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Those Who Make Handmade Things

Tiffany & Co, the top jewelry brand and diamond authority preferred by many celebrities as wedding jewellery. Tiffany, on October 15th, carefully created a beautiful and romantic ‘Tiffany Wedding Ceremony’ at the Taikoohui Store in Guangzhou, and specially invited sweet lovers who are about to enter the wedding hall to explain carefully how to choose an engagement ring. As one of the very few jewellery brands with extraordinary hand-sculpting technicians, there are even more hand-sculpting techniques demonstrated by Tiffany carving masters from afar in the United States. The reporter conducted an exclusive interview with the city’s master of carving from a traditional apprenticeship. The master engraving hand-engraved Harold Gainer (Tiffany’s chief sculptor) on the design masterpiece. Dimitro Cabydo Montblanc Menela Advanced Watch Institute and Montblanc Viller Manufacture Watchmaking Master and General Manager Writer II Dual Balance 1000 Chronograph
Traditional hand-carved,
Not just for love
What is the most special work you have ever carved? Is there a moving story?
Harold Gainer: I know that most people must think so. It must be a love story to find Tiffany’s custom sculpture. In fact, for me, the most special story is a work signed by more than 200 people. One of them will be given to them soon. Departing colleague. Because of the large number of people and the different signature styles, the work at that time seemed to take me 2 months, but this work that bears the blessings of so many people is very special.
Have you carved Chinese? What type of patterns do Chinese people like to carve?
OldHarold Gainer: Because I don’t understand Chinese, if you give me a Chinese name, I will also follow the method of drawing. The interesting thing is that you can see the writer’s handwriting. The Chinese characters I have carved so far are mainly the Chinese characters of the brand. At present, many Chinese people still choose to sculpt names and letters, which is concise and timeless. Of course, our brand’s traditional floral designs are also very popular.
Old man challenging the laws of physics
Is the law of physics sacred and unchallengeable? Is the challenger a newborn calf not afraid of tigers or a talented artist?
In the field of clock technology, if a mechanical chronograph is to calculate 1 / 1000th of a second, in general, the balance frequency must reach 3.6 million times (500 Hz). However, the above-mentioned laws only apply to the three-dimensional three-dimensional world, and they may not apply in the four-dimensional space (that is, time). The Montblanc Time Writer II double balance 1000 chronograph released this year by breaking this law has a 1/1000 second timekeeping function, but its balance frequency is only 50 Hz. On November 2nd, the watch that debuted at the beginning of the SIHH finally arrived in China. Before the grand ‘Top of Time · Forgemaker’ multimedia theater performance, he came to China with Montblanc Menela Institute and Montblanc The watchmaker and general manager of the Villeret Watchmaking Workshop, Di Mizo Cabidou, an old man with more than 45 years of watchmaking experience, is responsible for answering technical questions about this ‘beyond the laws of physics’ watch.
In physical theory, to achieve the accuracy of one thousandth of a second, a 500 Hz balance is usually required. How does this watch achieve the accuracy of one thousandth of a second with a 50 Hz balance?
米 Dimiso Kabidu: The frequency of 50 Hz is 360,000 vibrations per hour. This technology has existed for decades. We know very well the characteristics and difficulties of this technology. In theory, if you want to reach thousandths of a second, the more traditional method is to simply increase the vibration frequency, which can be achieved by 3.6 million (500 Hz) balance wheel balances per hour. However, high frequency will bring many technical limitations. Its disadvantages include that the reading of the dial is very difficult and complicated. Secondly, the power reserve is insufficient. There is only enough power reserve of 1 minute or 2 minutes. So I think we must find other ways to bypass these physical limitations, so that our balance wheel can achieve such high accuracy when it is rotated at a high level. Now that we do this, we can extend the life of this watch and reduce its friction. The second reading is clear and easy to understand. The third power reserve is very sufficient and can reach a power reserve that is 40 times higher than traditional methods.
I am very happy that we can find other ways to introduce a thousand-second-second timing function with completely different mechanical principles. This makes our watch industry richer.
最大 What are the biggest difficulties encountered in the development of this watch?
米 Dimicao Kabidu: Our new movement does not follow the traditional old way of increasing frequency, but chooses a new road that previous people have never gone through. Therefore, we have done a lot of new experiments in improving stability to ensure the stability of power and the inertia and balance of the entire watch.
In fact, our original idea was born 10 years ago. It was originally envisaged that there would be two balance wheels, two kinds of power to separate it. But also during the whole process, I discussed with different watchmakers, and our ideas complemented and improved each other, and we have what they are today.

