Breitling Releases Zero Gravity Flight Official Watch

In 2015, S3 (Swiss Space Systems) will host a zero gravity flight experience event for the first time to the public. As the main partner of the project, Breitling will equip each passenger with a specially designed chronograph watch. Registration is now open!

 In 1962, the Navitimer Cosmonaute watch was worn on the astronaut Scott Carpenter’s wrist, and experienced the first non-gravity flight, becoming the first cruise in the world. Chronograph in space. Today, the Breitling brand with its wingspan B is the main sponsor of the Swiss Space System S3 program, which aims to ‘space for all’ and has set up a zero gravity flight experience program . The ZeroG (ZeroG) project will be fully launched in 2015 at more than 15 locations worldwide, including Asia, the Middle East, and Central America. At that time, passengers will board an Airbus aircraft to experience about 2 hours of gravity-free flight, including 15 ‘parabolic’ actions or free floating for 20 to 25 seconds, thus providing passengers with an opportunity to experience total weightlessness, as if Just like in space. Each passenger’s flight equipment will include a Breitling chronograph watch specially made for this gravity-free flight.
 This S3 ZeroG chronograph uses a light and sturdy black titanium case with a Breitling SuperQuartzTM movement that is more than ten times more accurate than an ordinary quartz movement. The dial and rubber strap are marked with S3 logo, the bottom of the table is engraved with a gravity-free parabolic flight trajectory map. This chronograph will serve as a unique ‘boarding pass’ for each passenger and will not be made publicly available outside of the flight program. After the experience, in addition to the flight suit, passengers can also retain this “professional wrist instrument” with outstanding performance, powerful function and excellent water resistance (up to 100 meters), commemorating this unique and unique order accompanied by Breitling watches. An unforgettable time.

【Technical Parameters】
Movement: Breitling 73 type movement, Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), SuperQuartzTM temperature compensated super quartz movement, fast time zone adjustment; timing accuracy of 1/10 seconds, equipped with 60 minutes and 12 hours cumulative timer, fly back Hand-held timekeeping; calendar display.
Case: black titanium; waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet); unidirectional ratchet-shaped rotating bezel; curved sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides; diameter: 43 mm.
Dial: Volcanic black.
Strap / Bracelet: S3 rubber strap.

