Month: October 2015

Reha Moharic: Pioneer In Visiting The Watch Factory

Reha Moharic, as the first Saudi woman and the brand’s best friend to summit Everest, visited Switzerland and visited the TAG Heuer watch factory.

   TAG Heuer is proud to welcome Reha Moharic, a climber who successfully climbed the 8,848-meter-high Mount Everest in 2013, to a watch factory and its 360 ° museum. The brand friend made his way to the Swiss summit for the first time.

   Visit the Haute Horlogerie, where many of the most complex timepieces were born. Explore the testing laboratory where the components of each model are inspected and tested. Immerse yourself in the 360 ​​° Museum and discover the legendary history of TAG Heuer. The young climber met watchmakers, engineers and watch experts to learn about their superb skills and values.

   Precision, Perseverance, Perseverance—Riha Muharek shows the tagline of TAG Heuer’s brand motto #dontcrackunderpressure in every day and day, and Lead her to new challenges. Overcome every challenge with strong perseverance and tenacious fighting spirit, and obtain seemingly impossible achievements.

   When Reha Moharic reached the highest point in the Himalayas, she was only 25 years old and made history. When she successfully ascended the first mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, her life changed from then on. Afterwards, she stepped on the highest mountains of the seven continents, and after conquering Everest, she became a pioneer in the Middle East. Even more admirable is her strong steel will.

Swatch Create A Fairy Tale This Spring And Summer

Fairy tales are not just for children, they often have to be adults to really read the true meaning of fairy tales. In those gorgeous stories with beautiful heroes, what attracts people is not only the perfect promise of ‘happily living together’, but also those situations that are not easily available in reality.
 It seems that it is difficult for people living in cities to listen to spring and experience the vitality of summer when they go to the spring solstice in winter. And Swatch 2013 spring and summer series watches once again through the fusion of colors, to add a little bit of new life to ordinary life.

 In the dreamy situation woven by Swatch, the casual phantom is a lively and bright princess. The colorful and complex structure of the movement component is like a girl’s dream and innocence. The blue rebirth is a stable and elegant king with a deep blue dial. With a black bezel, just like the king’s righteousness and fortitude, it is difficult to be sharp; the yacht vacation is a prodigal son who travels far. The blue of the ocean gives him a broad mind. Unrestrained freedom: These three spring models inadvertently form a long and warm fairytale.
 Compared to the simplicity and purity of spring, Swatch’s summer poems are more lively. The sound of Midi is like a flamboyant dancer, lightly dancing, and the colored strap is just like the colorful long sleeves raised by the dancer; the national weaving is an elegant and charming queen, and the deep black dial and gemstones reveal a mysterious and unique watch. The belt design adds a glamorous charm to her; the lemon soda is a brave warrior before, the black dial is his resolute face, and the bright yellow strap shows his infinite enthusiasm; the patchwork style is just like an exotic god, jubilant The colors and stunning patterns are the intricate decoration of the gods; the minimalist symbols are the sorcerers who are proficient in divination, and the design of the Maya patterns on the dial is like the ears of ancient truth prophecy echoing; Continuing the unique dial shape of the touch screen series, the special five-color strap fully embodies the extraordinary expression of the elves. There are also bright colors, the most joyful and innocent children in fairy tales. Through the combination of rose red, orange yellow, and blue, weaving a child’s most authentic dream.

 Rich characters can make a wonderful fairy tale. The Swatch family’s 2013 spring and summer series includes the latest creations of several brands, including classic series, tannin series, ethnic style series, summer style series and so on. The new season of the watch is a creative combination of stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, leather and other materials, inspired by contemporary art and traditional exotic patterns, both materials and design bring surprises. With Swatch 2013 spring and summer series, I have a good mood to embellish the two seasons.

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