Embrace Time, Embrace Yourself – Swiss Mido Workplace Elite Watch Recommendation

CBD business districts and skyscrapers. They stood in front of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the bustling state, and instantly determined that the sea of ​​business was up and down. Unpredictable workplaces, they climbed to the top of the spotlight. Shopping malls, such as battlefields, accidentally change the situation, and time and efficiency are the goals they persistently pursue. Working hard day and night, family and friends gather together, soothing and relaxing in their precious. The observatory-certified movement accurately records the minutes and seconds of the workplace, and the date window at 3 o’clock reminds the start of each new day. The silver-colored dial shows a capable spirit, and the Roman scale reflects the master’s extraordinary taste and style. Career and family, time and self, Swiss Mido Belem Celli III series men’s and women’s watches help the workplace elite control the balance.
Rigid and Flexible-Men’s Watch Belem Sairee III Series Observatory

 Experience and persistence made him, Shang Hai’s tide. The game was calm on the negotiating table, and the meeting was decisive. Over the years, the spirit has continued to grow, and the wisdom of commercial warfare has been refined. Exquisite dress and shuttle between the world’s metropolis. The fast pace in the reinforced concrete jungle occasionally made him tired, but the fine steak wine of the five-star hotel was not as delicious as the home-cooked meal. Every second counts, the Belenceli III series observatory men’s watch worn on the wrist flashes a silver halo-it has accompanied him for a whole week of hard work, tomorrow is the weekend, he is ready to stop work and enjoy the warmth Family life.
 Based on the charming arcs of the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan, Italy, the Belem Celli III series of observatory men’s watches continue the concept of infinitely symmetrical arcs. The naturally rounded contours confirm the pioneering spirit of excellence in the workplace. The wide dial with a diameter of 39mm surrounded by stainless steel symbolizes his tolerance and mind when he looks down at the world. The 316L stainless steel case and the double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror are solid and pressure-resistant. Just like he has been advancing in the workplace in the wind and rain for many years, I am calm and calm in response to the storm. Like the moon dial, the cutting radian scale is displayed independently, and the silver halo flashes softly, just like his loving eyes when he stared at his daughter’s photo. The observatory-certified movement and diamond bevel-cut hands carefully record the success of the mall. The Roman scales have a unique charm and elegant elegance. More than 38 hours of power reserve, black calfskin strap with crocodile leather pattern, 50 meters water resistance, first-class materials and Swiss watchmaking technology, make it show the elite quality in work and life.
Women’s Workplace-Belem Celli III Women’s Watch

 She took the unusual path to achieve her, the queen-like workplace queen, raising her hands to radiate a powerful atmosphere different from other girls, with sharp eyes and insight into the world. In the eyes of everyone, she was beautiful and capable. On every night that she worked harder than others, she was always accompanied by the Berenceli III series of observatory ladies’ wrist watches, and the eternal ‘tick’ sound: already 11 Yes, dear, it’s time to go home and take a hot bath and take a good rest.
 The harmonious dial contour of the Belem Celli III series observatory ladies watch inherits the design soul of the arcade of Emmanuel II. The elegant arc outlines the exquisite charm unique to women. The 316L stainless steel case gives it a metal-like appearance. Strong and decisive, just like her in the workplace, who has no eyebrows to her eyebrows, she has amazing power under her beautiful appearance, and her soft smile is full of uncompromising insistence. The extension of the gingival-shaped veins in the circle transforms the richness and depth of the arcade of Emmanuel II, and also outlines her endless imagination and expectations for the future. The Roman scale reveals a classic style. The double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror and the silver dial complement each other. It is clear and clear. It is she who took off her high heels, faded away the domineering spirit of the workplace, and returned to the delicate and delicate life. The observatory-certified movement and more than 38 hours of power reserve help her embrace the time and bloom the infinite beauty of life. The soft and chic black calf leather strap and the delicate three-point date window are the embodiment of her passion while embracing life. Excellent watchmaking craftsmanship achieves excellent quality, which confirms the perfect spirit of the queen in the workplace.