Blancpain: Not Fifty Cents Of Fifty Cents

When it comes to diving watches, watch friends are more likely to think of Rolex’s Submariner or Omega’s Seamaster, but the ancestor of this type of watch is not the more well-known of them, but Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Shortly after the end of World War II, in 1952, the French government became an assault frogman unit called ‘Nageuers de combat’. Their role is to conduct secret investigations and effective strikes on targets through waterways. At the time, the founders of the army, Robert Maloubier and Claude Jean Riffaud, in addition to recruiting elite commandos, also had a difficult problem before them: purchasing suitable diving equipment, including the ability to wear underwater. Used watch. After all, for team members performing special tasks, a unified time helps a unified action. But unfortunately, Robert and Claude tested the watches on the market at the time and found that they could not meet the needs of the assault frogman unit, so they had to think about customizing with the watch manufacturer. Robert and Claude found the famous French watch brand LIP, but LIP rejected them directly. Because at that time, diving was only a very niche activity, and few people except professionals participated. For Lip, it was not cost-effective to develop a niche product independently, taking great market risks. Regular models. While Robert and Claude were at a loss, through the introduction of diving equipment suppliers, they met Jean-Jacques Fiechter, CEO of the watch brand Blancpain. Compared with LIP, Blancpain Blancpain was much smaller in scale and popularity at the time, but it was also because of its small size and lack of shelf. In addition, Jacques Fiechter himself was an avid diving enthusiast, so Blancpain Blancpain took over the assault frogman unit. Watch development. In 1953, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms was born, slightly before the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster 300 released in 1957, becoming the earliest diving watches. In 1999, Blancpain re-made the highly significant Fifty Fathoms in the history of the brand and launched a modern version. In that year it was not a separate series, but belonged to the ‘Concept 2000’ series. Together with the GMT dual time and pilot time in this series, they are collectively called the ‘Trilogy’ trilogy. In 2003, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Fifty Fathoms, Blancpain launched a limited edition work, which obviously changed the rotating outer ring and added sapphire on the basis of metal. However, it was not until 2007 that Fifty Fathoms alone became a collection under the Blancpain brand. And according to the 50th anniversary edition of 2003, a mass production version was launched, which is also the most ‘basic’ impression of the majority of watch friends on the Fifty Fathoms series. In 2013, Blancpain released the new ‘Fifty Fathoms’ at the Basel Watch Fair, replacing them with ceramic rotating outer rings. So many table friends called the sapphire Fifty Fathoms ‘old’ and the ceramic version ‘new’. The ‘old’ Fifty Fathoms outer ring is made of sapphire with a slight arch, and the case has a rounded line and a 45 mm diameter, so it is known as ‘rich and fat’. The new ceramic ring Fifty Fathoms is a diving watch, but the appearance is more ‘smart’. The width of the rotating outer ring is significantly reduced, and the pointer is replaced with a square ‘candle’ shape. The most ‘sharp’ part is the lugs. The new ceramic ring Fifty Fathoms not only reduces the width of the lugs, but also uses a chamfered angle, supplemented by brushed sanding. Can be described as sharp-angled, full of three-dimensional sense. The ‘old model’ Fifty Fathoms uses a dense bottom design, and the new one uses a sapphire transparent bottom cover. You can see the Cal. 1315, the self-produced movement inside. The three barrels can provide up to 5 days of power reserve time, and the combination of fine adjustment without weights and silicon balance springs ensures the accuracy of the travel time. The automatic rotor used for winding is made of 18K yellow gold, but in order to match the tough style of military watches, Blancpain has been electroplated on the surface of the automatic rotor, with a gray-black NAC platinum alloy coating. As for the movement polishing that many watch friends care about, this Cal.1315 is also very good. Foreign watch media Naked Watchmaker is known for disassembling the movement. It has released high-resolution photos of the complete disassembly of the Blancpain Cal.1315 movement. Through these rare information from ordinary watch friends, we can find that Blancpain’s movement scale polishing of the movement, the type of chamfering of the edge of the splint, and the processing of the gear train are all the best in the same price. . The shape is highly recognizable, in line with the aesthetics of the younger market, and the back can be seen through the movement of the movement. The more important is the ‘old’ Fifty Fathoms domestic price of 116,000 yuan, not only does the new model not increase the price, but Sinking to 79,500 yuan. This configuration + price makes the new ceramic ring the best-selling Fifty Fathoms. However, the new ceramic ring fifty yen is not a ‘real’ fifty yen. We can see ‘Bathyscaphe’ on the dial at six o’clock. In 1953, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, then CEO of Blancpain, developed fifty fathoms at the request of the French Army. For military personnel, the readability of diving watches in dark environments is very important, so the diameter of the watch reaches 41 mm. This size seems very suitable today, but in the era when the size of men’s watches generally ranged from 32-34 mm, it is undoubtedly heterogeneous. So around 1956, Fiechter made a diving watch suitable for daily wear in order to better meet the aesthetics of the times, called ‘Bathyscaphe’. The name comes from a deep-sea submersible that can be dived freely. It can be intuitively found that the so-called new ceramic ring Fifty Fathoms and antique Bathyscaphe are very similar in appearance, the same narrow bezel, beveled lugs … ‘Old’ Fifty Fatty 45 mm watch There is no way to adapt to most watch friends, so in 2013, Blancpain released the new ‘Bathyscaphe’, its size has been reduced to 43 mm (the actual case size is 41 mm). At the same time, for most watch friends, the diving watch looks the same, it is difficult to distinguish. Therefore, Blancpain classified the original ‘Bathyscaphe’ into the Fifty Fathoms series and promoted it. The best Fifty Fathoms sold are not the ‘real’ Fifty Fathoms. However, this ‘Bathyscaphe’ does sell well, and maybe one day will become a completely independent series. Just like Fifty Fathoms anchored in the ‘Concept 2000’ series, Omega Butterfly De Ville was born out of the Seamaster series, and Rolex Sea Duck originated from the submariner series. As long as the product quality is passed and the business is carefully managed, it will definitely grow.

