Dreamcatcher On The Wrist: Rado True Thinline Dreamnet Limited Watch

Emerging experimental fashion designer FloraMiranda from Austria demonstrates a unique design style from the perspective of deconstructing fashion. In 2019, she joined the material master-Rado Radar female designers in the cross-border cooperation, and made herself The unique design vision and innovative thinking are injected into the TrueThinline ultra-thin series of watches, and the dazzling ‘TrueThinline ultra-thin series of Monternet Limited Watches’ is launched. Fashion designer FloraMiranda constructs fashion through 3D computer models, transforming fashion into an experiment, overturning the public’s inertia thinking about established craftsmanship and design standards, challenging the exploration of taking high fashion out of traditional design methods, and using computer data to make fashion Through this collaboration, brand-new aesthetic ideas and experimental methods are infused into Rado.

True Me Ultra-Thin Series Women Designer Monternet Limited Watch High-tech Ceramic Case, 40mm Diameter, Hour, Minute, ETA-2892 Self-winding Movement, Sapphire Crystal, Water-resistant 30 Meters, High-tech Ceramic Chain Belt, limited to 1,001.

   Following the great success of the designer collaboration watch series in 2017, the brand has again launched six limited edition watches for women designers this year. It is full of expectations for the addition of FloraMiranda, and it has also made Swiss radar breakthrough the traditional system in the presentation of time aesthetics. Table design thinking. The new TrueThinline ultra-thin Montnet limited edition watch presents the time display in a unique way of expression. Two discs with golden curves overlap and rotate to show the hours and minutes. The polished black height is formed in one piece. Against the backdrop of the ceramic ceramic dial, the vision is not only focused on the golden fantasy time display, but also fascinated by the two fantasy-like interweavings like a dreamnet.

   She described her design work as a combination of ‘strange, luxurious, extreme, unique and exciting’, which shows the design soul injected by the designer as it is known, and confirms that her collaboration with Rado is bound to break all time display Frame of possibilities.

The concentric circle design on the case back echoes the dial and presents a dazzling effect.

   FloraMiranda chose the TrueThinline ultra-thin watch as a canvas for self-expression, creating a dreamlike golden woven mesh. Under the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, two transparent discs with a fine metallic mesh pattern are stacked on top of each other. When the discs overlap, a mysterious and magical vision is created, and the hands are cleverly brought out. Display with minute hand.

   This watch expresses the meaning of time aesthetics in a futuristic and magical way. Unlike other watches in the collection, the True Me Ultra-Slim Montnet Limited Watch is driven by an automatic movement to ensure that the discs under the box-shaped double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass have enough power when they overlap. drive.

Austrian fashion designer Flora Miranda
   Speaking of the partnership with FloraMiranda, Rado Global President Matthias Breschan said, ‘Flora first caught our attention when it won the Austrian’ RADO Star Creation Competition ‘in 2017. We know her futurism and disruptiveness in fashion design The technique will make her go further. To achieve the balance between light and dark in its design, the technical difficulty cannot be underestimated, but we firmly believe that if we can successfully overcome the challenge, we can create a dreamnet that has both eye-catching and timeless classic style. Limited watch. ‘

   The ultra-thin Monternet limited edition watch is made of black polished high-tech ceramics. It is equipped with an innovative rotating dial hand to display an alternative time aesthetic display. It is limited to 1,001. The bottom cover of each watch They are decorated with special seals in collaboration with designers.