Nomos Tangomat Gmt Plus Watch

Nomos Tangomat GMT Plus watch (Model 637): equipped with a self-winding movement, 40 mm diameter, stainless steel case, white silver plated dial, blue steel hands, waterproof 30 meters, top Cordoba Horse leather strap, price: 39,800 yuan
    Even if you already know the time difference between the second time zone and home time, if you are always scratching your head on geography or mathematics, when setting the second time zone, I am afraid that the time will be adjusted due to the calculation deviation.
    The Nomos Tangomat GMT Plus watch adopts such a simple trick, making you more intuitive when performing the second time zone adjustment. Just adjust the hour between the second time zone and home time on the number box at 9 o’clock by pressing the button on the 2 o’clock position of the watch (for example, your area is Dong Er District and your home time is Dong Ba District , East 2 district is 6 hours later than East 8 district, so just adjust the number box to -6), then you can complete the time synchronization. And the time in the second time zone can be clearly displayed through a 24-hour window at 3 o’clock.
    This setting has another advantage, that is, you can not only understand the day and night change of the second time zone through the window at 3 o’clock, and by calculating the time difference, you can also know the day and night change on the large dial. -For example, the scale indicated by the center hand on the figure is 10, the number displayed in the 24-hour window is 16, and the time difference indicated by the number box on the 9 o’clock position is -6. We can infer that the time indicated by the center hand 22 points instead of 10 points. Maybe you have a headache for these ‘complex’ calculations, but in the actual journey, this simple two-time watch will still bring you enough convenience.
    Compared with other complicated watch functions, on the surface, the two places really do not look extraordinary, and can even be regarded as bland-there is no gorgeous appearance like a tourbillon, no like a chronograph watch. For the fun of playing, the simplest two-hour timepiece only needs to add an hour hand indicating the second time zone on the dial that contains the basic functions of the watch, but it is just such a small visual change. So that the two places have acquired the connotation enough to the world. For people, the dual time function is not the icing on the cake of a watch-apart from the dual time watch, it seems difficult to find other better ways for people to see so easily but clearly immediately Then, another time in the world is geometry. I remember in the article of ‘Fashion Time’ last year, the author praised the two-time function as a killer application, and now most manufacturers are very happy to add more two places in each year’s new product release. Products. This is really because the functions of the two places are too in line with the needs of today’s people. Whether it is attached to a sports watch or a formal watch, it seems so appropriate-because whether you are going on a vacation or business trip, as long as you Now in a foreign country, this function seems so indispensable.
    Although as early as 1930, watches with world-time functions appeared before the world, but the retrospective of the prosperity of watches in both places, we have to mention that only in 1955, the 24-hour hand was introduced to the watch dial Rolex GMT Master watch. Although the amount of information provided by the watch in the two places is much less than that in the world, the simplicity and practicality of its appearance have been improved a lot. For ordinary people, how many opportunities do you need to know in daily life? What about time changes in several time zones? It is precisely because of this small hand change that the watch can become a frequent guest on the wrists of countless watch lovers in both places.
    Although the functions of the two places are simple and practical, we can still see that many manufacturers are working on the transformation of the two places. For example, the general two places watches will use the crown to move the second time zone. The adjustment is simple but prone to deviation, because if the position of the crown is different, it will cause the watch to set the second time zone. In the same way, this adjustment method is not fast, so in order to simplify the adjustment process, add a button at 10 o’clock, and use this button to set the second time zone to set the second time zone watch. . The designer added a lever to the movement, and every time you press the key, the second time zone hand of the watch can be moved forward by one hour-this two-time adjustment of the watch even has the final version. An additional key is designed on the eight o’clock position, so that the second time zone pointer is freed from the constraint of only one-way adjustment. Of course, the addition of these technical means will undoubtedly increase the technical difficulty of the watch, which also makes the price of the watch in both places ‘rich and frugal.’ There is always a watch at a price that suits you!