The Bright Moon In The Galaxy Praises The Noble Beauty Of Women Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène Galaxy Wristwatch

Tonda Métropolitaine, launched in 2016, is a moon phase watch created by Parmigioni for women, adding a modern and elegant watch design to the Métro series, and equipped with Parmigioni The 33rd PF318 movement completely created by itself. This year, the Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène watch debuted with a special model: the aura stone faceplate of the translucent galaxy and the bright moon, the new Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène Galaxy watch praises women’s elegant beauty with brilliant stars.

Canruo Milky Way-aventurine

 The metallic medium gives the aventurine a unique textured appearance. Based on the nature of the aventurine natural texture, in 2017, Parmigiani launched a new and special poetic watch, the Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène Galaxy watch. The midnight blue aventurine stone is used to create a poetic dial with a bit of gold flicker. It becomes more delicate and exquisite, showing the beautiful scenery of the stars in the night sky. In the center of the constellation, the complex moon phase device shines brightly, which is worthy of the reputation of Galaxy.
 In order to highlight the overall appearance of aventurine, the rose gold hands specially adopt a hollow design and Parmigiani’s iconic triangle shape, which are matched with the same rose gold time scales to accurately indicate the passage of time in the elegant light. Stainless steel case with brilliant bezel: The bezel is set with 72 faceted brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.51 carats, and the light of the aventurine dial spreads throughout the case, highlighting the infinite charm of this material. At 6 o’clock, the small second hand stands out on the black date dial, simple and clear, and easy to read.
Dance of the Moon on the Dial

 The apricot moon phases on the Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène Galaxy watch exude a ray of light that makes it difficult to look away. The design of the moon sea full of craters makes the moon more realistic, and this effect is created by successive layer-by-layer transfer processes, which is a complicated and time-consuming process. This is not just a simple imitation of the moon, but it is really moving the moon to your wrist in a lifelike way. Against the backdrop of the stars, there are soft clouds, and the moon appears and disappears. The color of the moon is the same as the color of the hands and the time scales, and they match in harmony.
 Every detail, as well as the integrity of the whole, makes the Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène Galaxy watch full of volume, and the hand-crafted decoration gives the watch its unique value.
Complex moon phase device

 The PF318 movement and its moon phase module are entirely made by Parmigiani. The operating principle of the moon phase is based on a gear driven by a time wheel, which rotates at half the speed of the gear. The gear drives a moon phase disk through a flexible blade integrated in the center of its wheel to rotate once every 24 hours.
 The wearer can use the adjuster at 9 o’clock to adjust the position of the moon individually according to the day of the week and the date, so as to match the geographic month with reference. Due to the use of elastic blades, the moon phase adjustment device is equipped with a safety system to prevent the gear from encountering irreparable damage in the event of incorrect operation.

 With two barrels mounted in series to adjust the rate, the PF318 self-winding movement has a power reserve of up to 50 hours. Through the back of the sapphire watch, you can see that the movement is completely polished with pearl texture, decorated with Geneva ripples and processed by chamfering. It meets the highest standards of ‘high-end watches’, which are usually found in Parmigiani. The watch factory completed it independently.

Baumann’s Euhelia Collection Combines Timeless Elegance And Stylish Design Elements

For today’s extraordinary women, predictability has long been history. Because of this, Baumann launched the Euhelia series of watches-both exquisite and elegant, and cleverly playful elements, people can’t bear to look away. Roman numerals and Arabic numerals on the same dial show their individuality, diamonds and mother-of-pearl compete to shine brightly, and the two-tone metal bracelet perfectly embodies the details on the dial and case. The Euphelia collection is deeply versed in aesthetic art, and is suitable for any mood or occasion.

 The Swiss-made Euphelia collection includes 16 watches, each with a unique personality and tailor-made look. This is a serious collocation task. The diverse dial design ensures that every woman can find the timepiece that best suits her. Some dials are paired with two Roman numerals and delicate hour markers, and the fashion atmosphere is exciting. Some dials are decorated with the iconic Balmain vine pattern, which reflects the brand’s personality. Four two-tone interpretations give the watch a fascinating charm at first sight, and two of them are set with 58 diamonds each to set off soul figures in social occasions. To show the exotic, there is a watch with a pink PVD case and an appropriate mysterious black dial.

 All Euhelia watches are made of high-quality materials with meticulous detail. Available metallic shades include pink PVD, yellow PVD and silver stainless steel. As a brand that started from Paris’s famous fashion house, fashion design elements play an important role. In this series, it is reflected by three metal bracelets and black or brown crocodile leather watches. The watch is equipped with Swiss ETA 902.002 movement, ensuring that its hostess can attend all important appointments on time.

