Month: August 2016

Cartier Will Usher In Price Adjustment From January 23, Non-precious Metal Watches Will Increase By An Average Of 3.8 Percentage Points

According to official news, since the beginning of last year, the foreign exchange rate has fluctuated abnormally. Since January 23, 2017, Richemont Group’s fine watchmaking brand Cartier will usher in a price adjustment of watches The average price of non-precious metal watches increased by 3.8 percentage points. It is worth noting that although the price increase this time is not small, it mainly involves 260 watches made of non-precious metals (including gold watches and stainless steel watches), which shows that this is a large-scale price increase . On the positive side, the price increase is not large. The price increase of watches ranging from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan is a level of several hundred to several thousand yuan.

Cartier Drive de Cartier steel watch will be calculated at 3.8% from 45,500 yuan to 47,229 yuan

   In recent years, due to changes in the domestic consumer market, fluctuations in exchange rates and other uncertain factors, many brands will make further adjustments to the price of their products, and even more, they will need to adjust them twice a year. Just recently on December 1, 2016, Roger Dubuis, who is also the Richemont Group, adjusted the product price (the maximum increase was about 31%); on November 1, the same year, Richemont’s Vacheron Constantin also A 5% price increase was carried out. Cartier’s price increase this time aims to stabilize the market and maintain a normal and rational consumption environment.

Cartier Blue Balloon Series Gold Women’s Watch According to 3.8%, the public price will rise from RMB 54,000 to RMB 56,052
   The blue balloon series has always been a favorite of watch friends. Since most of the stainless steel and gold models are in the ranks of this price increase, many of Cartier’s popular series models will also be in this rank. On the whole, compared with the price increase of precious metal watches last year, this price increase directly targets the main watch models in the market, although the price increase is not large. Reasonable price adjustments have a positive impact on the development of a brand and even on the virtuous circle of the watch market.

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