Have An Appointment With Her In The Winter Baume & Mercier Promesse Watch Appreciation

I always think that winter is a very romantic season. It has the tranquility of other seasons in a year. In western countries, winter is even more interesting. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are all here. In winter, it is probably because of the cold that it is closer to each other, and it is most suitable to create a little romance. In the winter, make an agreement with her and look forward to each other, such a ritual and emotional connection will always make people inexplicable. Baume & Mercier presents a gift for such a moment. In 2014, Baume & Mercier introduced a brand new watch-the Convention series. For two years, the watch has been continuously enriched, or diamonds, or large moon phases have been added. Alternately, it’s a great choice for the winter, and it’s a testimony to the surge of emotions that come with each other. In 2016, the appointment series again added exquisite and gorgeous ladies’ watches (model: 10239), and interpreted the beautiful appointment moment in a modern style.

   Whenever I talk about such topics, I always think of another story, the dialogue between the little prince and the fox in The Little Prince: the sense of ritual is to make a day different from other days. And promise, isn’t it just such a ritual between each other? Let one moment in the future be different from other moments. And this moment’s coming as promised is so memorable and remembered in the heart that it constitutes the most memorable memory deep in our heads. It is agreed that the watch will allow this moment to be witnessed, in a material and time manner, to accompany you around.

Baume & Mercier 10239

18K Rose Gold Bezel / Mother-of-Pearl Dial

   Of course, a promise is never just a romance, it is also a promise. The name of the Baume & Mercier appointment series watch is derived from the French word ‘Promesse’. It is an appointment and it is a promise. In the 1996 film ‘La Promesse’, the profound meaning of the word Promesse was interpreted. Obviously, we have also been doing this. When each other walks into each other’s world, who has not agreed and who has not promised?

Polished case

Unique middle case

Diamond scale / rounded curve appearance

   Baume & Mercier watch is made of two materials: stainless steel / 18K rose gold. Interestingly, it is completely different from the current mainstream watch design style. Its bezel is so special. The outline shows a unique curve, and its design is exactly like the brand LOGO-the ancient Greek letter PHI.

Polished case / upper edging


   The entire case is also different from the traditional three-piece case design. Its middle case is replaced by a bezel in the traditional case. This structure is not much in watches. see.

Dial details

   As a graceful ladies watch, Baume & Mercier has agreed that the 10239 watch has an exquisite watch size and a smart overall appearance. The dial is specially made of mother-of-pearl, and the surface is draped and chic. The dial is inlaid with diamonds to add a touch of refinement to the watch. The hour-markers and hands are gold-plated, making it dazzling and luxurious.

Stainless steel / 18K rose gold bracelet

Gentle and soft lines

Equipped with a folding safety clasp

   Both the case and bracelet have been polished. Interestingly, the watch’s bracelet links are made of 18K rose gold, and the two-toned colors reflect each other, reflecting the charming feminine style of the watch. The double-button butterfly clasp on the bracelet is light and easy to operate and concise.

Transparent caseback / automatic movement

   The watch is equipped with a fully-automatic winding mechanical movement. Through the transparent sapphire caseback, you can admire the melody of its mechanical rhythm and ‘see’ the mystery of time.

Summary: Have you made any appointments with her this winter? If you haven’t already, it’s better now. I always wishful thinking that an appointment is more romantic than a date, just as she is special because you have a good time with her, and an appointment allows each other to jointly anticipate this moment, this The process itself is more wonderful than the promise. During this winter, make an appointment with her to let Baume & Mercier Promesse watch to witness for you.

Updated: 19. July 2021 — 9:53
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