Wanguo Performs ‘speed ​​and Passion’ On The Wrist

In the development of the IWC engineer series watches, there are two most memorable watches: the engineer prototype watch designed by Gérald Genta in 1976 . On this watch, the drill holes in 5 different positions on the bezel not only play a role in making the watch stronger and more stable, but also show the ability of the engineer series. The new engineer’s automatic watch launched in 2013 is a modern ‘new era interpretation’ of this watch. The other is the 3508 engineer automatic watch produced in 1989. Because IWC’s engineer series is famous for its excellent antimagnetic performance, this engineer’s automatic watch can easily withstand the magnetic field strength of 500,000 amps / meter. In fact, this watch can also withstand a magnetic field strength of up to 3.7 million amps / meter, which is the highest antimagnetic record in civil watches to date. The advent of this series of watches further strengthened the IWC engineer series’ position in outstanding antimagnetic performance and excellent mechanical performance. Today, the engineer’s watch collection is again new and has more ‘sport effect’ with Formula F1.

Interview with Caroline Huber, IWC Global Marketing Communications Director

Sanlian Life Weekly: Last year, the theme of the pilot’s watch was memorable, so where did the inspiration for this year’s racing theme come from?
Karoline Huber: This comes from the new cooperation between IWC and Mercedes-AMG. In the next three years, IWC will be the official engineering partner of Mercedes-AMG. Therefore, this year IWC took this opportunity to launch a comprehensively improved 2013 engineer series watch.
We agree that Formula One and the IWC’s core philosophy of “Made for Men” complement each other, encompassing technical challenges, exciting moments, and exciting competitions with time. IWC is good at drawing inspiration from the long-standing historical roots of motorsport to design special gifts. For example, in the 1930s and 1954/1955, the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow racing car once stood out in the international competition and took the lead. Therefore, this year IWC specially designed a special edition of the engineer’s chronograph silver arrow as a gift to pay tribute to this legendary Mercedes car.
Sanlian Life Weekly: How did the cooperation between IWC and Mercedes-AMG start?
Caroline Huber: Actually, the cooperation between IWC and Mercedes-Benz dates back to October 2004. Since then, IWC has announced the establishment of a cooperative relationship with Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance brand AMG . A year later, IWC introduced two engineer watches under the name of AMG for the first time. This year, the long-term successful cooperation between the two sides extends to Formula One.
Our engineers and Mercedes-Benz engineers have a lot in common. They are behind-the-scenes heroes who have laid the cornerstone for success with cutting-edge technology and superb skills. They continue to explore the limits of mechanics and pursue first-class performance and precision technology. And precision technology and innovation are our common pursuit and passion.
Sanlian Life Weekly: Which racing elements are incorporated into watch design by the watch launched by IWC for this purpose?
Caroline Huber: The highlight of this year’s new engineer’s watch is the use of new materials, inspired by the material library of Formula One. IWC uses the typical racing materials such as carbon fiber, ceramics and titanium to interpret the racing theme, and the watch’s appearance borrows from the cockpit of a modern Formula One car.
For example, carbon fiber has long been an iconic material for Formula One. IWC not only applies this modern material to individual parts, but also applies it to the overall case of engineer carbon fiber high-performance automatic watches. I believe that these innovations will further strengthen the reputation of IWC as a watchmaker.

Engineer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date, Month Watch

Women Also Love Flyback Chronographs

In most cases, the women’s watch is flat and beautiful, but it is the inner part of quartz, but it is difficult to upgrade to a mechanical movement. It’s a cruel reality that the machinery that belongs to itself is drifting away. But as the oldest watch brand, and can only be a mechanical watch Bao Pao can turn a blind eye to this? In recent years, watches designed specifically for women have come out almost every year. No matter from the appearance decoration or the movement structure, they are dedicated to serving women. Although the overall market status cannot be changed, such persistence is the best inheritance of traditional mechanical handicraft skills.

   Today brings a non-hot model that is not common in Blancpain, women’s series 3185F-4554L-64B flyback chronograph watch. Everyone can carefully understand the intention of the brand. You do n’t just see diamonds. The dial of aquamarine is surrounded by a white circle in the center. You can think it is deliberate. The most beautiful moment when the sea surface is seen, satisfying the ocean fantasy of women. In order not to spoil the beauty, the calendar is placed at 12 o’clock, and the size of the window is perfectly blended with the rest of the diamond scales, and it can hardly be seen at a glance. This is the most intimate design of the designer.
Blancpain Women’s Series 3185F-4554L-64B Watch

   Product model: 3185F-4554L-64B
   Movement type: automatic machinery
   Case material: Steel with diamonds
   Strap Material: Satin Textured Rubber
   Dial size: 36 mm
   Water resistance: 30 meters

   This watch is very compact, with a 36mm case diameter, stainless steel, and a 0.776 carat diamond setting. It is equipped with F185 automatic winding movement, 37 stones, 308 parts, and has a 40-hour power reserve.