Ancient Wind Heritage Breguet Heritage Series 7047br/G9/9zu Brief Comment

A friend who is new to the watch often asks me when he sees the Breguet Tradition 7027: ‘Does this watch have a tourbillon? Which is it?’ In fact, the Tradition 7027 just hides the movement normally The mechanical structure underneath the bottom plate, such as gears and barrels, is displayed from the front through clever design, thus obtaining a strong appreciation value. It is not equipped with a tourbillon. And the Breguet series of watches equipped with tourbillons does have one. It is the Breguet Tradition 7047 watch with tourbillon and sesame chain. Today the watch family brings you the Breguet series 7047. A wristwatch for the reference model: 7047BR / G9 / 9ZU.

   The Tradition 7047 is the first multi-functional watch of the Breguet line-up, featuring a tourbillon, sesame chain drive system and a Breguet balance spring made of silicon, enriching Breguet’s existing gold and platinum models. .

Case in rose gold with a diameter of 41 mm

   The case of this watch is made of 18K rose gold with a diameter of 41 mm, which is in line with the current trend of large watch diameters. The watch is simple but not simple. It is composed of four main elements: a tourbillon, a sesame chain drive system, a barrel with a power reserve display and a dial.

Watch with a sapphire crystal

   The watch uses a classic and timeless dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass. The watch is sturdy, wear-resistant, clear and transparent, exposing the perfect craftsmanship of the top watch without any reservation.

Triangle pitted rose gold crown

   The gear crown made of rose gold has a simple and exquisite shape, which makes the classic case more elegant. The crown of the crown is printed with a floral ‘B’ logo, which shows the distinguished brand identity.

Brown leather strap

   This watch is equipped with a brown leather strap. The strap is made of fine leather, exquisite workmanship, comfortable wearing, fine stitches and natural leather texture show extraordinary elegance.

Classic Breguet Coin Case Design

   The case of this watch still uses Breguet’s very classic coin-shaped case, which fully shows the implicit style of Breguet’s details.

Breguet classic rounded straight lugs

   The lugs are made of Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded straight lugs. The fine polishing reveals the luster of the precious metal material. The slight backward tilt makes the watch fit the wrist more comfortably.

Polished and delicate rose gold folding buckle

   The watch uses a folding clasp, which is polished and delicate, with exquisite workmanship. The buckle is engraved with a flower-shaped letter ‘B’, demonstrating the noble brand identity of the watch.

Dial at 7 o’clock

   The dial of this watch is located at 7 o’clock. The black dial is matched with the white Roman numerals, and the exquisite machine-engraved carving is also infiltrated into the classic. Below the two elegant Breguet hollow eccentric moon-shaped hands, the delicate Paris spikes and other hands are more clear and easy to read, and the triangular scales are used as the division of the functional area between the dial scale, time scale and inner dial. appropriate.

4:30 and 9:30 with sesame chain drive system

   At 4:30 on the dial, the delicate pagoda wheel and sesame chain are very eye-catching. They together constitute a constant power system. This device has extremely strict requirements for accuracy, not only has a strong ornamental value, but also all constant One of the most superior technical performance in power system.

1:30 direction tourbillon

   The design of the tourbillon at 1:30 is inspired by the drawings submitted by Mr. Bao Di when he applied for a patent for the tourbillon in 1801 more than 200 years ago. While being as faithful as possible, he also added modern technology and materials Improvements. The larger tourbillon frame not only operates more spectacularly, but also balances the ratio with the dial, making the overall visual effect of the watch more harmonious.

The watch is equipped with a Breguet 569 manual winding mechanical movement.

   This watch is equipped with a Breguet 569 manual winding mechanical movement. Compared with the complicated and exquisite design on the dial, the bottom of the watch is more simple. The fine chamfering of the chamfers all proves the brand’s meticulous watchmaking process.

Summary: The undeniably avant-garde design of the Breguet heritage series 7047 watch contains the rich imagination of the Breguet heritage series watches as always, and it is undoubtedly another representative of the classic Breguet brand watches. Its unique design fully meets the series characteristics of the handed down series. It integrates modern craftsmanship with retro craftsmanship, interprets complex craftsmanship in a pure and simple style, and renews the classic youthful glow with a new design.