Month: May 2017

Bvlgari Bvlgari Watchmaking Nearly 400 Employees Set 4 World Records

The BVLGARI watch team consisting of nearly 400 employees and dozens of professional watchmakers is located in the four major brands of Le Sentier, Saignelégier, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchâtel. In the watch factory area, in the minute and second, explore the infinite and exquisite world, and pursue the most accurate timepiece craftsmanship.

Bvlgari’s superb movement manufacturing process
   Bulgari watchmaking combines Italian style with Swiss watchmaking skills. In just a few years, this unique combination has four world records, occupying an unshakable position in the history of watchmaking in the 21st century. After the tourbillon watch was launched in 2014, the ultra-thin minute repeater watch and the self-winding mechanical watch were launched in 2016 and 2017, respectively. This year, Bvlgari launched the world’s thinnest self-winding tourbillon watch. These four records are from Bulgari’s iconic Octo Finissimo collection, pushing the world’s thinnest watch to the extreme. Outrageous leader, who is fighting?
   At present, based on four factories in the Jura Mountains, more than 400 staff members and the manufacturing process covering all parts of the watch, the Bvlgari watchmaking industry has developed rapidly and has mastered the most complex and sophisticated core processes. technology. Bulgari is familiar with the manufacturing process of mechanical watch movements, including ultra-thin Finissimo movements with four world record awards, large complex watch movements and standard Solotempo automatic movements. Bvlgari has mastered all aspects of watchmaking technology. All components are made in-house, including metal case and dial manufacturing.

Bvlgari watch team focuses on movement manufacturing
   The entire watch manufacturing process is coordinated by multiple factories, following the longest tradition and the most pure craftsmanship: Le Sentier manufactures mechanical movements; Saignelégier manufactures gold, platinum, titanium and steel Case; La Chaux-de-Fonds manufactures top dials. The Neuchâtel watch factory is the control center of the production process. It is responsible for assembling various watches and performing final control.

Top dial manufacturing
   Bvlgari craftsmen with outstanding skills are located in different factories, and are proficient in dozens of different highly-divided craftsmanships. The aim is to perfectly combine Swiss expertise and Italian aesthetic creativity, and pursue extreme perfection.
   The Bvlgari watch industry also has a close relationship with the Bvlgari jewellery field, they together create exquisite fine jewelry watches. Watches and jewellery are areas where Bulgari excels, and they work together to achieve extraordinary results. Like complication watches, craftsmanship is also required to make jewelry watches. The gemstone components of each jewellery watch are carefully crafted by the Bulgari jewelry workshop in Valenza, Italy or the high-end jewelry workshop in Rome, according to different raw material characteristics and preciousness. This type of production uses traditional dewaxing casting, which must be cleaned, assembled by professional goldsmiths, polished all metal components, and shaped the watch components such as bracelets and gem-set bases. Every detail is paid special attention to, and each component is perfectly and closely linked to each other-this is the most basic requirement, and also ensures that the wrist can move freely when the watch is worn, and the clasp and the inlaid base are skillfully combined. In the more complicated process of setting gems, craftsmen need to have professional knowledge and skilled skills to ensure that each gem is firmly set in place. Finally, all watch components and movements were sent to the Neuchâtel watch factory for assembly. After the final rigorous inspection and control, a wonderful watch was born.

Montblanc Global Releases New Smart Watch Summit 2: Redefining Smart Elegance

Adhering to Swiss advanced watchmaking technology, integrating cutting-edge digital technology
New 42mm case for both men and women; equipped with the new Qualcomm SnapdragonWear3100 processor and surprising new features
Wearable device terminal tailored for work, leisure, fitness and travel, a reliable companion for urban life
Loaded with new application Timeshifter® and watch face reminders-helping users mitigate the effects of jet lag

   Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT2 can foresee its ambitions from its name: its determination to become a great wearable life companion, allowing users to maintain a comprehensive lead in life, and not only move forward. It uses digital technology to interpret the charm of high-end watchmaking. It combines design specifications of Swiss traditional precision timepieces, luxurious materials, and brand new technology. Compared with the first SUMMIT smart watch with classic retro style released in 2017, Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT2 now uses a 42 mm case, which is more compact and simple for men and women. While highlighting the innovative design, it also gives It’s like wearing a mechanical watch. SUMMIT2 is determined to lead the way and continues to lead in the field of luxury smart watches: it is driven by market-leading technology. SUMMIT2 is the first smart device on the market equipped with Qualcomm’s latest SnapdragonWear3100 processor, which improves the performance and extends the battery life. , Can last up to one week in timepiece-only mode; equipped with WearOS, the latest Google smart watch operating system, and supports iOS and Android phones.

