Fantasy Journey Of Poetic Treasures

As the fireworks of Victoria Harbour National Day have dried up, the third ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibition is also coming to an end. This time, Piaget, a renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker, brought a new series of creations from Limelight Stella and Secrets & Lights to Hong Kong, combining precious materials, complex functions and exquisite craftsmanship, presenting a fantasy journey of poetic treasures.
Piaget Limelight Stella Women’s Complication Watch 18K Rose Gold

    Limelight Stella is Piaget’s first exclusive women’s complication watch series. The 18K rose gold case has a diameter of 36 mm and is subtly embedded in an oval arc. It is interwoven into a smooth and bold composition against the background of the sun’s radial pattern and a thin golden rod-shaped hour hand. White dial with 18K rose gold hour markers, moon phase display with 14 round diamonds (approx. 0.06 carat). The central seconds dial and the moon phase display at 12 o’clock position each other in pairs; a large star hand on the large second hand shines brightly, adding a subtle beauty to the sun-moon alternation on the wrist.
   It is equipped with Calibre 584P self-winding mechanical movement independently designed, developed and produced by Piaget, with hour, minute, second and moon phase display functions. Under the sapphire crystal case back, the ring-shaped satin matte, chamfered bridge, Geneva wave pattern, blue steel screws, and the Piaget emblem on the rose gold pendant are all visible. In addition, this watch is also available in 18K rose gold and 18K white gold.
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    The count focused on the ancient city of Samarkand and integrated its rich culture and exquisite art of life into the country of the count. In the desert, the magnificent ancient city of Samarkand stands proudly. The Samarkand people create exquisite humanities with exquisite handicrafts. The Emperador Coussin watch design inspiration comes from this.
   The watchmaker captures the colors and vitality of Samarkand in a superb way, embodying Piaget’s creative example of continuous improvement over the years. On the dial of the G0A40560 watch, an astral figure is decorated. The artistic dialogue between the enamel coloring process and the line carving technology starts. Time, the sky and the earth compose a beautiful poem on the dial, and the first flower blooms in the wasteland of creative art .
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   On the dial of the G0A40610 watch, the Falcon known as the King of the Desert stopped. It glanced the time with a sharp eye and projected the magnificence on the square inch watch. The feather coat draped over the raptor, reproduced the vigorous and deterrent three-dimensional level with the fine shell inlay process, and bloomed in the hands of Isabel Emmerique, Piaget art master.
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    Piaget’s High-end Watch Workshop is committed to the brand motto of ‘Always better than required’, sublimating the deep relationship between the brand and Venice to a new level. Master the unique ingenuity and creative aura of the legendary city of Venice, and work with master craftsmen to create new masterpieces of jewelry and watches to convey artistic ingenuity with superb craftsmanship.
   The embossed Double Jeu dial is a mysterious and quiet atmosphere (G0A40564). The tiny three-dimensional landscape painting vividly depicts the scene of the return of the Gondola boat to the Church of Our Lady of Ankang, which makes people think about the beautiful scenery of men and women in a hurry.
For more details, please click: The above is the information related to the 2015 “Clocks and Miracles” watch exhibition prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to offer more, More intuitive exhibition reports, please pay attention.
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