Important Milestones Tasting Blancpain 13r0 Movement

FP is the abbreviation of Swiss Frédéric Piguet (Frederick Pige) movement factory. At present, this movement factory is controlled by Blancpain. Historically, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin have also been users of FP advanced movements. So from this perspective, Blancpain completely produced its own movement, and before Blancpain Holdings, this movement factory had never launched a movement with long-power functions, but in order to meet the needs of the market, Blancpain Launched its first long-powered movement, the 13R0, in 2006, let’s take a look at this important ‘milestone’.

 No one who likes wristwatches cares more about the polishing process of the splint. A good board design will be pleasing to the eye, and a stiff design will make people feel terrible. The shape of the Blancpain 13R0 strip is very retro, and the swing splint has an elegant shape. The entire movement consists of 211 parts. The lettering on the movement is unusually neat. The factory name, model, and serial number corrections are recorded one by one. Gem axis eyes are super polished and gold-plated, shining with a dazzling visual impact. The entire splint is sanded with a traditional Geneva stripe. The edges of the plywood are perfectly chamfered. The back of the movement is polished with extremely bright pearl patterns, and the lettering on the calendar plate is clear and elegant, inheriting the beautiful tradition of Blancpain.

 For a watch to have an ideal state, the quality of the movement output is very important. In order to keep the 13R0 movement running optimally, Blancpain ensures that it can supply energy in the best state every moment. After unremitting efforts, an effective method for optimizing energy storage devices was finally found. In the previous tandem mode, the mainspring in the first barrel was released from its power before the second barrel continued to work. Although the new 13R0 movement is equipped with three barrels in series, after the watchmaker accurately calculates the size and torque requirements of the barrel, the barrel is wound or released in order to make the second barrel The box starts winding before the torque of the first barrel is released, and the same is true for the third. In this way, the three barrels not only maintain the power for eight days, but also ensure that they can output energy relatively stably for eight days, thereby maintaining consistent accuracy. In addition, the two mainspring barrels next to the mainspring barrel use sliding springs, which prevents the mainspring from being broken due to excessive winding.

 The escapement has always been the core of the movement, and the balance wheel is the core of the core. Everyone knows that the bigger the balance, the better the stability. But if the balance wheel is too large, its weight will increase, which will cause the movement to thicken, which we do not want to see. In order to resolve this contradiction, Blancpain has created an unprecedented titanium alloy balance on the new 13R0 movement. Titanium alloys have many advantages, they are not easy to be affected by temperature, have good diamagnetic performance, light weight, and hard (so it is difficult to process). Back to the balance wheel, because a lighter balance wheel consumes less energy in the swing motion, so in different orientations, the titanium alloy material is not easily affected by gravity, and it is only as thin as a hair and has a diameter only The 0.065 mm bearing is not particularly prone to adverse effects, which results in the best inertia-to-mass ratio. Moreover, by increasing the size of the balance wheel, the horizontal and vertical disparity rates can be reduced, and the balance wheel speed can be made more regular.
 In addition, another research and development focus of the escapement is on the fine-tuning mechanism of the balance wheel. Most of the previous mechanical movements used the most traditional fast and slow needle fine adjustment mechanism. By adjusting the fast and slow needles to control the length of the balance spring, the purpose of adjusting the swing speed of the balance was achieved. In addition, some brands also use the gooseneck-type fine-tuning mechanism to fine-tune the swing speed on the same principle. Compared with the above two methods, the 13R0 adopts a screw balance fine-tuning mechanism with improved accuracy. The swing speed is adjusted by 4 adjustable screws on the periphery of the balance. When the screws are tightened to the center of the circle, the relative weight of the balance diameter is reduced. Increase the swing speed and turn it outwards to slow it down. Compared with other fine-tuning mechanisms, this method not only saves more space, but also does not have to worry about the misalignment of the fast or slow needle or gooseneck-type fine adjustment due to impact, which affects the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. Not only that, one of its biggest advantages is that it is easy to maintain. Ordinary watchmakers can adjust the swing speed of the balance wheel by tightening the screws. Because the screw head is designed to be square, the adjustment is more convenient. Finally, the Breguet balance spring equipped with the 13R0 also created a better isochronism for the balance wheel, adding icing on the watch’s accuracy.

 Another feature of the Blancpain 13R0 movement is that it can adjust the time at midnight and quickly adjust the date in both directions. Everyone knows that you can’t adjust the time at midnight to avoid damage to the calendar changing mechanism. However, the 13R0 movement uses an independent pusher to push the gear to adjust the date forward and backward, thereby avoiding damage to the date dial and wheel train. It is known as a safe two-way date quick adjustment feature. Everyone should know that many complex functions are modified from a basic movement, including general long-power movements, which are modified from the basic movement. This 13R0 of Blancpain is a The basic movement itself already has several major features and functions of the complex movement, and we have to admire Blancpain’s research and development capabilities! It is conceivable that 13R0 will provide a broader development platform for Blancpain’s famous complex movement, and we will also see more boutique products in the future.

 Blancpain deserves to be a pioneer of continuous innovation in the traditional watchmaking industry! Blancpain, which has always been low-key and restrained, has been pursuing the spiritual footprint of high-end watches. This basic movement, called 13R0, uses an unprecedented titanium balance, Breguet hairspring and three barrels. Maybe everyone feels that many brands and many models are long-powered movements, this is nothing special, but I want to remind you that this long-powered movement is a basic movement! In the following columns, we will also detail the classic watches equipped with this movement. (Text \\ Figure Watch House Mao Zhuang)