Glasutti Original Releases New Women’s Timepiece In Beijing Shanda

On January 10, 2014, German top watch brand Glashütte Original presented a shining night with the theme of “Blooming Life of Spirit Sparrow” at the Beijing Xun Club in China. The modern woman’s charm pays tribute to her. That night, 20 Glashütte original ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watches were released, which explained the thousands of styles and achievements of women today, and conveyed the elegant feelings of both internal and external. Mr. Yann Gamard, Global President of Glashütte Original, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, and Ms. Wan Beibei, Vice President of Glashütte Original China, came to the scene to share the joy with guests from all walks of the world. In addition, specially invited by the brand party, well-known fashion designer Miss Ma Yanli and famous contemporary female artist Ma Yiling also came to the event to join the guests present, tasting the brand’s outstanding original watchmaking technology from 1845.

New creative work pays tribute to women

 The inspiration for the ‘Spirit’ series of Pavonina watches comes from such a group of women. Confidence, independence, wisdom and elegance are the brightest keywords in their attitudes to life. In the 1920s, they broke free of the traditional constraints, broke the social conventions and bad habits, bravely lived out the true self, and left a moving legend. They have not only achieved outstanding achievements in the fields of culture, art, science, architecture, medicine, but also created a more free and easy lifestyle.

 In order to express its high respect for the charm of diversified modern women, Glashütte created the Pavonina women’s watch in the original series. Pavonina-derived from the Latin word pavoninus, meaning ‘peacock’, which means extremely bright and colorful. As a long-established pioneer of German watchmaking, Glashütte Original has a glorious bloodline from 1845. Since the brand was founded, its history of innovation and originality has never stopped. What’s even more commendable is that its entire series of watches are equipped with 100% of the original home-made movements. From design to production, they are all made by the original factory. Glashütte’s original and extraordinary strength is once again revealed in the latest masterpiece ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watch. No matter from the perspective of design or craftsmanship, the new works are full of charming light.