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Jaquet Droz Presents The Geneva Time Clock Three Questions

Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened a third workshop in Geneva in 1784. Jaquet Droz paid tribute to Geneva with this extraordinary automatic doll watch. The exquisite moving installation blends with the poetry and painting of nature.

  Jaquet Droz brings together the extraordinary talents of the artisans in his Ateliersd’Art workshop to create this new model and to pay tribute to Geneva. In 1784, Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened the first local watchmaking workshop in Geneva, and introduced superbly complex watchmaking into Geneva.
  Natural scenes interweave with the city of Geneva to form the decorative background of TheBirdRepeaterGeneva. The mother-of-pearl dial condenses all the symbols of this famous Swiss city. Engravers, illustrators and enamelers have successfully reproduced the outlines of Lac Léman and its famous fountain, the Pharedes Pâquis, and the Salève in a miniature scale. This former Alps is considered The ‘balcony’ of Geneva.

  In the center of the dial, a pair of red-fronted goldfinch lives in the middle of Île Rousseau, a bird paradise at the entrance of Lake Geneva. The two golden eagles are hand-carved, and the feathers are as colorful as brutalist paintings. They guard the two young birds underneath, and a bird’s egg lies in the center of the nest. Exquisite details, brilliant colors, realistic and vivid bird eyes and each straw, all show the outstanding skills of LaChaux-de-Fonds craftsmen.

  For Jaquet Droz, beauty and sophisticated mechanics always go hand in hand. Like the previous models, The BirdRepeaterGeneva in Geneva features 8 exquisite automatic doll scenes, breathtaking-tits feeding young birds, flapping wings, gurgling waterfalls, young birds breaking through their shells, etc. — —A tribute to the famous automatic doll created by Pierre Jaquet-Droz and his son in the 18th century.

  The lively and interesting event scene is in sharp contrast with the simple and pure eccentric hour and minute display. The hour and minute display is located at 12 o’clock and is made of black onyx. There are two pointed red gold hands upstream of the dial and 47 mm. The red-gold case reflects each other. The Geneva RepeaterGeneva is equipped with a JaquetDrozRMA88 self-winding movement, with a 48-hour power reserve, limited to 8 pieces. 8 is a symbolic number in the world of Jaquet Droz. Senior experts will be able to appreciate all its meanings and appreciate the mysteries.

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Breitling Debuted At Paris Air Show Superstar John Travolta Assisted

From June 20 to 26, 2011, the 49th Paris International Aerospace Exhibition was held at Paris Bourget Airport. Breitling’s global image ambassador, Hollywood superstar John Travolta, attended the event. Breitling stand at the Breitling booth at the 2011 Paris Air Show, Hollywood superstar John Travolta appeared at the Paris Air Show
Breitling, a well-known Swiss watch brand that enjoys the reputation of ‘Official Designated Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’, participates in this air show with many legendary aircraft and precision Breitling aviation chronograph watches. origin.

Breitling Global Image Spokesperson John-Travolta and Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team Captain Jacques-Bothelin
The Paris Air Show is the oldest, largest and most influential air show in the world. Since the 1990s, Breitling has actively participated in the Paris Air Show as the only watch brand with its own exclusive booth. To celebrate this event, which represents the highest level of the world’s aviation industry, Breitling has dedicated a high-altitude flight event in a unique way-the Breitling Jet aerobatic team consisting of six L-39C albatross jets. ) A380 passenger bus escorted over Toulouse, France. The Airbus A380 is by far the largest passenger aircraft in the world, with a wingspan of 80 meters, and it is a well-deserved ‘Air Giant’. The L-39C Albatross jet has a wingspan of 9.5 meters, and it looks very dexterous and swift beside the ‘Big Air’. The entire escort flight lasted 50 minutes, and the Breitling jet team fired different formations to accompany the A380 to dance in the blue sky at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour. The eye-catching dark jets, the snow-white A380 and the clear blue sky present spectacular visually stunning pictures.
Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team escorts the passenger car A380 Breitling-Jet-Team Breitling-Super-Constellation
After completing the escort flight, the Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team made its appearance at the Breitling booth at the Paris Air Show. Also on display were the Breitling Wingwalkers and the Breitling Super Constellation:
Breitling Jet Team (Breitling Jet Team) Breitling Wingwalkers (Breitling Super Constellation)
The Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team is the only private jet aerobatic team in the world. It consists of 7 Czech-made L-39C albatross jet two-seater trainers. It is powerful and extremely fast, showing its courage. , Speed ​​and accuracy;
The Breitling Skywalk aerobatic team consists of two Boeing Stemann open-cockpit biplanes from the 1940s. During the performance, the two blonde beauties stood at the center of the upper wing, respectively, and thrilled during the high-altitude aerobatics. Acrobatics to challenge the limits of flight in a unique way;
The Breitling Super Constellation is one of the only three Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation aircraft in Europe that is still the only one in the world that still has flight capabilities. It once dominated the ‘Atlantic ‘King’ is undoubtedly an eternal legend in the history of human aviation. Its dolphin-like blue body will surely attract the admiration of countless aviation enthusiasts.
At the invitation of Breitling, John Travolta, the spokesperson for the global image of Breitling, also appeared at the air show. The Hollywood superstar who regards flying as the second life has more than 5,000 hours of flying experience and eight types of aircraft driver’s licenses, including the Boeing 747-400 large passenger jet. Because of the common pursuit of the joy of flying freely, as well as the passion to challenge the limit and break through self, John Travolta has always been a loyal fan of Breitling watches.
As the most trusted partner in the aviation industry, Breitling has been flying alongside the world aviation industry for more than a century. Since the first aviation chronograph was provided to pilots in 1915, a variety of precision flight timepieces such as the Breitling Navitimer has been a favorite of professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts; it has become a British since the late 1930s From the RAF chronograph supplier, the accurate and reliable Breitling cockpit timer has witnessed the legendary development of the human aviation industry. In 1999, Breitling Orbiter 3 completed the first non-stop global flight of humans, etc. Constantly challenge the limits of flying … Bronze has a long history of aviation industry and actively participates in many aviation events around the world to witness the latest achievements of the aviation industry.

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