work, you may face multiple times of rejection before.
How does the color of enamel come from?
The basic color of enamel is white or colorless, and many other colors come from combining with different metal oxides. For example, antimony is yellow, gold is red, rhodium is black, manganese is purple, cobalt oxide is blue-violet, copper oxide is blue-green, nickel oxide is red when potassium is contained, yellow-green when sodium is contained, etc. .
The enamel watch must be drawn manually, and no machine can replace it today. It takes hundreds of hours for a skilled technician to draw such a small surface. The color of the enamel watch is difficult to control. The key is that the melting point and color performance of the enamel and mineral are difficult to control. For example, enamel with low ductility and cobalt can be fired at medium temperature (732 to 788 degrees Celsius) to produce a special color such as peacock blue. If the color is separated from transparent and opaque, the same color enamel is used in different materials. There is also color difference after firing.
Now the high-tech watchmaking trend is rampant, and the role of people is almost reduced to the lowest level in history. Only the quartz era is comparable. Most watches are cold, without the artistic atmosphere brought out by popularity. The hand-painted enamel watch gives a warm feeling and is worthy of appreciation and play. GQ once again invited Mr. Yongling Lin, the authority of Asian watches and clocks, to tell you how to appreciate and collect enamel watches. In addition, we also made an interesting analysis of enamel watches.
Why are enamel watches worth collecting?

Why enamel watches are worth collecting
Now the high-tech watchmaking trend is rampant, and the role of people is almost reduced to the lowest level in history. Only the quartz era is comparable. Most watches are cold, without the artistic atmosphere brought out by popularity. The hand-painted enamel watch gives a warm feeling and is worthy of appreciation and play. Those who are interested in this can take a walk to the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, where there are twenty or thirty enamel pocket watches created from the 1960s to the 1980s. After I watched it, I suddenly felt “I’m awakened.” Is it difficult to make a perpetual calendar chronograph? difficult. But compared to this level of miniature enamel watch, it is really too easy. Because it is not difficult to find machines and people making high-complexity watches, there are only a handful of such enamel paintings.
What is a good enamel watch?
In addition to color control during the production of enamel watches, the most important thing is to have superb stone polishing skills, eliminate bubbles or sand holes, and make the entire surface smooth and bright. The legendary enamel master Suzanne Rohr once said that when her polishing master left, she could not even paint again. We can’t see enamel paintings comparable to pocket watches now. The enamel master became a monk halfway, and didn’t even think about drawing a good picture, let alone imitate the masterpiece of an art master. It is no longer easy to draw a picture, and polishing is definitely not done. Therefore, in addition to the bubbles in this level of painting, the side also looks like the moon’s surface, which is uneven. Therefore, someone threatened that the smooth one is not the real enamel & mdash; & mdash; save some money to buy a top-quality Patek Philippe to see it.
Why is a micro-painted enamel watch difficult to find?
The situation that top-quality micro-painting tables are hard to find will certainly continue. I think the conditions for change are almost non-existent.
A certain brand makes such watches, but the works are just a little unsatisfactory. I selected a famous painting with great interest and ordered it. I didn’t wear it for a second after I got it. The elementary school students were sloppy and had tarnished wrists. In Paris, Anita said angrily that small craftsmanship is only valued in a country like France where art is important, and in Switzerland, the government has no support at all and can only survive on its own. In order to survive, artists can only make unique products with simple methods. Fortunately, in our watch world, there are three or two people who are as real as Anita (I also admire Dominic of Van Cleef & Arpels).
If you can find a way to persuade a real artist like this, there is still a chance to collect good works. Recently, a friend won the approval of Anita and painted the treasure of the Uffizi Gallery on the surface of his hand, and Botticelli painted Spring.
I like Klimt’s other masterpiece ‘Dana’. Under the instructions of his uncle, Anita reluctantly agreed to take over the job two years ago, but I saw that other brands had actively given up on this painting. In fact, the pros and cons are definitely more obvious in comparison. I should try her again!
Now the high-tech watchmaking trend is rampant, and the role of people is almost reduced to the lowest level in history. Only the quartz era is comparable. Most watches are cold, without the artistic atmosphere brought out by popularity. The hand-painted enamel watch gives a warm feeling and is worthy of appreciation and play. GQ once again invited Mr. Yongling Lin, the authority of Asian watches and clocks, to tell you how to appreciate and collect enamel watches. In addition, we also made an interesting analysis of enamel watches.
Anita Porchet, the enamel master you should know best

Enamel Master Anita Porchet
Anita’s full name is AnitaPorchet, and her signature on the picture is ‘A. Porchet’. Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Piaget and Hermès are among her many top enamel watches. Her master is the famous Suzanne Rohr and her master is Carlo Poluzzi, both of whom are top figures in the Geneva enamel painting world. At the same time, Suzanne passed to her the century-old enamel glaze and painting tools she had, so her enamel paintings would have a unique jewel even if they were of the silk type. The enamel ‘ld’ master once told me that modern technology is advanced, and what kind of color can be blended out, I am too lazy to respond. The formula of Su Ma Li Qing on the blue and white porcelain of Ming Chenghua has not been imitated for more than 500 years. Who can imitate the thick and precious precious light? Five years ago, Patek Philippe exhibited a pocket watch ‘Judith’ created by Anita in Basel, which was drawn from Gustav Klimt’s painting of the same name, and everyone was amazing. This is a famous painting that people are not familiar with. But in addition to faxing, the painting has another extraordinary brilliance after being fired with enamel, especially the gold, which is difficult to show on the canvas. Patek Philippe’s president, Lao Shiduan, said that Anita is a new star in the enamel world and has an unlimited future. Modern enamel watches are popular, and many brands are flooding them. Especially in the production of filigree, the pattern is often too simple, as simple as a pencil sketch. In this climate, it is to be expected that Anita’s work will stand out. I bought the ‘butterfly’ butterfly enamel watch she painted for Patek Philippe, and she used a lot of micro-painting techniques. I am most happy that Patek Philippe allows her to sign on the surface, which has never appeared in the brand’s watches. On the table
Her autographs, recent works and the ‘maps’ she painted for the count. Unlike other people’s response, she did not casually fill the color with perfunctory things. Mountains and rivers have the richness of mountains and rivers, the land has the yellow sand of the land, and even the picture shows the performance of day and night. All of this depends on the foundation and inheritance.
Anita learned the skills and entered the watch circle, and the earliest collaboration in my memory should be the earl. Around 2003, the brand launched Anita’s micro-painted enamel ‘Rose’, which is made one year each, with a limited number of three. I bought ‘Landy Rose’ for the second year. Like the fine brushwork of a flower book, the bright and luxurious ocher red, the petals are delicious and dripping. The exquisite fineness that can not be achieved with silk enamel is expressed here without any effort. In the past few years, Anita has mainly painted silk. The time difference between the two is only three or five times. ?

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