Technical Information
• Swiss quartz movement ETA 902.002
• 316L stainless steel, pink or yellow PVD case, or stainless steel and pink or yellow PVD case, 33 mm diameter, 6.15 mm thick. Part of the case set with 58 Wesselton diamonds, 1 mm in diameter, weighing 0.22 carats
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Optional dial: silver dial with modern vine pattern, white MOP, silver sunray dial or black dial
• Steel, pink or yellow PVD bracelet, or stainless steel and pink or yellow PVD bracelet, or black or brown crocodile leather strap
• Water resistance: 50 meters
• Recommended retail price: CHF 295-995

Inheritance Of The Family Of Goldsmiths And Watchmakers From Bucherer

In 1888, founder Carl F. Bucherer opened a watch and jewelry store in Lucerne. With two sons, one as a goldsmith and one as a watchmaker, in 1919, Bucherer launched the first women’s watch collection with an Art Deco style and began to become a watch maker. In 2001 the brand was repositioned and renamed Carl F. Bucherer. Today, Bucherer is one of the few timekeeping brands still owned by the founder’s family.

The best-selling Mali Long
Of the four collections under the Treasures Qilai Group, the most well-known and best-selling is the Mali Long series. Its name, Manero, is derived from the ancient Latin Romance, the fourth official language of Switzerland, and it means ‘controlled by hand’. This series inherits the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and has a strong classical temperament. Complicated functions and a layered dial are its signature features.
Not long ago, Bucherer presented the latest limited edition Maliron perpetual calendar chronograph at the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Beijing. This watch combines one of the most complicated functions in the watchmaking process, the ‘perpetual calendar’, with the very popular timekeeping function in recent years. The three timekeeping sub-panels are respectively embedded in the display panel of the month, day and date. We see three small dials on the 42.5mm dial. Each small dial has two circles of scale, two small hands. The entire outer edge of the dial also has a speedometer scale. It seems like a feast at the beginning. Mouth, but at 3 o’clock there is still very much room for the moon phase display.
Prior to this watch, the most popular Maliron watch was the ‘Calendar Callback Watch’. This watch integrated Qigen hands and four display dials into the dial, the date at 3 o’clock and The power reserve display at 6 o’clock all breaks through the tradition of the disc and is made into a more open arc, which is impressive. The date is displayed as a dial-back design. When the last day of the month and the first day of the beginning of the month, the pointer will bounce back to the starting point in real time.

Subaruvi’s innovative perimeter rotor
In 2007, Bucherer acquired THA in Ste-Croix and established the Bucherer Watchmaking Factory, which laid the foundation for the development of the brand and the development of self-produced mechanical movements. Soon after, the first self-produced movement series CFB A1000 from Bucherer came out, and on this basis, CFB A1001, CFB A1002, CFB A1003 with more functions were derived, all of which were used in the Plavier EvoTec series Watch models. The CFB A1004, launched in 2011, is assembled in the Plavi Calendar.
It can be said that the CFB A1000 series movement has created the reputation of the young series ‘Bravay’ today, making it the most innovative series of the Bucherer brand.
The main feature of the Cypress Beravi is the movement’s self-winding oscillating weight. What the automatic movement needs to solve is the source of power, and the rotor that powers the movement is quite particular about the placement. Common is the center-mounted rotor, which rotates along the entire surface of the movement. No matter where it is paused, it will block some components of the movement. Eccentric rotors also have this drawback. Although the miniature rotor is small, it is often in contact with other components. The same plane also inevitably restricts the size of other components. Bucherer uniquely adopts the design of the outer oscillating weight. This arc-shaped bar-shaped oscillating weight is free to rotate along the movement of the outer edge of the movement, which will not cover any part of the movement, so that the entire movement can pass through the transparent case back. Clear view, with better viewing value.
The outer oscillating weight is now a patented technology of Bucherer. ‘At present, it is only used in the Plavi series, and it is also considered to be extended to other series.’ Zhang Yiyi, deputy manager of the marketing department of Bucherer, introduced. As the saying goes, ‘the whole body is affected by a single blow’. The design of the outer rotor has made all functions re-arranged, forming the unique dial pattern of the Plavi series. The three classic EvoTec watches are square dials, each window and broad-leaf sword-shaped hands form a lively yet balanced layout. ‘I believe that the younger generation in China will increasingly accept this series.’
Tribute to Lake Lucerne
Bucherer, a watch and jewellery store, has a deep understanding of sales. Its luxury women’s watch series ‘Yalika’ inherits the jewellery craftsmanship of Bucherer. The rectangular case has ‘waist trimming’ on both sides, which imitates the curve of a female waist ‘The design is slightly enchanting. The most amazing thing is the ‘Swan Diamond Watch’, which pays tribute to the swans on Lake Lucerne. It is covered with fine diamonds in a snowflake setting. The wearer needs to grasp the angle to avoid the ‘misinjury’ caused by the shining light. And Lake Lucerne is the iconic scenery of Lucerne, the hometown of Bucherer, and ‘Yalika’ accidentally played another gorgeous retro card.

