Good Table, We Must Pay Attention To Details

In Chinese history, there is such a ‘bone-level’ cattle man, he is the common idol of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek. Mao Zedong once said, ‘Foolen with others, serving Zeng Wenzheng alone.’ A book often placed on the desk of Chiang Kai-shek is ‘The Complete Works of Zeng Wenzheng.’ Zeng Wenzheng here is to calm down the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, launch the Westernization Movement, lead the modernization of China, and rank among the top four ministers in the late Qing Dynasty. I have read Zeng Guofan’s biography before and I am deeply touched. He did not show particularly amazing talents since he was a child. When he was studying, he did not count the outstanding students, and Kao Xiu had only been tested 7 times before he was barely admitted. In his time, he had better grades and more talents than him, but none of them changed from ordinary people to epoch-making strong men. So why did Zeng Guofan change from ordinary to extraordinary, and finally achieved such a high achievement? Of course, Zeng Guofan, the chief of the four famous ministers in Wanqing, certainly does not rule out the elements of opportunity and luck, but the hard power of Zeng Guofan is more important. He believed in Cheng Zhuxue’s Confucianism and brought the essence of Confucianism to the extreme. He worked hard on details and small things, and continuously accumulated, precipitated, reflected, and summarized. He put countless details and small things into place for decades, and finally achieved counterattack and achieved life great cause. This spirit and attitude of focusing on small things and paying attention to details is also the reason why the Japanese watchmaking industry is prosperous. Japan does not have as many watch brands as Switzerland, but the status of Japanese watches in the world cannot be ignored. In May of this year, I went to visit two Seiko watch factories. In the workshop of Seiko Epson, I was impressed by the Japanese craftsmen working silently and focusing on details. Seiko’s ‘third’ movement, Spring Drive, was born in such a workshop. The advent of Seiko Epson’s watchmaking workshop, Spring Drive, came from an ordinary idea. At that time, after Seiko’s engineer Akaba was good and saw the advantages and disadvantages of quartz and mechanical watches, he wondered if it was possible to make a new movement that had both the beauty of a mechanical movement and the precision of a quartz movement. Many people have such an ordinary idea. But Ken has worked hard for nearly 30 years, and finally, the person who made ordinary ideas into extraordinary movements was only Akabane. Before the birth of Spring Drive, Akane was good and experienced more than 600 failures. If each failure is regarded as a trivial matter, then Spring Drive is based on countless trivial matters, constantly summing up and perfecting, and finally a major event . Akabane’s peaceful life can be said to coincide with the crown blue lion will simply go to the extreme and pursue the highest level of ordinary ideas. This is also the philosophy that Mr. Yoshimura, chairman of Seiko China has always pursued. Mr. Yoshimura, Chairman of Seiko China (left) and I are in Matsumoto City, Japan. Since Mr. Yoshimura became chairman of Seiko China, he has carried out a series of innovations. Through these innovations, Guanlan Lions has undergone a lot of changes. In the past, the Blue Lion was cheaper to sell in Japan than domestic, and it could only be returned to Japan for repair if it was broken, which was troublesome and time consuming. With the efforts of Mr. Yoshimura, Guanlan Lion not only achieved the same price between China and Japan, but also can be repaired even in China, which greatly benefited the domestic Guanlan Lions fans and brought real benefits to these fans. In fact, the blue lion’s spread problem is good, as well as after-sales problems. It has always been before. I found that these problems are very simple. It is not easy to solve these problems, but Mr. Yoshimura did. Mr. Yoshimura speaks fluent Chinese and knows well about the retail channels in the Chinese market. Mr. Yoshimura has also taken many measures. Guanlan Lions and Xinyu, one of the world’s largest luxury watch retail groups, and its subsidiary Shengshi, as well as Tmall and, the most influential e-commerce platforms in China, have launched a series of cooperation. If it was difficult to buy the Blue Lion in the past, now there are many more channels to buy it. No matter in Xinyu’s stores, or online platforms such as Tmall and, you can buy Crown Blue Lion, and the price is the same whether online or offline. I have known Mr. Yoshimura for two years. Mr. Yoshimura speaks fluent Chinese and knows the Chinese market very well. He has a traditional Japanese style in treating people and attaches great importance to business etiquette. Every time he participates in an event, he must be a suit and tie. These are all details, but it is not easy to do the details well, or even to the extreme. Moreover, he prefers to communicate and share. There is no such high-level and unreasonable shelf of some brand executives, which is particularly rare. This is a video taken for Mr. Yoshimura. The video was explained by Mr. Yoshimura himself. There is such a sentence, I think it is particularly good: ‘Ordinary or extraordinary, depends on countless moments that do not seem eye-catching.’ It describes from one side why the Blue Lion has become a model of fine watchmaking in Japan. It is precisely because the watchmaker does ordinary work every day, accumulates over time, changes from quantity to quality, and finally reborn, reaching the pinnacle of his career. This applies not only to the watch industry, but also to any industry. Mr. Yoshimura’s spirit of simplicity and extremes has penetrated into every aspect of his life. Let’s take an example of personal experience. On platforms such as Toutiao today, whether it is watch world or other media, the content related to Seiko or Blue Lion, if Mr. Yoshimura sees it, he will definitely like it. At first I thought that he occasionally saw a like to support his own brand. Later, I found that every time Seiko or Crown Blue Lion related content was revealed, Mr. Yoshimura would like it. Occasionally, liking once is the simplest thing, but no matter what media, no matter how much related content is published, you will like it whenever you see it, and you can continue to do it for a long time, but few people can do it. From this little thing, we can also see Mr. Yoshimura’s attention to detail and the spirit of making the little things to the extreme. These are undoubtedly in line with Guanlan Lion’s ultimate simplicity and pursuit of the highest level of ordinary. This is the SBGA211G watch that Mr. Yoshimura often wears. It is a blue lion spring drive with a white snowflake face and the model number is SBGA211G. This watch can be said to take the crown blue lion proud of the characteristic movement Spring Drive and Japan’s natural scenery into one. It is called Snow Flake because its dial design is inspired by the snow scene of Hotakayama in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The location of Seiko Epson is located in Nagano Prefecture. It’s really beautiful to get started. When the winter comes, Sui Takayama is covered with snow, holy and beautiful. The unique dial of SBGA211G seems to reproduce the natural scenery of Sui Takayama. The watch pays great attention to details. We know that titanium is difficult to polish, but the titanium case of this watch has been polished very finely. Can reflect the spirit of Japanese craftsmen. The 9R65 Spring Drive movement ensures that the watch has a day difference of plus or minus 1 second. This watch is 41 mm in diameter. Thanks to the titanium case, it is very light to use and very comfortable to wear. The SBGA407G snowflake surface is not only white but also ‘blue’. The ice blue snowflake surface of the model SBGA407G is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of about 40 mm. Together with the white snowflake face, it is two ‘net red’ models in the Crown Blue Lion Spring Drive watch. Both watches are around 40,000 yuan, with a white snowflake surface selling for 40,300 yuan and an ice blue snowflake surface for 41,000 yuan. This year is not only the 20th anniversary of the birth of Spring Drive, but also the 50th anniversary of the birth of the GT-R sports car owned by the famous Japanese car brand Nissan. Both Spring Drive and GT-R are leaders in their respective fields, with powerful performance. To this end, Guanlanshi specially launched the SBGC229G Spring Drive 20th Anniversary & Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch. Spring Drive 20th Anniversary & Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch This is a Spring Drive chronograph made of ceramic and titanium with a domineering side leak. In addition, it also has dual time functions. Therefore, it can be regarded as a complex watch. In terms of overall design, the watch is very dynamic, and the unique layout of the chronograph dial allows it to emit a temperament that is different from common chronographs. On the back, you can see the golden lion logo and the gold GT-R logo on the back of the watch. You can see the crown blue lion and GT-R two logos. The golden lion logo with the blue lion crown is printed on the case back, and the golden GT-R logo is engraved on the rotor. The 9R96 self-winding Spring Drive movement on the watch has a time difference of plus or minus 0.5 seconds, which is better than the standard difference of 1 second of Spring Drive. The price is 136,000 yuan. SBGH269G uses a new crimson dial. Friends who like mechanical watches, may wish to pay attention to Guanlan Lion’s new SBGH269G. The watch is priced at 45,000 yuan, with a limited edition of 900 pieces worldwide and only 15 pieces in China. The new dark red dial is reminiscent of Japanese autumn leaves. And the floor of traditional Japanese houses is often decorated with this red color, which can make people living in the house feel closer to nature. The back of the watch is also very characteristic, the rotor is anodized titanium rotor. The 9S85 high-frequency automatic winding movement is equipped with a time difference of -3 to +5 seconds, which is more stringent than the official Swiss Observatory standard.