How To Choose A Second Watch For Men

Why not try a new material for this second watch? This is the future of mechanical watches.

A week ago, Cartier released ID2, a watch that rewrites the history of watches in Switzerland. ID2 claims: ‘If you want a future watch, you have to throw away the metal.’ If you agree with this statement, what are you waiting for?

地 Cartier ID2 uses a transparent polycrystalline ceramic material called ‘Ceramyst’. There is no screw on the case, and it is sealed by vacuuming. The internal vacuum environment can reduce the kinetic energy loss of air to the escapement. The few remaining metals in ID2 are mainly used in bridge plates, and they are titanium coated with DLC, which can greatly reduce friction. The kinetic energy of ID2 is even more amazing. Traditional metal materials have been abandoned, and glass fiber springs that can store more kinetic energy have been used. Coupled with the new transmission gear train structure and the design of the above-mentioned low-friction components, Cartier claims that ID2 can generate 30% more kinetic energy than ordinary watches, while consuming only half of the kinetic energy, giving it 32 days of super-long power.

宇 At the Baselworld International Watch & Jewellery Show 2012 Hublot (Weibo) officially launched the first watch in cooperation with Ferrari. Hublot’s world-first ‘Magic Gold’ is equipped with Hublot’s independently developed UNICO movement. Hublot decided to use the best material that its R & D department can provide for this new Ferrari-certified product-the famous magic gold-just launched by the Hublot factory 3 months ago. It is an 18K with anti-scratch performance. gold.

The Big Bang Ferrari has a larger case (45.5 mm in diameter), the legendary Prancing Horse logo embossed at 9 o’clock on the dial, and the yellow timer at 3 o’clock uses a yellow pane that simultaneously displays the date, hands and scales. On Ferrari’s dashboard. The overall style of the watch adopts the sports DNA of this Italian manufacturer, while fully adhering to the appearance characteristics of Hublot.