Perfect Interpretation Of Color Contrast Showcasing Stunning Luxury Watches

Contrast between magic and light. The Swiss Rado overall ceramic chronograph real diamond series inlaid with precious diamonds shows stunning charm-a perfect interpretation of color contrast.
Integral ceramic chronograph real diamond series
The dial, case and strap are made of high-tech ceramics. The whole body is black and deeply mysterious. As the iconic design of the chronograph series-three chronograph windows on the dial and a date window at four o’clock are designed as rings of different sizes. , Showing a distinctive artistic temperament. The superb design in the details is fascinating at first sight-four rings are outlined with sparkling diamonds, conveying consistency with the basic design concept.
Integral ceramic chronograph yellow gold series
The enthusiasm is hot and shining. The new proportion design, the Swiss ceramic chronograph yellow ceramic series, the strong contrast between black and gold, highlights the essence of the brand. The iconic design of the four rings of the chronograph series, and high-tech ceramics bring extremely comfortable wearing feeling, which has become a classic.
The dial, sapphire crystal, case and strap are integrated. All the components are cleverly combined, and the timing button only slightly protrudes on one side. Four rings of different sizes are scattered under the black metal-plated sapphire crystal. Three golden chronograph rings and a 4-point date window stand out. Like a comet, it is unpredictable, clever, and breaks the habit.
Integrated ceramic chronograph color function ring series
Each color has a unique sheen. A crystal was asleep in every stone.
Colors achieve black, rich black, sublime black!
Black is the signature color of radar, but radar never rejects color. Introduce colorful colors into the design, show magic in a small dial, and a sudden burst of fun. On the overall ceramic dial, radar designers play a color variation.
As the iconic design of the chronograph series-three chronograph rings on the dial and a date window at four o’clock are designed into rings of different sizes, they merge like a mysterious and casual comet on the black dial , Showing a distinctive artistic temperament.
Yellow gold. Rose gold. Lake blue. Malachite green. Rose purple. Whether it is a monochrome chronograph ring style or a gem-set style, these ten ceramic chronograph color function ring series are full of fun and show temptation. The yellow gold model is inlaid with 106 yellow gems. It is luxurious, enthusiastic and dazzling. The rose gold style is embellished with orange gems, forming a strong contrast with the black ceramic material, highlighting the essence of the brand. People are imaginative; the green timing ring is inlaid with magic green garnet, which is full of temptation; and the purple model is decorated with stunning amethyst, deep and mysterious. Under the magic of color, the dial exudes a rainbow of bright light. It’s like a colorful variation, leaping, pure, striking your heart. And this playful color highlights the black charm of the high-tech ceramic case!
New starry platinum gold extra large watch debuts
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of CERAMICA’s overall ceramic series, this year Swiss Rado launched a number of wonderful CERAMICA overall ceramic series watches, which are dizzying!
最新 This latest giant offering-CERAMICA overall ceramic starry series platinum gold extra large watch is pure, peaceful, sensual and luxurious. Turned into a wrist jewelry bracelet-dazzling and shining.
The dial is mysterious and simple. The rectangular dial is covered with 414 expensive white diamonds totaling 2.212 carats, and the bright light is wavy and spreads on the date window ring at the six o’clock position. The superbly crafted metal-plated sapphire crystal covers the entire case and extends to a refined polished platinum-gold high-tech ceramic strap with a titanium buckle.
Luxury diamonds and high-tech ceramics echo each other, and the architectural design is full of tension, bringing a visual feast full of tension. Pure color kinetic energy for perfection.

