El Primero 1/10 Jump Second Chronograph

Zenith El Primero 1/10 Jump Chronograph

Innovative keywords: Jump seconds, 1/10 second chronograph, chronograph second hand rotates once every 10 seconds
Movement: El Primero 400 B movement, self-winding
Diameter: 30 mm thickness: 6.60 mm
Wobble frequency: 36000 times / hour
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Innovation type
创新 Innovative jumping seconds display that challenges the limit of the chronograph
评论 [Review]
El Primero movement’s 36,000 times / hour high swing frequency makes it the same in the field of chronograph, and is loved by many brands. After the baptism of the quartz crisis, Zenith continued to inject new vitality into this legendary movement, making it still the tide of chronograph technology. The biggest feature of this 1/10 second chronograph is that the designer uses the advantage of the high frequency of the movement to stretch the trajectory of the second hand per second, thereby making the subtle ‘beat’ that the original eye could not detect clearly. show out.