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Hublot Hublot Brand Ambassador Dwayne Wade Shares Professional Watchmaking Legends Across The Borders

July 12, 2013-Shanghai, the top Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot has once again set off a wave of fusion-super basketball star, HUBLOT Hublot just won the NBA Finals for the third time Dwyane Wade, the global brand ambassador, appeared in Shanghai in a totally different capacity, bringing a unique watchmaking class to all Hublot guests and media friends to witness this journey The professional watchmaking spirit and courage behind the adventurous Swiss watchmaking legend.

 For this extraordinary and extraordinary mission, Dwyane Wade, who has just won his third NBA championship in his career again, looks very excited. He not only shared what he saw as the Hublot brand ambassador at the watchmaking factory in Nyon, Switzerland, with friends at the scene, but also tried to disassemble and assemble the fusion of Hublot watches-the case of the King’s Supreme series. , Showing the wisdom and style of super basketball superstars outside the court.

 The desire for victory, the constant pursuit and enthusiasm for success, and the Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship that pursues excellence and innovation are highly compatible with the spirit of continuous movement, creating legends that are one after another. As one of the most popular NBA stars, Dwyane Wade combines superb ball skills, outstanding strength and unique personal style, which complements Hublot’s ‘art of fusion’. In February 2011, he officially joined the Hublot family and became the brand ambassador. He also further strengthened the close relationship between Hublot and professional sports, especially basketball. It is with talented and passionate star players such as Dwyane Wade that the charm of basketball can be spread all over the world.

HUBLOT Hublot perfectly integrates traditional Swiss watchmaking art with modern high-tech technology. Whether it is an innovative concept in its professional field, or always amazing product research and development, and a unique marketing strategy, it has become a ‘successful worldwide’ model’. Since 2004, Hublot has been advancing all the way, creating an unprecedented legendary way in Swiss watchmaking. The spirit of daring to be the first in the world makes HUBLOT stars shining in the fields of football, basketball, skiing, sailing, yachting, polo and even rock music.

 Regarding being able to attend HUBLOT Hublot events in China with a completely different mission, Dwyane Wade said: ‘Thank Hublot for this precious and memorable experience. Do not follow the old tradition and pursue endless pursuit The breakthrough is my credo in life, and it is also the common philosophy that brings me and Hublot together! ‘

 As another important guest at the event, Mr. Benoit Toulin, President of Cotai Watch & Jewellery Greater China, said: “HUBLOT Hublot is the most individual and innovative The Swiss luxury watch brand has played a vital role in the development of LVMH, and has injected vitality and vitality into the entire Swiss watchmaking industry. I am very glad to be with Wade for today’s event, proud Witness the development and achievements of Hublot in the field of professional watchmaking. ‘

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