Month: August 2019

Athens Enamel Painting Limited Sea Battle Series ‘akily’

The endless desire to conquer has expanded human struggle from land to sea, and naval battles have become an inevitable end. The aggressive invasion of the ambitionists, the heroic and stubborn resistance of the resistance has made a story of twists and turns, and this also created more design inspiration and materials for clocks and watches that exist in time.
Masterpiece: Athens Enamel Painted Limited Watch Maritime Battle Series ‘Akily’
   A watch designed with the theme of the deeds of the ‘Akiley’, part of the Royal Navy’s destroyer fleet, in the Battle of Trafalgar, Spain. In this famous battle, the fleet of the ‘Akiley’ and the French joint fleet fought fiercely, and the British army won the victory.
   What this watch shows is the scene of the ‘Azili’ riding in the wind and waves in front of the stone castle. The movement is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory. Each watch has an independent 18K rose gold number plate, the case diameter is 40mm, the water resistance is 50 meters, and the limit is 50.

Who Are You Picking This Summer?

This summer, the legendary story of # 重压 下 无忧 色 # is about to begin. TAG Heuer helps legendary star glory! This summer, you should pick them.

   He has a precise selection, strong interception, and builds an indestructible defense line for the team. He has a strong will to crush all obstacles ahead. He stood behind, like a steel wall. He is the rear shield and Mats Hummels, the brand ambassador for TAG Heuer.

   He has a strong spirit, a sharp pass, and sounded the team’s offensive horn. He conquered the flank and turned into a sharp knife against his opponent. He has a spirit of never giving up, is not afraid of strong enemies, and fights for honor. He is a winger on the sidelines and Kagawa Shinji, the Tag Heuer brand ambassador.

   He rode on his own, with fine dribbling, and controlled the offensive and defensive rhythm of the court. He sits in the midfield like an engine that never matches. He has the conviction that he must win. He is a master midfielder and a friend of TAG Heuer brand Andres Iniesta.
   TAG Heuer is the unanimous choice of the warriors on the green field. Every battle, every attack, every whistle, every legendary moment, TAG Heuer is with the football.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer01
   As a gift to football superstars, the Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer01 watch keeps close to the pulse and records the legendary heartbeat.

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