Inheritance Of The Family Of Goldsmiths And Watchmakers From Bucherer

In 1888, founder Carl F. Bucherer opened a watch and jewelry store in Lucerne. With two sons, one as a goldsmith and one as a watchmaker, in 1919, Bucherer launched the first women’s watch collection with an Art Deco style and began to become a watch maker. In 2001 the brand was repositioned and renamed Carl F. Bucherer. Today, Bucherer is one of the few timekeeping brands still owned by the founder’s family.

The best-selling Mali Long
Of the four collections under the Treasures Qilai Group, the most well-known and best-selling is the Mali Long series. Its name, Manero, is derived from the ancient Latin Romance, the fourth official language of Switzerland, and it means ‘controlled by hand’. This series inherits the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and has a strong classical temperament. Complicated functions and a layered dial are its signature features.
Not long ago, Bucherer presented the latest limited edition Maliron perpetual calendar chronograph at the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Beijing. This watch combines one of the most complicated functions in the watchmaking process, the ‘perpetual calendar’, with the very popular timekeeping function in recent years. The three timekeeping sub-panels are respectively embedded in the display panel of the month, day and date. We see three small dials on the 42.5mm dial. Each small dial has two circles of scale, two small hands. The entire outer edge of the dial also has a speedometer scale. It seems like a feast at the beginning. Mouth, but at 3 o’clock there is still very much room for the moon phase display.
Prior to this watch, the most popular Maliron watch was the ‘Calendar Callback Watch’. This watch integrated Qigen hands and four display dials into the dial, the date at 3 o’clock and The power reserve display at 6 o’clock all breaks through the tradition of the disc and is made into a more open arc, which is impressive. The date is displayed as a dial-back design. When the last day of the month and the first day of the beginning of the month, the pointer will bounce back to the starting point in real time.

Subaruvi’s innovative perimeter rotor
In 2007, Bucherer acquired THA in Ste-Croix and established the Bucherer Watchmaking Factory, which laid the foundation for the development of the brand and the development of self-produced mechanical movements. Soon after, the first self-produced movement series CFB A1000 from Bucherer came out, and on this basis, CFB A1001, CFB A1002, CFB A1003 with more functions were derived, all of which were used in the Plavier EvoTec series Watch models. The CFB A1004, launched in 2011, is assembled in the Plavi Calendar.
It can be said that the CFB A1000 series movement has created the reputation of the young series ‘Bravay’ today, making it the most innovative series of the Bucherer brand.
The main feature of the Cypress Beravi is the movement’s self-winding oscillating weight. What the automatic movement needs to solve is the source of power, and the rotor that powers the movement is quite particular about the placement. Common is the center-mounted rotor, which rotates along the entire surface of the movement. No matter where it is paused, it will block some components of the movement. Eccentric rotors also have this drawback. Although the miniature rotor is small, it is often in contact with other components. The same plane also inevitably restricts the size of other components. Bucherer uniquely adopts the design of the outer oscillating weight. This arc-shaped bar-shaped oscillating weight is free to rotate along the movement of the outer edge of the movement, which will not cover any part of the movement, so that the entire movement can pass through the transparent case back. Clear view, with better viewing value.
The outer oscillating weight is now a patented technology of Bucherer. ‘At present, it is only used in the Plavi series, and it is also considered to be extended to other series.’ Zhang Yiyi, deputy manager of the marketing department of Bucherer, introduced. As the saying goes, ‘the whole body is affected by a single blow’. The design of the outer rotor has made all functions re-arranged, forming the unique dial pattern of the Plavi series. The three classic EvoTec watches are square dials, each window and broad-leaf sword-shaped hands form a lively yet balanced layout. ‘I believe that the younger generation in China will increasingly accept this series.’
Tribute to Lake Lucerne
Bucherer, a watch and jewellery store, has a deep understanding of sales. Its luxury women’s watch series ‘Yalika’ inherits the jewellery craftsmanship of Bucherer. The rectangular case has ‘waist trimming’ on both sides, which imitates the curve of a female waist ‘The design is slightly enchanting. The most amazing thing is the ‘Swan Diamond Watch’, which pays tribute to the swans on Lake Lucerne. It is covered with fine diamonds in a snowflake setting. The wearer needs to grasp the angle to avoid the ‘misinjury’ caused by the shining light. And Lake Lucerne is the iconic scenery of Lucerne, the hometown of Bucherer, and ‘Yalika’ accidentally played another gorgeous retro card.

Updated: 11. August 2020 — 1:46
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