Longines Joins Hands With Fei To Bring Exciting Games To Germany To Win

Last Saturday in the Hickstead Cup equestrian obstacle race in the UK, Germany sent a first-class team and won the game with superb performance.

 According to the watch house, Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) was established in 1921 and is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is an international equestrian sports organization approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The International Equestrian Federation is the competition rule management and law enforcement agency for equestrian sports worldwide. The agency sets the rules for equestrian events and has the right to approve equestrian events in the Olympics, championships and regions.

 Princess Haya, the sheikh of Dubai, is the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and half-sister of the current King Abdullah of Jordan. She has been involved in equestrian sports since the age of 13 and has represented Jordan in the 2000 Sydney Olympics equestrian events.

 Up to today, the International Equestrian Federation has seven equestrian sports, namely: equestrian triathlon; dressage and disabled equestrian dressage; field obstacle course; carriage driving race and disabled riding carriage driving race; horse endurance race ; Immediate skill competition; venue control Marseille.

 The International Equestrian Federation holds the ‘World Equestrian Games’ every four years (biennium). It is the world’s largest equestrian event. It has held five sessions since the first session in 1990. The eight-item ‘World Championship’ will be held, and the next ‘World Equestrian Games’ will be held in Normandy, France in 2014.

 The International Equestrian Federation organizes equestrian events for previous Olympic equestrian events, Paralympic equestrian events, Central American Games, Mediterranean Regional Games, Bolivian Regional Games, Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, South American Games and Pan American Games. The International Equestrian Federation also organizes the World Cup, Intercontinental Equestrian Championships, Intercontinental Youth (riders aged 16-18 years) Equestrian Championships, Intercontinental Young Riders (riders aged 18-21 years) Equestrian Championships, Intercontinental Junior Level (riders age 14– 16 years old riding a pony) equestrian championship, youth Olympic equestrian competition. In addition, the International Equestrian Federation also organizes international equestrian competitions at different levels and in different professions held around the world.

 According to the Watch House, this game ended with the German team winning. The US and France teams won the second and third places.