Raymond Weil Raymond Weil And Vh1 Save The Music Foundation

Raymond Weil, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, will sponsor and co-operate with VH1 save the Music Foundation to thank the arts-especially music-Long-lasting brand Relying on creative inspiration since.
This will be Raymond Weil and VH1 save the Music Foundation
The first collaboration of the Save the Music Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to restore school’s instrumental music education and ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive a comprehensive education including instrumental music training.
Raymond Weil has always been in touch with music at home and abroad, building a strong artistic influence. The company is a sponsor of the last four ‘British Music Awards’ and the American Idol Contest, and has always been a strong supporter of the rising stars in the music industry. VH1 save the Music Foundation is not only a non-profit organization, but also an ambassador for the music industry. It shares the same core philosophy with Raymond Weil, so sponsoring this foundation is Raymond Weil’s most ideal. Decide.
Source: RaymondWeil

Brand Positioning Is Important Three Fashion Watches Highlight Brand Style

Many friends think that women do not need to wear watches. They feel that bracelets, bracelets and laces have all taken up wrist space. There is absolutely no need to spend money to bring a bulky watch. !! We are not commenting on the right or wrong of this view, after all, everyone has different aesthetics and shopping tendencies. However, once you start to pay attention and touch the watch, how many people can still resist its magic and toxicity? Compared with men’s watches, ladies’ watches are not inferior, and various novel designs and fashionable styles are common. Next, the watch house will bring you three stylish and modern ladies’ watches, let’s take a look.
 Nowadays, the effect of brand awareness is far more effective than what is advertised. Given that many women are very accustomed to looking at brands when buying things (of course, not only women, many men are also used to buying high-profile brands), brands are not necessarily The sounding hat is more representative of credibility, quality and market. It is a symbol of high quality in people’s hearts, so good brands will win more users, and the product line is gradually expanding. Well-known brands.

  Bvlgari SERPENTI series SPP35BGDG.2T watch


Comment on the watch: The snake symbolizes wildness, charm, and mystery. Bulgari has always loved the serpentine beauty. The Serpenti series’ creativity originated from the metaphorical meaning of snakes in ancient civilizations. With its enchanting figure as inspiration, What the Serpenti series reveals is the beauty of an unruly temptation. This watch has an 18K rose gold case with gorgeous diamonds set on both sides of the case. After brilliant cutting, each one shines. Black opal dial with Newsoe sun pattern decoration, two Roman numerals at six o’clock and twelve o’clock, the rest are bar scales, hand-applied hour markers look more classic and gorgeous against a black background. Adhering to Bulgari’s consistent bold style and quality and creative handmade features, it creates unparalleled bright elegance. Viewed from the side, the crown is inlaid with a pink gemstone, which is a icing on the cake.

  The most distinctive feature of the Bvlgari SERPENTI series is the meandering bracelet, 18K rose gold double spiral bracelet, exquisite workmanship, coiled around the wrist as a whole, and abide by the noble spirit. Of course, the price of such an elegant watch is also very bright!

Basic Information
Number: SPP35BGDG.2T
Brand: Bulgari
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 289,500
For more watch details, please click: Chanel J12 Series H0685 Watch


Comments on watches: Chanel’s fashion and trends have always been the most respected goals for women. The classic J12 can be said to be the representative of Chanel watches, and it has been sought after by people. J12 was once a sailing ship that has won numerous glories in the history of international regattas. It represents nobility, precision and courage. Chanel draws inspiration from the legendary history of this sailing boat to create the J12 watch. This J12 black watch is always captivating, like a thick stroke on a blank page, it will instantly become eternal. The diameter of 38 mm is very feminine for the wrist, and the high-tech, high-precision ceramics have become a legendary material in watchmaking. The equally cool black dial with white minimalist Arabic numerals, the calendar display window is between four and five.

  The shiny bracelet with folding buckle becomes the most skin-friendly equipment for women’s watches. At the same time, black is very versatile and can be matched with different clothes. Whether it is casual or formal occasions, Chanel watches will definitely add color to you. less. This series also has a variety of watches of different styles, interpreting the brand’s changing style, reflecting rich feminine elements and extraordinary creativity.

