Ingenuity, The Century Heritage Of Micro-painted Enamel Art – Jacques De Roth Art Workshop Experience

More than 400 years ago, Europeans (Geneva is the birthplace) have started to use enamel technology on clocks and watches, and derived micro-enamel technique. Micro-painted enamel is an outstanding representative of western enamel technology, and is considered to be the most difficult of the three major types of enamel (the other two are filigree enamel and filled enamel).
   The ancient tradition of micro-painting enamel can be explored from the Flemish region at the border of Europe, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands in the middle of the 15th century. At the end of the 15th century, Limoges in the Midwest of France developed into an important town of micro-painted enamels based on its enamel making process. Initially, it made religious-themed utensils and later gradually made decorative crafts. From the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century, the technique of micro-painting enamel has gradually matured in Geneva for use in watchmaking.
   Due to the time-consuming and laborious work of making a micro-painted enamel surface, and the fact that pocket watches have gradually entered history because of the rise of watches, the once-prosperous micro-painted enamel technique reached the early 20th century, and it became difficult to master the inheritance of this technique. Today in the Swiss watchmaking industry, there are only a few watch brands that can produce micro-painted enamels, which also makes the art of micro-painted enamels, which is known as one of the seven major watchmaking processes in Geneva, more precious.
   As one of Jacques de Roth’s undisclosed traditional ancient crafts, it has a history of nearly 300 years. It has been famous for its large-scale fire enamel craftsmanship. In the 21st century, Jacques Delo is committed to carrying forward the micro-painting enamel, a representative of western enamel craftsmanship, and making the watchmaking tradition created by its founder into the existing watch series. China has continued its heritage.

   The process of micro-painting enamel requires that the watch case is covered with a layer of anti-deformation enamel glaze. In order to make the watch case resistant to high temperatures during firing, several layers of white glaze are placed on the metal plate, and then drawing is started. The master of enamel uses a single brush to decorate several layers of colored glaze with delicate strokes to draw a delicate pattern. At this time, color mixing is the biggest science. If the color mixing is excessive, the pattern will be blurred after sintering, and the picture will be destroyed. Therefore, after partial drawing, sinter first, then draw the next part, and then sinter. The last step is to apply several layers of colorless transparent glaze to enhance the three-dimensional impression of the pattern. Sometimes one side of the micro-painted enamel has to be sintered dozens of times. If it burns out in the middle (such as cracking, color mixing failure, etc.), this work will be destroyed. So micro-painted enamel is very precious.
   The master watchmakers at Jacques D’Or Art Workshop know how to adjust the thickness of the powder, how to master the heat, and how to fire a dial with a unique luster and texture. The dial produced by this process has the same quality for a long time, and the enamel is gorgeous and bright. It can remain unchanged for thousands of years, and the time can still be renewed. Each Jaquet Droz micro-painted enamel dial is drawn by hand, which is cumbersome and requires extremely complicated and delicate craftsmanship, which takes about 40 hours to complete under a microscope. It is for this reason that micro-painted enamel is completed. Craftsmanship has been used on only a few models, creating unique and classic models that are entirely hand-drawn and timeless.
   Each of Jacques Dro’s micro-painted enamel watches is an ingenious and unique masterpiece. Each dial adheres to the brand’s excellence quality requirements, consisting of five layers of enamel, after more than a week of hand-made, and about 20 open flame treatment processes to achieve the ultimate effect. The dial’s white space is like an unfolded canvas. The color lines are drawn between the square inches, exuding the strong aroma of art, which is timeless. Whether it is a bird or a beast, or a portrait of a person on the dial, the mood is clear, the strokes are delicate, one stroke at a time, and the finest muscle textures, feathers and fur patterns on the subject animal are carefully delineated, as well as the vivid posture of soaring and running, The tranquility and beauty of the mountains and waters reflect each other; the subject’s eyes are flowing, looking forward to life, the clothing is clear in texture, and the texture is elegant, which expresses the expression of writers, painters, and musicians in intoxicating creation. Such a gorgeous enamel coat is worn on the body of the watch, the watch presents artistic sensuality and romance.
Petite Heure Minute Horses

Petite Heure Minute Carps
   Each of Jakodro’s watches is as fascinating as works of art. The brand’s nearly 300 years of legendary history has been meticulously depicted between square inches, and all are manufactured with a global limit of 88, 8 or even 1 piece. Each micro-painted enamel watch is like a rare treasure, and only a few distinguished people can include it.
   In order to further show Jacques Dro’s unique micro-painted enamel technology to watch lovers, collectors and connoisseurs who love luxury watches, Jacques Dro specially organized the “Jacques Dro Art Workshop Experience” event in Shanghai. Mr. Le Ngoc Thanh, a Jacques Dro enamel micro-painter from afar, was invited to perform the enamel micro-painting process for the guests, and the guests were invited to experience the drawing dial in person. Let the guests personally experience the unremitting efforts of Jacques Dro’s ultimate pursuit of ‘beauty’.

   For almost three centuries, Jaquet Droz has engraved time with subtle design, superb craftsmanship and infinite creativity. Throughout Jacques Dro’s brand history, each watch was born in excellence and poetry. Nowadays, Jacques Dro is based on the field of fine watchmaking, and strives to create unique luxury watches with superb watchmaking technology. It continues to carry forward the pursuit of perfection and innovation, and conveys the core values ​​of emotion and poetic imagination. ‘Beauty’ and ‘pleasure’ enjoy passing on to you through the watch, dedicating to the centuries-old watch culture inherited from the brand.