Longines Countdown Clock Officially Launched In 175 Days Before The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Today, Swiss watch brand Longines officially launched its 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (GC2018) countdown clock. Longines is also the official timekeeper and designated watch of the tournament.

   The 5.2-meter-high, 1.75-ton clock was unveiled by friends of the Longines brand, Amy Pejkovic, who had a chance to compete in the Commonwealth Games, and GC2018 ambassador and swimmer Cam McEvoy, together with elementary students from St Pius’Primary School Banyo.
   Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones MP, 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Agency (GOLDOC) Chairman Peter Beattie AC, Longines Australia General Manager Amelia Michael, former sprinter Matt Shirvington and GC2018 mascot Borobi also attended the opening ceremony.
   GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie AC said: ‘Longines has world-renowned experience in timing, scoring and announcement of results, and will definitely bring great results to the event. Thousands of athletes will participate in 18 sports and 7 disabilities People’s sports, Longines will provide accurate timing, scoring and results for global broadcasts, and provide official results for the competitions and finals of each GC2018 event. ‘

   Friends of Longines brand Amy Pejkovic said that she is very honored to represent the brand in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Pejkovic said: ‘I am looking forward to working with Longines at GC2018. I am now actively training and hope to represent Australia in the Gold Coast event next year. Participating in the Commonwealth Games in my hometown is a rare opportunity. The Australian delegation’s The competition for players’ seats is very fierce. Everyone in the Australian sports industry is eagerly looking forward to the Commonwealth Games. ‘
   Elementary students from St Pius’Primary School in Banyo District helped Cam McEvoy and Amy Pejkovic take the 11-meter-long Longines blue silk screen off the Longines countdown clock. This clock will count down minutes, hours and days until the opening of GC2018.
   Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director, said: ‘Longines is pleased to be the official partner of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, which is one of the world’s major sports events. We are very honored to have the trust of the organizers in the brand. And choose us to be the official timekeeper for all events during the 11-day event. We are very much looking forward to witnessing outstanding sports achievements, especially track and field, gymnastics, seven-man rugby and table tennis. —

Alpine Flowing Water Seeking Friend You Really Do N’t Need Opinion Leaders To Buy A Watch

Just pulled out of the party during the Chinese New Year, I do n’t know how many partners have to regret their wayward mouths, touching their fat waists, dragging their lazy bodies, falling into holiday syndrome But can not extricate themselves; then came across the temporary cut-off version of ‘Fifty Degrees of Grey’, how many young boys and girls who are surging inside have to shoot a case and start the vomiting mode; silently, ‘Under the Dome’ by Chai Jing, Infected with all kinds of emotional explosions, the cause of worrying about the country and the people really makes him unable to look directly at that thin ability; he has not calmed down from one hot event, and suddenly found out … OMG, Women’s Day has arrived again After various ‘buy buy buy’ and ‘about about about’ swipe the screen, the editor finally saw the dawn of today alone and happily. Every day, I live in other people’s news and other people’s perspectives. They are covered by various hot spots instantaneously, but they are swept away. Even in a wonderful and colorful world that is not your own, we still have to live willfully and be our own. King!

  ‘You stand on the bridge and look at the scenery, and the people who watch the scenery look at you upstairs. Mingyue decorates your window,’ and you can decorate other people’s dreams, but don’t let your dreams be all others or follow others Trajectory dreaming.
  Below, I will take you to today’s topic, do you need to listen to watch purchase? ——I really don’t need opinion leaders, just to be willful.

  ‘Chen Cheng knows better than Xu Gongmei. His wife and private minister, his minister’s vassal, and his guests who want to seek the court, all are beautiful to Xu Gong …’ There is a sentence in ‘Zou Ji satirizing Wang Naxuan’ In words, people often feel that they have benefited a lot. Although it is just a simple comparison, they have realized the fundamental principle of Qi family governance. However, separately, these people’s views come from their own positions, and it is understandable. In fact, it is even more so when buying a watch. Many people who have been in the circle for some time, at the beginning of buying a watch, will have a variety of related posts, forums, and various related information, whether it is a clerk, editor, or watch Experts in the circle must always be satisfied with the most satisfactory, authoritative, and unified viewpoint. But should this be the case?

  Some time ago, I was obsessed with Cartier and asked my friends which one to buy? My colleague told me that buying a TankLouis Cartier (TankLouisCartier) is a representative of the ‘Tank’ watch family and has a high degree of recognition. Friends who have mixed bezels for many years said that they naturally want to buy ‘CLÉ’ keys, diamonds and The new combination of styling will be the most promising watch to replace BallonBleudeCartier; professionals say that women do n’t look at the movement, and men want to buy value-keeping and collectible value. If they are top-of-the-line watches, PP is naturally more important than Cartier. Good choice; when going to the watch store, the salesperson’s meal is highly recommended, and it is also various. As far as tanks are concerned, TANKANGLAISE, TANKFRANÇAISE, TANKAMÉRICAINE have distinguished for a long time … In fact, at the first sight, it was only the blue balloon that fell in love and felt. Why don’t any one person agree? !! Falling into unexplained tangles is also inexplicably drunk.

