As Father Love Jacques Dro’s Father’s Day Sincere Choice

Father’s love is deep and simple, subtle and timeless, like a mountain of perseverance, which requires us to meditate and read. Each of Jaquet Droz’s watches is classic and timeless, as well as novel and unique. It will inherit and create vividly, just like the inheritance and breakthrough between father and son. Today, Jacques Dro writes a father’s carol with his noble figure and elegant air mass spectrum, and presents his father with the most exquisite and most desirable holiday gift.

 The Grande Date series is an outstanding work from Jacques de Loire’s classic style of Geneva in 1784. It is beautifully crafted and contains countless efforts of artisans. It can be described as a masterpiece that showcases minimalist aesthetics and advanced watchmaking. .
Jacques Dro breakthroughly displays the date through an oversized surface. The hands are designed at 6 o’clock, completely overturning the traditional display method, and perfectly realizes that the date and the hour and minute dial are on the same dial. The 5.4mm size increases the date reading surface and improves legibility. In addition, the large calendar watch series ingeniously shifts the hour and minute hands from the center to the 12 o’clock position, the automatic winding movement, and the dual barrel mechanism are also specially designed with a dual deviation layout including the date display . The ‘big fire’ ivory enamel dial and three-dimensional hour and minute hand dial made by fine cutting make Jacques Delo’s exquisite craftsmanship perfectly reflected on the large calendar enamel watch. This series is limited to the production of 88 pieces. It is included in the sire of his father, and he will hide his infinite respect and tender love in his wrist.

Big calendar watch series
Ivory ‘Grand Feu’ Grand Fire Enamel Dial
18K Red Gold Case
Self-winding movement
65-hour power reserve
Large calendar window at 6 o’clock
43 mm diameter
Limited to 88 pieces
Market reference price: 209,500 yuan

 Perpetual calendar moon phase (PERPETUAL CALENDAR ECLIPSE)

 The Jacques de Perpetual Calendar Eclipse watch has a modern design and an age-modern calendar display. The red gold hands, the moon and the stars are bright and perfectly balanced with the calm and restrained contrast of the matte black dial, which is full of masculinity. Equipped with a black leather strap, creating a magnificent view of the heavens. Two straight hands walk on the deep and deep black Grand Fire enamel ‘Grand Feu’ dial, which contrasts with the other two crooked and crescent crescent-pointed serpentine hands. The calendar display is distributed on both sides of the dial: the date is displayed on the right and the day is displayed on the left. The month display at 12 o’clock is equipped with only a hand to pass over it, and a hidden leap year display window. At 6 o’clock, a golden moon appears with the opening of the black onyx indicator window. The moon appears or disappears, and the light and dark overlap until it is completely hidden. The entire dial is like a sky with 8 stars (8 is the lucky number of the brand). The never-ending gears are like fatherly love, day after day, year after year, hidden and dense.
Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase PerpetualCalendar Eclipse J030533200
Black Grand Fire ‘Grand Feu’ Enamel Dial
18K red gold case and setting
Self-winding movement
Central hour and minute hands
Date and week flyback display
68-hour power reserve
Moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Analogue month display at 12 o’clock
Leap year display at 12 o’clock
43 mm diameter
Market reference price: 467,000 000