How To Keep Your Unique Beauty? Like Zhou Xun, It Is Important To Choose The Right Clothes With A Personalized Watch

Every woman who pursues beauty should have her own unique views on beauty. The same ‘net red face’ will not change your natural freedom; explosive clothes can not create your exquisiteness and style. Maintaining your own style is the main premise of beauty, and to find your uniqueness, like Zhou Xun, wear clothes that suits you and choose a watch that matches your personality.
Chic and capable as you

Zhou Xun wears black jumpsuit with IWC IWC expression Wenxi Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36

Zhou Xun wears IWC Universal Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36

Zhou Xun wears a white letter T-shirt, a black leather skirt with IWC Wanci Moonphase Automatic 36

Zhou Xun wore a black tube top dress with IWC IWC express Wenxi Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36

   Zhou Xun, who was best-known as ‘Zhou Gongzi’, has the same low-key and capable personality as the appearance of her public appearance every time. Similar to her most basic modeling choice, Zhou Xun’s watch is also extremely simple. IWC expresses that the Wenxi Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36, like the deep blue, is low-key and deep. With the favorite black and white Look of chic women, it is simple at first glance, and you will find that it contains infinite connotation.
Watch recommendations:

IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36

IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36, stainless steel case, dark blue alligator strap, silver-plated dial
Refined and refined like you

A watch with a simple design and high sense, it is the perfect piece to enhance the style

 Fashionable man wearing blue striped jacket with delicate gold watch

Blue shirt with leggings for everyday casual, gold watch is the finishing touch

Urban girl in white top and orange dress, more modern with gold watch

   If you really understand the meaning of ‘exquisite and advanced’, then you must be a smart person who will not blindly follow the trend. There is no big-name stacking, and there is no explosion on Care stars. Fashion with simple lines, perfect tailoring and good texture can catch your heart. At this moment, wearing a watch with golden diamonds and adding a sparkle of visual effects is the perfect solution to enhance the style.
Watch recommendations:

IWC 36 Vinci Automatic, 18k red gold case, 54 diamond dials, silver-plated dial
Elegant and restrained like you

A watch with a silvery sheen perfectly interprets elegance

The silver watch is like a white shirt, a classic item for women to keep elegant

Men’s Watches

   Women who have experienced time-washing are more inclined to return to Zigui’s true life. When you start to subtract from your life, you realize that all the simple and restrained things have an endless appeal to you. Such as comfortable white shirts, such as soft dresses and wrist watches with a quiet silver luster …
Watch recommendations:

IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36, stainless steel bracelet, silver-plated dial

Bright and lively like you

Berry pink watch highlights girly bright vitality

 Matching colored watches instantly lightens casual wear for T-shirts and jeans

A popular rose red item in the fashion circle, with the same color watch

Rose red items can be used with the same color watch

   The fashion circle, which used to be ‘cold’, is now aroused by Rose Red. I believe that girls who like bright colors and playful and cute characters have already seen its beauty. If you have put on the rose red item, then you can use the same color watch to echo the overall shape, showing the sweet personality. Even the casual dress of the letter T-shirt and jeans can be embellished with a rose watch, and the lively fun index will surely go up.

Recommended watches:

IWC 36 Vinci Automatic Watch, stainless steel case set with 54 diamonds, pink crocodile leather strap

   There are many types of beauty, and the most attractive is often the one with only one personality. And your unique charm can be presented in various ways, such as the clothes you wear, the makeup you paint, the hairstyle you make, and the watch you wear …