  It can be seen that everyone’s position in society is different, so the starting point is also different. Views are naturally very different. Facing a wide range of major brands, from price range, different series, different functions … At first glance, The variety of watches really makes it impossible to choose. However, when you are in a watch store, it is enough to feel that some brands do n’t match their first feelings. Even if they are boasted, they are helpless, even if the buyer can see them everywhere. Not everyone likes Cartier’s square shell, not everyone likes Piaget’s noble charm, nor does everyone like Panerai’s sandwich structure, not everyone likes the men’s style of IWC, so There are so many brands for everyone to choose from. When giving you the opportunity to choose, it is also the time to test your personal choices and self-aesthetics. Many friends often say that they have a phobia of choice. Maybe they are not in love to the extreme, or this is one of the weaknesses of human nature. (PS: Libra and Cancer are all on the list, and choosing a phobia is not just a patent for a woman.)
  The ‘Weakness of Human Nature’ by Dale Carnegie in the United States once told us that the fourth weakness of human nature is to imitate others blindly. Only by maintaining our true nature can we have our own life.
  Therefore, buying a watch really does not require dogmatism, does not require opinion leaders, and is best for you. No matter what you do or choose, if you remember to do it for yourself, then there will be no complaints. On the contrary, you can achieve a state of ‘unexpectedly different from others, how to taste superior’. Many friends in the Watch House Forum are also at will. First of all, they do n’t say whether to worship the leader’s opinions. In reality, many sudden situations are often instantaneous. Therefore, you do n’t really need to think and look ahead before buying a watch. Look back, take action when you are optimistic, and act when your heart is moving. It’s that simple.

Case one: I never expected that my plan changed after I entered the first Lexiaginza. There are many styles in the store, but there is no trace of water ghosts and gmt2. The clerk said they haven’t seen these two popular models in a long time. It is also estimated to hang in several other authorized stores. Only the water ghosts with blue face and gold are available. Black Steel Di and White Steel Di have no shadow. The Explorer 2 is in stock, with black and white noodles, but unfortunately not my dish. When I was about to withdraw, I suddenly saw it in the corner-the yacht name 16622 silver surface, and was immediately attracted by its shiny material and low-key design. There were a lot of teeth rings, Mercedes needles, and water bubbles. Made of precious metal. … Satisfied, satisfied! !! (Friend from Watch House Forum)

Comment: Buying a watch is a fate. Although it was accidentally inserted into the willow, it was also a sudden surprise. Niggas and water ghosts are more classic Rolex styles, but the heart is too common. Yachts have a more elegant and elegant style than water ghosts, showing gentlemanliness and discount It is more satisfying to buy the plagiarism. This watch is also, two words, worth it!

Case 2: ‘I like rough, yet precise, domineering but not exaggerated watches, and Audemars Piguet fully meets the standards in my mind. Many people say that AP watches are difficult to control. I do n’t think so, everything It’s all the same. What’s the point of giving up if you have n’t tried it yet, before I saw the AP, I thought it! It must belong to me! ”(Friend from Watch Forum)

Comment: The landlord obviously has his own opinions and personality before buying a watch. No matter what other people think, this style is what he wants. The angular octagonal crown, the exquisite large checkered decoration, and the tough hexagonal screws fix it. It is domineering and cool. This is the perfect combination of watch and human. A watch can set off a person’s temperament, and a person can definitely highlight the charm of the watch. I believe that it will be more exciting after owning it. Buying a watch requires such domineering.

  The process of buying a watch is more like ‘looking for conscience in the mountains and rivers’, looking for the sincere tacit understanding, and understanding the rare state of mind.
 Imagine the quiet and mysterious watchmaking workshop, the rustling pencils appearing in the mind of the master watchmaker when sketching, the finely polished parts under the light, the pointers that focus on turning after the equipment, a suit for yourself The watch is like an old friend who has known for many years. The kind of tacit understanding and the kind of love are spontaneous. The longer you go, the more you can experience the depth of ‘toxicity …’ You are still a Rolex water ghost, Omega ‘ Bright Blue ‘and Panerai PAM505 repeatedly tangled? Are you still thinking about whether to buy Dafei or Portugal? Are you still looking for a reason to buy Blancpain? When you can’t make a decision, going out is the best decision. When you stand at the counter and when you wear it, everything is clear.

  Regarding recommended watches and guides for buying watches, I believe that many websites (including this site) have already listed all brands and many series of watches, whether you want high-end luxury, low-key restraint, and sports fashion. It’s retro and beautiful, just tap a few words on the keyboard, there will be so many articles for you to learn from. Presumably, it’s not the edited sentences and words that make people fascinated and fascinated, nor is it a dry picture, but the moment when you see the real watch, the metal texture and precision machinery touch the soul.

Summary: Some people may buy many watches in their lifetime. Each purchase is not a termination, and one step is not the purpose. The more important purpose is to experience watch selection, purchase, wear, play, reward, hide. Table process. The true watch lover never stops and is always on the road. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)