Dark Blue Ocean Longines Concas L3.644.4.96.6 Men’s Watch

The Longines brand, which was formally established in 1867, has a history of one and a half centuries. This Longines with a long history and excellent watchmaking technology has always been very sound with constant quality and changing style. International. Longines’ Concas series is also one of its key series. It presents the public with elegant sports watch style. Today we come to appreciate this L3.644.4.96.6 watch together.
The Longines Concas L3.644.4.96.6 watch is full of personality and outstanding sports and diving style, but the richness of elements also affects the simplicity of ordinary reading.
The 41-mm diameter case made of stainless steel is treated with brushed and frosted to give a matte finish, while the crown, shoulder pads and bracelet are polished to give a mirror effect. The bezel is made of aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance and hardness. The overall outline is clear and clear, and the material is enough to prove that it is a very suitable watch for sports.

In addition, the main color is blue, emphasizing its inseparability from the ocean, highlighting the courage and tolerance of the ocean. From the positioning of the brand, the blue dial also looks more elegant. However, different people have different understandings and preferences for blue, so watch friends need to try it on in order to properly treat blue watches.
The dial is very rich in elements and replaced by different scales and small dials. The hands are already wide pointers commonly used by Concas. Although some small dots represent the time scale, due to the many elements on the dial, especially the dial The large ’12’ number at the 12 o’clock position can easily affect normal reading.
 Longines Concas L3.644.4.96.6 watch is a very typical sports watch. In addition to the calendar display function required for daily wear, it also has a rotating bezel function for timing and diving.
The calendar function is very clear and clear. Arabic numerals, single window display, there is a calendar dial around the entire movement engraved with 1 to 31 scales, which is displayed by the advancement of the calendar dial, but it cannot identify the big and small months, so it still needs one The cousin adjusts the date multiple times to achieve the correct display effect. In addition, it cannot adjust the date for a few hours before or after midnight. At this time, the movement enters the date jump state. To protect the movement structure, there will be protective devices to avoid Adjust the date.
The chronograph function is an ordinary chronograph. It is no different from the chronograph of other ordinary watches. It is instructed by the central chronograph second hand, 30-minute chronograph dial and 12-hour chronograph dial, and the operations are performed by buttons on both sides of the crown. In particular, to distinguish the small seconds, its chronograph hands are red hands, and the center of the chronograph seconds hand also uses a diamond-shaped red arrow design.
The rotating bezel is a diving-only function. With the rich and colorful life nowadays, this ‘dedicated’ has been used in many aspects. The essence of it is a countdown function, so it is suitable for many fields. However, this watch is a diving watch after all, so this function also serves diving, and the fluorescent materials on the hands and scales are also very good to assist the bezel to complete the diving task.
Water-resistant to 300 meters, it has two extra buttons. To achieve such a waterproof depth, it will undoubtedly be more difficult than ordinary watches. After all, the button’s mobility is difficult to ensure waterproof, so it has its own characteristics.

 The Longines Concas L3.644.4.96.6 watch uses the Cal.L667 movement from the ETA 775 movement. To be precise, it should be the L667.2 movement. The ETA 7750 movement has a very obvious feature, that is, the small seconds counter at 9 o’clock, the 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock, the 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, and the 3 o’clock calendar display. Designed for recognition, the chronograph movement with the same reputation as ETA 7750 is ETA 2894. The Longines L667 movement replaced its key parts, including the balance wheel, and then polished it carefully to improve its quality and aesthetics. This movement is not bad because of its cost performance and quality. Longines Concas and even other series of chronographs use this movement. If you return to the ETA 7750 movement, then there will be too many brands, Tissot , Mido, etc. are also in use because the quality is good.
 The Longines Concas series is a major pillar series of the brand. It has distinctive features and low positioning, so it can be afforded by a large number of table friends. The L3.644.4.96.6 watch continues the brand’s watchmaking essence and unique style, combining Swiss watchmaking technology and elegant style, combining diving and timing into one, creating a functional watch that can be accepted by watch friends. Good watch. It is more delicate in external details. Due to the application of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, it also makes the watch thicker, and it will feel a bit heavy when worn on the wrist.
Overall, the Longines L3.644.4.96.6 watch is a watch with a good price-performance ratio, suitable for diving and sports. Whether from the inside to the surface, its performance, design and practicality are worth 10,000. 5 this price.
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Updated: 9. May 2021 — 3:24
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