Fairytale ‘swan Lake’ Thousand Diamonds Jewelry Watch

Alacria Swann jewelry watch is a masterpiece of Carl F. Bucherer women’s watch ‘Alacria’ series. The whole watch is inlaid with more than 1300 diamonds of the highest quality. This watch reflects the highest level of traditional jewelry art of the Bucherer brand.

 A high-end watch brand founded by Carl F. Bucherer in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1894. To pay tribute to the Bucherer family and Lucerne, the brand named the masterpiece of this jewellery watch as Alacria Swan.
 The case of the Alacria Swan watch is set with 348 diamonds, the dial is set with 137 diamonds, the bracelet is densely covered with 844 diamonds, and a diamond shines on the crown, and each diamond is hand-operated Carefully set, all diamonds are of the highest quality, giving the Alacria collection a new luxurious glow.

 Lucerne, a highland city in central Switzerland, is surrounded by mountains and picturesque. Although the city center itself is not very large, the city is full of cheerful atmosphere, so it is called ‘Switzerland’s Miniature’. In addition to impressive landmarks, such as the world-famous Chapel Bridge and Mount Pilatus, countless white swans wading on Lake Lucerne make the city full of magical charm.
 Strolling along the idyllic lakeside, the elves playing leisurely on the blue lake like a mirror bring people into a mythical world of myths and magic. The clear lake is magically transformed into a glittering ‘Swan Lake’ .

 In addition to Lake Lucerne, swans (a symbol of our dreams in mythology) also inspired another place in Lucerne: Schwanenplatz, where Bucherer started in 1894, and its first watch and jewelry boutique in 1888 Opened in Kapellgasse.