   “Designed for travel, fitness and urban life, Montblanc’s new smartwatch SUMMIT2 is an all-round companion designed for business travellers, urban explorers and fitness enthusiasts,” shared Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc’s global CEO. ‘Successful people want easy and fast access to smart features and applications at any time, so that they can always stay ahead and stay productive on the go, while still enjoying the wonderful experience of wearing beautiful timepieces. Whether it’s work, leisure, fitness or Travelling, the avant-garde design and reliability of Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT2 will continue to support their daily wonderful journey. ‘
   The new smart watch SUMMIT2 is inspired by the award-winning Montblanc 1858 series. It also offers a variety of dial interface options: from the classic and elegant 1858 series to the sophisticated retro smart watch SUMMIT, from the charming female charm. Choose from the classic panel of the Baoxi series to the sports style designed for sports fitness and peak state. Through the built-in dial setting program, users can freely combine and match the time scales, dial backgrounds, hands and complex functions from different watch series and change colors to achieve thousands of different dial combinations.

   Montblanc’s new smartwatch SUMMIT2 is available in a variety of case materials: black DLC-coated steel, stainless steel, two-tone stainless steel, and secondary titanium, and can be paired with 11 interchangeable straps, including a calfskin strap, Milan Steel bracelet, rubber sports strap and nylon strap can be combined to create more than 70,000 individual appearances. Each timepiece is equipped with a rotating crown and two control buttons.
Intimate companion for city exploration
   With the help of Google Assistant, users will get personalized proactive assistance, such as prompting flight status or booking information. Users can also use the microphone voice provided with the watch for help, such as navigation or translation. Not only that, Google Assistant can also complete tasks such as reminder settings or heart rate monitoring.

   All notifications on your smartphone can be synced directly to Montblanc’s new smartwatch SUMMIT2, including incoming calls, messages, social media updates, calendar events, news, and more. If the user has no time to enter a reply on their smartphone when receiving the notification, the built-in smart reply function of SUMMIT2 and other fast reply methods such as handwriting, keyboard or voice input will help users easily process the message.
    The ambient light mode that is turned on at any time keeps the watch’s dial display clearly visible, and also ensures the battery power required to run Google WearOS system throughout the day. After turning off the background function of the smart watch, the battery can continue to last for 3-5 days, and the time can still be displayed with a simple swipe of the wrist.
Enjoy a seamless adventure
   Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT2’s unparalleled exclusive travel features include the new Timeshifter * application and dial, providing personalized recommendations based on the user’s sleep pattern, sleep type and flight plan to ensure that the user’s jet lag is minimized. After trials by astronauts and professional athletes, and based on the latest research on sleep and physiological neurology, the Timeshifter app will provide timely updates and suggestions on the SUMMIT2 dial to help travelers quickly adapt to the new time zone.

   Equipped with the new Montblanc exclusive app Travel Information, it will provide travelers with travel-related information about their destination.
   The practical multilingual intelligent voice translation function can directly project the translation results on the dial, and traveling abroad has never been easier!
   By using GooglePay (not available in China), users can quickly make catering payments and ticket purchases, realize cashless electronic payments, and enjoy a new convenient shopping experience.
Achieving new heights in sports and fitness
   Helping users achieve their peak state is the core function of SUMMIT2. Montblanc’s unique running coach app is scientifically driven by the Firstbeat * analysis engine. Runners can learn their physical condition at any time based on the maximum oxygen uptake, and turn fitness goals into tailor-made, exclusive training programs based on ideal exercise and repair time.

