Omega Parents Watch Recommended Great Gift For Mom And Dad

In May, Mother’s Day is coming. While we carefully prepare gifts for our mothers, don’t forget the great fathers. Here, the editor recommends a parent watch for everyone, once to express the love of our team father and mother.

 Series: Saucer Series
 Movement: Omega 2500 / Omega 1456
 Case: 18k yellow gold-stainless steel case
 Table mirror: wear-resistant sapphire crystal
 Bracelet: stainless steel-gold two-tone bracelet
 Function: calendar, coaxial escapement, waterproof 30 meters

 Omega Diffuse series watches began in 1967. Since its inception, the Diffuse series watches have used innovative design and technological innovation, making the watch not only a symbol of fashion, elegance and dignity, but also a representative of Omega’s sophisticated manufacturing Table technology. This Omega couple pair watch uses silver dial / white mother-of-pearl design, 18k yellow gold-stainless steel two-tone case, noble and elegant, comfortable, simple and generous, making every moment a sweet memory.
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2018 Mille Miglia Trinidad Chopard Celebrates The 30th Anniversary Of The Collaboration Between The Brand And ‘the World’s Most Beautiful Car Race’

Since 1988, Chopard has been a long-term partner and official timepiece supplier of the MilleMiglia Miles, fully supporting this legendary car race that was born 90 years ago. From May 16th to 19th, 2018, 440 antique cars will compete fiercely on the thousand-mile track, between Brescia and Rome at a distance of 1,600 kilometers, via Ferrara, Cervia, San Marino, Western Famous towns such as Enna, Parma, and the well-known Monza circuit. This competition only accepts antique cars that participated in the car race from 1927 to 1957. Loyal to the tradition that started in 1988, the professional car collector who loves the collector car Chopard Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele will also participate in this new car race.

Together for 30 years under the banner of enthusiasm

   The rumbling sound of a sports car engine, the bitter smell of asphalt on the asphalt road, the thrill of accelerating the throttle, the adrenaline rush, the intense and exciting atmosphere of the track and the quiet and serene world of the watch, the perfect atmosphere of pure space Comparison. But there are still similarities between the two: a close connection with time, a passion for precision machinery and a 100% focus. As a result, Chopard and MilleMiglia have forged an indissoluble bond, and together they have written the 30th anniversary of the cooperation. This long-term relationship originated from Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s personal love for antique cars. With his active promotion, Chopard began to become the MilleMiglia Trinity in 1988. ‘S main sponsor is one of the earliest watch brands that established partnerships with the racing industry. For the president, this close relationship clearly benefits from the common ground between the two sides. He said: ‘People who love precision racing also love extraordinary timepieces, and vice versa. In these areas, extreme precision and sporty elegance are essential. ‘ Since his first participation in the MilleMiglia Miles for the first time, Mr. Karl-Frederick Schaefer has participated in the race as a racer every year, and he will co-drive with his son Karl-Frezscheffer this year. . Chopard’s second convoy will be driven by Albert Carreras, son of renowned tenor José Carreras, and close friend Jordi Pascual. Mercedes-Benz Mercedes 550 SL car participates in the competition.

The spirit of family heritage

   For the Schaefer family, MilleMiglia is a great testimony to its passion and heritage. Every member of the family has experienced this wonderful and legendary game under the striking Chopard banner. This year, Chopard’s co-president Carl Frederick Schaefer will start on the thousands of miles of track with the attention of his father Karl Scheufele. At the beginning, it was his father who passed on his fascination and love for antique cars. This is a very special and precious moment for a father. What could be more fascinating to enthusiasm for exquisite machinery such as cars and watches from the bottom of my heart? However, the MilleMiglia is an extremely demanding and tested race. Drivers must always devote 100% of their attention to guarantee zero errors. To avoid the trap and win, the driver must have the spirit of inheritance, balance, sharing, and companionship. These prerequisites are logically similar to the qualities required by Chopard watchmakers.

Fierce and exciting events + picturesque scenery

   Continuing the tradition established since 1927, MilleMiglia also started from Brescia this year, following a planned route around a circle, passing more than 200 cities and towns in northern and central Italy. This circular route will be slightly adjusted every year to please Enthusiastic racing fans and spectators flocking all over the world. The first stage of the year will begin on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 16 and end in Cervia. In the second stage of the race, all the racing teams will be racing to reach Rome, the city of the Seven Hills, at nightfall. On Friday, the 18th, the convoys will set off in Tuscany with amazing scenery and reach Palma in the Emilia-Romagna region. Finally, on Saturday morning, all riders will start to return to Brescia and receive warm cheers and applause from the enthusiastic audience at the terminal.

Extreme style racing, showing the Italian art of living

   Every year, the course of the MilleMiglia Miles is slightly adjusted. However, there are two characteristics that will never change: the total distance of the race must be a thousand miles, and the Italian-style life art presented by the competition. These two characteristics make this antique car race famous. The most outstanding riders are happy to compete to enjoy driving the outstanding antique cars that only the most famous collectors and museums lent out during the competition. The elegance of these old antique cars can only be matched by top drivers, and the two can go hand in hand. Although the competition was fierce and difficult, the spirit of friendly and fair competition made people forget the challenges. The joyful mood, the warm and inspiring atmosphere and the art of living, as well as the passion for loving the exquisite machinery, have made the Triathlon a great success.

Chopard MilleMiglia 2018 RaceEdition competition edition watch showcases the excellence of certified movements


   Chopard’s long-term relationship with Trinity has spawned the MilleMiglia series of precision timepieces. Every year, Chopard regularly releases a limited edition version of the series. The MilleMiglia2018 RaceEdition competition edition watch is equipped with a delicate dial with a stopper pattern and a chronograph dial, inspired by the historic racing dashboard. Its self-winding chronograph mechanical movement is certified by COSC (Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency), with an oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour. It provides hour, minute, chronograph, speedometer and date display functions, and has 42 hours of power. Storage performance. This outstanding precision mechanical device is mounted in a 42 mm case with a transparent bottom cover. The bottom cover is marked with a special pad printing ‘Chopard & MilleMiglia-30annidipassionne’ (the 30th anniversary of the passionate cooperation between Chopard and Tripoli). This competition edition is limited to 1,000 pieces of all stainless steel and 100 pieces of stainless steel in 18K rose gold two-tone style.
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