Basic Information
Item: H0685
Brand: Chanel
Series: J12
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Unisex
For more watch details, please click: DIORVIIIGRANDBAL series CD124BE3C001 watch


Review of the watch: gorgeous ball, slow footsteps, swaying posture, the flashing ball permeates the nobility and elegance of high society, and at the same time condenses the romantic atmosphere and joyful atmosphere. The complicated patterns take a long time to complete. Similarly, every watch of the DiorVIII series uses the most outstanding mechanical technology. The DiorVIII watch series has always been based on the feminine charming characteristics, so that the most beautiful details are presented in Dior’s exclusive design features. Black has a very versatile advantage in all colors. It will not be out of date at any time. The watch uses a 38 mm case. The black dial is equipped with silver hands. The patented practical rotor is looming, making it an exquisite one. Decoration showing clothing lines and brand fashion elements.

Basic Information
Number: CD124BE3C001
Brand: Dior
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Release time: 2013
Price: ¥ 200,000
For more watch details, please click: dior / 29968 /

Summary: Women’s watches do not need too many functions. It is very difficult to meet the requirements of precision and beauty and fashion at the same time. After all, not every brand can grasp the trend of fashion. The three watches recommended by the ladies above are classic works from the brand. Whether it is the serpenti series of winding personality, the classic Chanel J12, or the elegant and noble Dior VIII, all reflect Different interpretations of women by brands. Of course, the prices of these watches are not easy for ordinary people to buy, and friends who like it have to bear the pain. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Dreamcatcher On The Wrist: Rado True Thinline Dreamnet Limited Watch

Emerging experimental fashion designer FloraMiranda from Austria demonstrates a unique design style from the perspective of deconstructing fashion. In 2019, she joined the material master-Rado Radar female designers in the cross-border cooperation, and made herself The unique design vision and innovative thinking are injected into the TrueThinline ultra-thin series of watches, and the dazzling ‘TrueThinline ultra-thin series of Monternet Limited Watches’ is launched. Fashion designer FloraMiranda constructs fashion through 3D computer models, transforming fashion into an experiment, overturning the public’s inertia thinking about established craftsmanship and design standards, challenging the exploration of taking high fashion out of traditional design methods, and using computer data to make fashion Through this collaboration, brand-new aesthetic ideas and experimental methods are infused into Rado.

True Me Ultra-Thin Series Women Designer Monternet Limited Watch High-tech Ceramic Case, 40mm Diameter, Hour, Minute, ETA-2892 Self-winding Movement, Sapphire Crystal, Water-resistant 30 Meters, High-tech Ceramic Chain Belt, limited to 1,001.

   Following the great success of the designer collaboration watch series in 2017, the brand has again launched six limited edition watches for women designers this year. It is full of expectations for the addition of FloraMiranda, and it has also made Swiss radar breakthrough the traditional system in the presentation of time aesthetics. Table design thinking. The new TrueThinline ultra-thin Montnet limited edition watch presents the time display in a unique way of expression. Two discs with golden curves overlap and rotate to show the hours and minutes. The polished black height is formed in one piece. Against the backdrop of the ceramic ceramic dial, the vision is not only focused on the golden fantasy time display, but also fascinated by the two fantasy-like interweavings like a dreamnet.

   She described her design work as a combination of ‘strange, luxurious, extreme, unique and exciting’, which shows the design soul injected by the designer as it is known, and confirms that her collaboration with Rado is bound to break all time display Frame of possibilities.

The concentric circle design on the case back echoes the dial and presents a dazzling effect.

   FloraMiranda chose the TrueThinline ultra-thin watch as a canvas for self-expression, creating a dreamlike golden woven mesh. Under the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, two transparent discs with a fine metallic mesh pattern are stacked on top of each other. When the discs overlap, a mysterious and magical vision is created, and the hands are cleverly brought out. Display with minute hand.

   This watch expresses the meaning of time aesthetics in a futuristic and magical way. Unlike other watches in the collection, the True Me Ultra-Slim Montnet Limited Watch is driven by an automatic movement to ensure that the discs under the box-shaped double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass have enough power when they overlap. drive.

