Month: April 2018

Pierre Deroche Launches Tnt Royal Retro Rb-news Pierre Deroche

Pierre DeRoche’s latest TNT Royal Retro watch shines with its perfect combination of a rubber molded bezel with polished and matt titanium and stainless steel case .
The mechanical design of the six retrograde seconds around the dial is striking, creating an extremely spectacular effect. All retrograde seconds are driven by gears instead of cams, and the classic hairspring spring system is also covered by a strip spring. Instead; when the retrograde second hand passes the ‘baton’ to the next second hand, it will return to its original position. This innovative structured technical solution makes adjustments easier and also enhances the watch’s resistance to earthquakes. This bold dial design reveals the superb craftsmanship of this Vallée de Joux watchmaker.

This avant-garde attitude is also reflected in its central single bridge 12-point single-pole bearing, and the impressive details are also reflected in the sturdy 47.5 mm titanium and stainless steel case fixed with 11 intricate screws, and Pierre Deroche’s signature, this architecture and design make this watch bold and bold.
This watch is equipped with Dubois Dépraz exclusive engraved decorative pendulum automatic winding movement, limited to 201 pieces.

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