Month: August 2017

Roger Dubuis And Emirates Help Children’s Charity

According to the House of Watches, Roger Dubuis, which is dedicated to the development of high-end watches, has become a pioneer brand in the contemporary watchmaking industry. Recently, it has teamed up with Emirates to make a charity for children Contributions are designed to bring joy and happiness to children around the world and better improve their living environment.

 The cross-border joint participation in ‘Time for Change’ will be conducted through a charity auction. The object of the auction is Roger Dubuis skeleton double flying tourbillon watch.

 As a leading brand in the watch industry, Roger Dubuis is committed to mass production of complex tourbillons, achieving unprecedented results. All proceeds from this charity auction in partnership with Emirates will be used to improve the lives of children around the world.

 In addition to the funds raised by Roger Dubuis’s skeleton double flying tourbillon watch at auction, in order to better support the ‘Time for Change’ charity event, Emirates will start from August 15, 2014-2015 On March 15th of the year, all passengers flying on this airline can fill out an application form at the time of registration, indicating that they are a watch enthusiast. The airline will then judge what is written, and the one who stands out will be invited to visit Roger Dubuis’ watchmaking factory in Geneva, experience the charm of Swiss watchmaking at a close range, and witness a perfect timepiece Birth process.

 Roger Dubuis CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué affirmed the cooperation, saying that we are very honored to work with such an excellent airline as the United Arab Emirates to work together to change those children who are in trouble. Make their lives as happy and bright as ordinary children. At the same time, the hollow double flying tourbillon watch is one of the most representative works of the brand, and it also carries the brand’s top technology and cutting-edge creativity.

 Regarding this cooperation, Terry Daly, a member of the Emirates Foundation and senior vice president of the Emirates division, said that with this cooperation, we have a long way to go. We will do our best to create an excellent living environment for children and provide them with educational resources. Through our efforts, millions of children will benefit.

   Roger Dubuis Excalibur series, a perfect interpretation of elegant style, mastery of watchmaking technology, is the symbol of contemporary haute horlogerie. In the same vein as the Excalibur series, the Excalibur skeleton double flying tourbillon watch with ingenious technology and powerful design along the bed is the ultimate of Roger Dubuis watchmaking technology.

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