Brand Positioning Is Important Three Fashion Watches Highlight Brand Style

Many friends think that women do not need to wear watches. They feel that bracelets, bracelets and laces have all taken up wrist space. There is absolutely no need to spend money to bring a bulky watch. !! We are not commenting on the right or wrong of this view, after all, everyone has different aesthetics and shopping tendencies. However, once you start to pay attention and touch the watch, how many people can still resist its magic and toxicity? Compared with men’s watches, ladies’ watches are not inferior, and various novel designs and fashionable styles are common. Next, the watch house will bring you three stylish and modern ladies’ watches, let’s take a look.
 Nowadays, the effect of brand awareness is far more effective than what is advertised. Given that many women are very accustomed to looking at brands when buying things (of course, not only women, many men are also used to buying high-profile brands), brands are not necessarily The sounding hat is more representative of credibility, quality and market. It is a symbol of high quality in people’s hearts, so good brands will win more users, and the product line is gradually expanding. Well-known brands.

  Bvlgari SERPENTI series SPP35BGDG.2T watch


Comment on the watch: The snake symbolizes wildness, charm, and mystery. Bulgari has always loved the serpentine beauty. The Serpenti series’ creativity originated from the metaphorical meaning of snakes in ancient civilizations. With its enchanting figure as inspiration, What the Serpenti series reveals is the beauty of an unruly temptation. This watch has an 18K rose gold case with gorgeous diamonds set on both sides of the case. After brilliant cutting, each one shines. Black opal dial with Newsoe sun pattern decoration, two Roman numerals at six o’clock and twelve o’clock, the rest are bar scales, hand-applied hour markers look more classic and gorgeous against a black background. Adhering to Bulgari’s consistent bold style and quality and creative handmade features, it creates unparalleled bright elegance. Viewed from the side, the crown is inlaid with a pink gemstone, which is a icing on the cake.

  The most distinctive feature of the Bvlgari SERPENTI series is the meandering bracelet, 18K rose gold double spiral bracelet, exquisite workmanship, coiled around the wrist as a whole, and abide by the noble spirit. Of course, the price of such an elegant watch is also very bright!

Basic Information
Number: SPP35BGDG.2T
Brand: Bulgari
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 289,500
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Comments on watches: Chanel’s fashion and trends have always been the most respected goals for women. The classic J12 can be said to be the representative of Chanel watches, and it has been sought after by people. J12 was once a sailing ship that has won numerous glories in the history of international regattas. It represents nobility, precision and courage. Chanel draws inspiration from the legendary history of this sailing boat to create the J12 watch. This J12 black watch is always captivating, like a thick stroke on a blank page, it will instantly become eternal. The diameter of 38 mm is very feminine for the wrist, and the high-tech, high-precision ceramics have become a legendary material in watchmaking. The equally cool black dial with white minimalist Arabic numerals, the calendar display window is between four and five.

  The shiny bracelet with folding buckle becomes the most skin-friendly equipment for women’s watches. At the same time, black is very versatile and can be matched with different clothes. Whether it is casual or formal occasions, Chanel watches will definitely add color to you. less. This series also has a variety of watches of different styles, interpreting the brand’s changing style, reflecting rich feminine elements and extraordinary creativity.

Basic Information
Item: H0685
Brand: Chanel
Series: J12
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Unisex
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Review of the watch: gorgeous ball, slow footsteps, swaying posture, the flashing ball permeates the nobility and elegance of high society, and at the same time condenses the romantic atmosphere and joyful atmosphere. The complicated patterns take a long time to complete. Similarly, every watch of the DiorVIII series uses the most outstanding mechanical technology. The DiorVIII watch series has always been based on the feminine charming characteristics, so that the most beautiful details are presented in Dior’s exclusive design features. Black has a very versatile advantage in all colors. It will not be out of date at any time. The watch uses a 38 mm case. The black dial is equipped with silver hands. The patented practical rotor is looming, making it an exquisite one. Decoration showing clothing lines and brand fashion elements.

Basic Information
Number: CD124BE3C001
Brand: Dior
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Release time: 2013
Price: ¥ 200,000
For more watch details, please click: dior / 29968 /

Summary: Women’s watches do not need too many functions. It is very difficult to meet the requirements of precision and beauty and fashion at the same time. After all, not every brand can grasp the trend of fashion. The three watches recommended by the ladies above are classic works from the brand. Whether it is the serpenti series of winding personality, the classic Chanel J12, or the elegant and noble Dior VIII, all reflect Different interpretations of women by brands. Of course, the prices of these watches are not easy for ordinary people to buy, and friends who like it have to bear the pain. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)