Bulgari Bvlgari Geometric Patchwork Hua Yang Roman Legend

The design of the BVLGARI Diva watch is inspired by today’s superstars, and women’s shining beauty is also endless because of this series. From the beautiful goddesses seen in ancient Roman statues to the geeky actresses who are in a lotus posture on the red carpet today, female charm has always been fascinating and lingering.

For the 130th anniversary of the new Diva model, BVLGARI deliberately shows the grace of the modern goddess

2014 is the 130th anniversary of BVLGARI. BVLGARI is not only a symbol of Italian elegance and gorgeousness, but also stands proudly due to the historical background of Rome in 2700. The design has always been the most contemporary style, especially adding to the brand’s gorgeous history. BVLGARI is also known for its distinctive personality, independence, and passion for color, so the world knows its origin at the first sight of BVLGARI watches. BVLGARI was designed with a keen sense of texture, a love of lines, and an awe of BVLGARI’s Greek-Roman art and architectural ancestry; these classic elements can be found in all BVLGARI works. In addition, the temperament of BVLGARI’s works echoes the long history of Rome, injecting Roman symbols into the texture of the works, and at the same time building the future of the brand itself. In addition, BVLGARI’s use of colored gemstones as a master should be undisputed; it is also one of the few jewelers to use color in the top jewelry design, and can still be proud of its creativity and reputation for the flexible use of gemstones and precious materials . BVLGARI even explored the color combinations of various gems and top gems, and designed bold styles like never before, thus inventing the gem rainbow.

 Every BVLGARI Diva watch is a masterpiece. Whether it is a variety of styles, unconventional appearance, or exquisite gemstones, it is full of BVLGARI design.

BVLGARI’s jewelry expertise, extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship, and Diva watches; each jewellery watch has its own story, worn on a woman’s wrist, narrating. Behind Diva’s masterpiece is a love history. The heroine is not only the embodiment of BVLGARI’s various elements, but also inspired BVLGARI’s professional persistence. Playful colors, precious gems, and stunning cuts all reflect the interest of the legend itself, and the idol is known for its history. The beauty of Elizabeth Taylor, the sexy of Sophia Roland, and the elegance of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the former first lady of France … can’t be described as beautiful unless it is touching. Starting from the period of ‘Dolce Vita’, followed by ‘Sweet Life’ in the 1950s and 1960s (that is, the period when the Italian film industry flourished and attracted worldwide attention), and even the charm of celebrities today, BVLGARI’s design is completely Presenting superstars; whether in Hollywood or our own lives, in fact, contemporary beauty dumps sentient beings when they raise their hands, and BVLGARI jewelry also has this effect.

 The geometric pattern of the BVLGARI Diva watch is set with a detailed corolla, shining brightly

Because of the beauty of today’s beautiful plums, bamboo and chrysanthemums, BVLGARI has also created a series of watches that include a variety of styles, with different temperaments, and selected the best materials to build. In Diva’s design, it contains the richness of diamond-paved, the feminine atmosphere of mother-of-pearl, and the one-sided character of onyx. As the so-called Gu Pan reveals sexy, any one of this series can be worn all day long regardless of morning and dusk. The design of this series has a complicated and gorgeous modern character, inspired by an ancient form of beauty, that is, a complex and fine Roman mosaic pattern. This pattern has been used to decorate the ancient Roman public baths of Caracalla in 216 AD. The wall, floor and ceiling are all exquisitely crafted. From this pattern, it reminds people of the beautiful period of ancient Rome and its joy lifestyle. This public bath is famous for its complex construction, complicated decoration and long history. It was opened during the reign of the Roman Emperor Caracalla, and it is still a popular spot for tourists from all over the world. The patterns used in the Diva series are all depicted with extremely feminine lines, of which the essence is the most original content of BVLGARI.
The diamonds of each Diva watch sparkle brilliantly, like a superstar; the polished 18K rose gold case is coated with warm gold light, icing on the cake; semi-precious stones or precious stones are set according to different styles, each one Diva is all about glamour, like singing and jumping for joy. Rich in texture, beautiful and attractive, each Diva watch is pleasing to the eye, with a slender satin strap, decorated with round brilliant cuts, or rectangular cuts, or round cut diamonds. BVLGARI is a glamorous collection that combines classics and beauty, and Diva superstar is born.

Updated: 2. May 2021 — 19:46
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