   To help users reach their fitness goals, this all-round personal trainer will take appropriate progress and intensity levels during training.
   SUMMIT2 has an improved heart rate algorithm and 50-meter water resistance, which is suitable for swimming. The built-in GPS system enables users to still use navigation and more accurate health monitoring when they are away from their phones.
* Note: Firstbeat is a registered trademark of FirstbeatTechnologiesOy.
   Montblanc’s new smartwatch SUMMIT2 is fully available for sale in the Chinese market on October 15, 2018.
Technical Parameters
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ Wear 3100 processor
Operating system: Google Wear OS
Compatibility: iOS (9.3+) and Android (4.4+)
Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 14.4 mm
Protection: domed sapphire crystal
Case: Stainless steel, black DLC coated steel, titanium
Case back: glass and glass fiber resin
Strap: 22 mm, interchangeable, folding clasp or pin buckle
Display: 1.2-inch full ring AMOLED display
Resolution: 390×390 (327 ppi)
Memory: 1GB
Storage space: 8GB
Waterproof and sealing performance: 5 ATM
Battery: 340 mAh (one day battery life with smart watch function; only 3-5 hours battery life with chronograph function). Charging time: less than 3 hours
Heart rate sensor: Yes
GPS positioning: Yes
NFC payment: Yes
Rotating crown: Yes
Control buttons: Yes
Dial Configurator: Yes
Ambient light mode: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi wireless network: Yes
Barometer: Yes
Photometric sensor: Yes

Corum Launches New Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Meteorite Two-time Watch

Corum has been committed to creating rare and unique watch pieces through its superb and excellent watchmaking technology. Relying on the brand’s long history and watchmaking skills, the new Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Meteorite Dual Time is launched.

The watch dial is carved from Gibeon meteorite, which has been proven to be about 4 billion years old through radioactive testing. Each side cut reveals the different aspects of the crystalline structure of this celestial body, making each watch absolutely unique. This limited edition of 75 watches, like an invitation from the universe, takes you into the vast universe.
Meteorites are fragments of asteroids or comets that have traveled through space for millions or billions of years, and are considered proof of the origin of the universe. Only a few meteorites can land on the earth, because most of the meteorite will disintegrate when they enter the atmosphere, and those who can successfully pass through the atmosphere into the earth are the meteors we observed on summer evenings.
Although the people of The Great Namaqualand in Africa knew about the existence of Gibeon meteorites centuries ago, it was not until 1836 that the Scottish explorer JE Alexander drought in Namibia. The area was officially discovered. Kunlun Watch has selected these eternal fragments scattered in an area of ​​about 250 square kilometers as the dial of the new Admiral Cup Mileage 42 Meteorite Watch, with a certificate of origin to authenticate the authentic Gibeon meteorite. .
Dials made of meteorite carving require extremely professional knowledge and ingenious craftsmanship. The meteorite material is hard and fragile, making it extremely difficult to make, so as not to hinder the smooth operation of the watch, the surface of the meteorite must be perfectly cut and carefully polished. This difficult challenge was made by Kunlun watch craftsmen Completed flawlessly. After multiple ingenious and fully-manufactured processes, each dial is intertwined with fascinating Widmanst? Tten patterns and intricate and exquisite iron-nickel crystal long patterns to create a unique and unique look, creating eye-catching Visual contrast.

The watch follows the classic dodecagon case of the Admiral Cup series. The meteorite dial is set against the hour scale and 5N red gold luminous hands. The second time zone display dial is set at 12 o’clock, the sweep small seconds dial is set at 6 o’clock, and the date window display is located at 3 o’clock. The watch is equipped with a CO 283 self-winding movement with a vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and a 72-hour power reserve. The ground floor bridge decorated with the Geneva pattern and the automatic plate decorated with the Kunlun watch logo are perfectly presented through the transparent transparent caseback.
The Admiral’s Cup Mileage 42 is a limited edition of 75 timepieces. Under the light of a 42mm diameter 18K red gold case, it exudes classic elegance. As a member of the marine watch series, the inner ring of the watch is decorated with the iconic nautical flag pattern, which extends on the hour scale, inheriting the legend of the Admiral’s Cup. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, and the black alligator leather strap with the 18K red gold pin buckle engraved with the Kunlun watch logo shows elegance and charm.

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