Exquisite Collection Omega Classic Watch Detailed Analysis

The exhibition featured more than 130 treasures in the Omega Museum, presenting women’s watches with unique characteristics from the 19th century to the present period, perfectly interpreting the elegance and femininity of Omega women’s watches for more than a century.
10From October 25th to November 25th, 2012, the ‘female charm through time’ Omega Classic Women’s Watch Exhibition was held at Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou, where Omega’s flagship store is located. The exhibition selects more than 130 treasures in the Omega Museum, presenting women’s watches with different characteristics from the 19th century to the present period. It perfectly interprets the elegance and femininity of Omega women’s watches for more than a century.
‘Montre agrafe’ (pin table), 1929:
14.8F movement, feather-shaped hands, 18K yellow gold rectangular case with black and blue enamel.

J.I. 1898-1945
Since the end of the 19th century, Omega has exhibited a unique style of women’s watches, creating a series of classic models of women’s watches. During this period, women’s watch calendars evolved from pocket watches, wall charts, and pendants to watches, and the design was changeable. With exquisite details, the skillful use of engraving, enamel painting, gem setting, etc., shows a variety of styles from simple to luxurious.
During this period, Omega women’s watches were more made of precious metal, with a luxurious and dazzling appearance, and a colorful bracelet design, which perfectly represented the fashion trend of the watch at the time: the watch also had the decorative function of jewelry, and its appearance was more similar to that of the embedded dial Bracelets, luxurious and gorgeous concealed dial models became a classic design style of the 1950s. During this period, Omega continued to present innovative designs, and its extraordinary and unique works inspired many other brands’ design inspiration.
‘Tubogas’ (gas pipe watch)
女士 Omega Lady’s Jewellery Watch, 1946: As shown in the advertising pictorial at the time, this is an extremely rare French-made 18k red gold watch. The watch is equipped with a R11.5mm movement, a vertical polished gold dial, a polished hour-shaped hour-marker or a polished three-dimensional round hour-marker, leaf-shaped hands; a unique two-piece cylindrical case with a fan-shaped round mold The engraved lugs are set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds and arched crystals. The rare triangular gas pipe bracelet is flexible and flexible, extending from the dial to the buckle and taper. Bvlgari still uses this bracelet. The advertisement was invited to be produced by the famous French illustrator Rene Gruau.女士 Omega ‘Flower’ (flower) concealed dial ladies jewelry watch, 1955:
This chic 18k yellow gold watch was designed by Jean Hauk, a famous designer at Artbijoux in Geneva. It is set with 38 brilliant-cut diamonds and 17 colored diamonds. The watch is equipped with a movement 440 with a winding crown under the case. This watch was brilliant at the 1956 Basel Jewellery Show. (Product number: OT19.003)
At the time, this watch was described as follows: ‘The elegant fusion of daffodils and champagne colored diamonds makes this watch an original work that can never be copied. The flowers on the watch are exquisite and exquisite, one of which blooms from the center. The dial is impressive. The bracelet is made of gold, and the leaves are made of precious lilac gold. This metal has never been used in watches before. Today, only jewelry designers occasionally use lilac gold to Get subtle, soft lighting effects
Omega Frisson d’ Or concealed dial watch, 1964:
The watch is equipped with a movement 620, a gold-plated dial, black rod-shaped hands, and a gold dial cleverly mounted on a V-shaped bracelet. The bracelet is set with 12 baguette-cut diamonds, 13 bag-cut emeralds and 11 bag-cut sapphires.
XXIII. 1960-1990
Omega women’s watches in this period were mostly the collaboration of Omega and many jewelry design masters and artists. Famous jewelry designers Gilbert Albert and Andrew Grima competed at the time. In collaboration with Omega, a number of legendary works have been designed. Omega was a well-deserved leader in women’s watch design at that time. With a variety of women’s watches, it won a series of design awards and won many awards. With its unparalleled design and craftsmanship, Omega is the main manufacturer of high-end watches under the top jewelry brands such as Cartier, Boucheron and Tiffany, designing and creating unique timepieces for it.

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