Technical Information

 Mido Belem Celli III Men’s Watch
Movement ETA2836-2 mechanical movement (certified by the Observatory), 11½ ” ‘diameter, 25.60mm, thickness 5.05mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof system, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring ANACHRON hairspring. RHODIE, GLUCYDUR balance wheel, blue screw. Hours, minutes, seconds, date and week are displayed. More than 38 hours of power reserve
Case 316L stainless steel, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, case diameter 39mm. See the beautifully decorated movement on the transparent back cover, engraved with serial number, 50 meters waterproof
Strap Calf leather strap with crocodile pattern and folding buckle
Dial Date window at three o’clock, cutting radian scale is displayed independently
Hands Diamond Bevel Cut
Retail Price 8,700 RMB

Mido Belem Celli III Women’s Watch
Movement ETA2836-2 mechanical movement (certified by the Observatory), 11½ ” ‘diameter, 25.60mm, thickness 5.05mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof system, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring ANACHRON hairspring. RHODIE, GLUCYDUR balance wheel, blue screw. Hours, minutes, seconds, date and week are displayed. More than 38 hours of power reserve
Case 316L stainless steel, diameter 33m, double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire mirror, serial number engraved, beautifully decorated movement visible on the transparent back cover, serial number engraved, 50 meters waterproof
Strap Calf leather strap with crocodile pattern and folding buckle
Dial Date window at three o’clock, gum pattern at center of dial, Roman numerals
Hands Diamond Bevel Cut
Retail Price 8,700 RMB

Perspective Eccentric Declaration: Radar Diamaster Series Eccentric Display Watch

Rado Swiss Radar is committed to innovative design and the development and use of revolutionary materials. At the beginning of last year at the Basel Watch Fair, the DiaMaster series of high-tech ceramic eccentric display wrists with a bold and unique faceplate design. The watch caused a warm response and the attention of global watch fans, and finally officially arrived in Taiwan in the early spring of this year. Unique eccentric design, using layers of interlaced circles to represent the interconnected, independent time elements of hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. The front of the dial can directly see the delicate decorative movement polished with traditional Geneva stripes At a glance, you can see the subtle operation of the movement gears, and the individual elements blend together to form a harmonious and complete exquisite watch. The extremely artistic face plate configuration faithfully presents the design aesthetics of the Rado radar.

Radar DiaMaster eccentric display watch

eccentric. The beauty of imbalance: Rado’s personality design plays asymmetrical aesthetics

   The DiaMaster eccentric display watch’s overall dial design is purely round, unified design elements, perfectly polished high-tech ceramic case, eccentric hour and minute seconds dial, date window, and laminated round gears visible under perspective. ‘Circle’ shows the eccentric and unbalanced beauty. The golden or carbon gray hands are suspended on the dial at all times, echoing the decoration of the movement under the see-through dial, highlighting the unique design adjustments made on the layout of the movement. The small seconds display At the 7 o’clock position of the dial, the minute and clock display dials deliberately occupy the upper half of the dial to highlight the unique design skills.

RADODiaMaster series high-tech ceramic eccentric display design watch polished plasma ceramic case, crown, one-piece design, diameter 43 mm, water resistance 50 meters, brown sun-finish dial with rhodium hour markers and bridges, anti- Reflective brown smoky sapphire crystal surface, silver Rado and Automatic lettering with rhodium swingable anchor logo, ETA2899-S2 automatic movement, 42 hours power reserve, pressurized titanium with eccentric sapphire crystal back cover, brown Vintage leather strap with hardened stainless steel retractable folding clasp and button face.

   In addition, the designer has added eye-catching but not lossy texture linear elements, like a bridge, located above the hollow perspective dial, which adds visual interest and can be described as the finishing touch. The dial design and 43 mm case are made of high-tech ceramics with a delicate texture. Black radiant sun-ray dial with polished black high-tech ceramic case, showing a neat and pure design; brown radiant sun-ray dial with plasma-colored high-tech ceramics, with subtle layer changes, on a leather strap full of antiques Against the background, it conveys a beauty that blends classic and modern. Rado Swiss radar once again composes an eccentric declaration exclusive to the brand perspective with a unique aesthetic.

RADODiaMaster series high-tech ceramic eccentric display design watch black high-tech ceramic case, crown, one-piece design, diameter 43 mm, 50 meters waterproof, black sun-finish dial with black gold indexes and bridges, anti- Reflective smoky sapphire crystal surface, silver Rado, automatic lettering and rhodium-color swingable anchor logo, ETA2899-S2 automatic movement, 42 hours power reserve, pressurized black PVD-coated titanium with eccentric sapphire crystal back cover.

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