Austrian fashion designer Flora Miranda
   Speaking of the partnership with FloraMiranda, Rado Global President Matthias Breschan said, ‘Flora first caught our attention when it won the Austrian’ RADO Star Creation Competition ‘in 2017. We know her futurism and disruptiveness in fashion design The technique will make her go further. To achieve the balance between light and dark in its design, the technical difficulty cannot be underestimated, but we firmly believe that if we can successfully overcome the challenge, we can create a dreamnet that has both eye-catching and timeless classic style. Limited watch. ‘

   The ultra-thin Monternet limited edition watch is made of black polished high-tech ceramics. It is equipped with an innovative rotating dial hand to display an alternative time aesthetic display. It is limited to 1,001. The bottom cover of each watch They are decorated with special seals in collaboration with designers.

Pursuing Excellence Cartier’s Fine Watch Collection Shows Extreme Style

Since launching Santos, the first men’s watch in 1904, Cartier has created countless classic men’s watches with unique styles through continuous creative inspiration and superb craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. .

 In the 21st century, Cartier has set up a watch workshop with more than 1,000 professional watchmakers in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the core area of ​​Swiss watchmaking. Whether it’s the Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch with a ‘Geneva Quality Imprint’ movement, the Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon watch that embodies the aesthetics of strength, the Rotonde de Cartier Astrorégulateur watch that avoids the influence of gravity Constant center-of-gravity watches, also the first time they have debuted in China recently, can keep timeless and precise concept watches, which embodies Cartier’s courage to make breakthroughs in advanced watchmaking design and strive for excellence.
Quality mark, internal and external
 In 2008, the Cartier Haute Horlogerie series bloomed for the first time at the Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair. The most eye-catching is the Ballon Bleu de Cartie floating tourbillon watch. It not only has a stylish and elegant shape, it also carries a groundbreakingly equipped The 9452MC mechanical movement with the “Geneva Quality Mark” independently developed by the brand. The corners and surfaces of all components of the movement are carefully polished to effectively reduce interference friction between parts and make them more durable. The careful improvement of the tourbillon frame ensures the superior quality of seismic performance. The perfect combination of delicate and exquisite design aesthetics and complex craftsmanship successfully interpreted Cartier’s creative philosophy both internally and externally.

Power aesthetics, extraordinary style
 The lightweight titanium has become a new source of power for the mechanical movement, and has created the Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon watch equipped with the 9451MC movement. The tourbillon frame with built-in multiple escapement wheels and balance springs is located in the center of the movement. It pioneered the use of special rotating shafts to complete the complete upgrade and improvement of the entire gear transmission system. The balance wheel and escapement wheel are no longer set on the rotation axis of the frame like a traditional watch, but moved to one side of the frame and connected to the axis of the rotation axis, presenting unexpected visual effects. At the same time, the entire design uses a unique center design, giving the tourbillon watch an unparalleled sense of agility, surpassing time with a natural and extraordinary demeanor.

Constant celestial body, fearless challenge
 How to avoid the influence of gravity as much as possible has always been one of the biggest challenges faced by watchmakers. Cartier’s advanced watch designers have created a 9800MC movement with 4 patented technologies to overcome this problem and bring the world a stunning look again. On the 9800 MC Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device movement, the escapement, the vibrator and the small second hand are driven by the rotor, and the rotor can always return to the same position, thereby avoiding the gravity to counter the time when the watch is in the vertical position Adverse effects. By adjusting the action mode of the vibrator in this fixed position, the operating platform of the Rotonde de Cartier Astrorégulateur celestial constant center of gravity device watch can avoid the interference of the gravity on the timing no matter what vertical state it is.

Infinite innovation, timeless precision
 Several original fine watchmaking works are still shocking, Cartier’s first concept watch that opens the future is born again. The perfect blend of groundbreaking carbon crystal materials and innovative technology effectively solves the impact of external interference such as temperature difference, magnetic field and friction during the operation of the watch. It does not need to be adjusted at the beginning of assembly, and it no longer needs lubricants. The constraints of the external environment continue to ensure accurate timekeeping, realizing the dreams that many watchmakers can hardly reach in their lives.
Proud of its design aesthetics, superb craftsmanship, and continuous breakthroughs in complex functions, Cartier has injected vitality into the fine watchmaking series, and it shines on the journey of time.