Bright Moon Sends Acacia Mido Belem Celli Multifunctional Chronograph Moon Phase Watch

At the time of ‘Stars Shining on Jiuzhou, Sending Acacia Tomorrow’, Mido Belem Saili Moon Phase Watch delicately shows the time change between the full moon and the moon, as if telling ‘ ‘Thousands of people are separated, and their hearts are far apart.’ The 31 date display on the dial shows the strong affection of the lover and records the sweet moments. Hao Yue proves the beauty of the eternal dome between the wrists
     Hao Yue is empty, and his thoughts are strong. For thousands of years, whether it is the lovesickness of ‘I wish people a long time, a thousand miles together,’ or the chicness of ‘toasting the moon and inviting the moon, the shadow becomes three’, the moon is people’s emotions and Spiritual sustenance.
     In ancient civilizations, the first simple method of measuring time was to use the natural cycle of the year, the lunar month, and the solar day. In ancient Roman times, the first calendar described the lunar month. Seven days in a week symbolized the gods that dominate the seven planets. This magical horoscope has continued perfectly to this day. People’s research on time has never stopped, not only in pursuit of more accurate timekeeping, but also in keeping with the different times in which we live.
     There is a lack of shade in the moon, and being able to apply this phenomenon to a watch is indeed an outstanding invention. The Belem Celli multifunctional chronograph moon phase watch is the perfect expression of this timeless pursuit. It combines elegance and technology, and inherits the consistent exquisite characteristics of the Belem Celli series. The perfect styling design, excellence in detail processing, and harmonious and symmetrical curve radians have made this watch an impeccable and perfect look.
     Inheriting the harmonious and elegant design concept of the Rennes Opera House in France, the round curve of the Belem Sairee Moon Phase watch retains its unique temperament connotation, and the elegant appearance is fascinating. At the same time, Mido’s watchmaking technology has also been strongly reflected. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes the timing and other functional readings perfect and clear. The overall design is peaceful and not exaggerated, the details are carved and carved, and the case lines also reflect an extraordinary sense of balance, and the appearance is bright and generous.
     At 6 o’clock, this watch features an hour lap and a gorgeous moon phase ring. At 12 o’clock, the minute hand is timed, and at the same time, two small hollow windows display the month and week. The inside of the dial is extended with a date circle, and the date can be easily read through the long central arrow pointer. At 9 o’clock, the two concentric circles function as a second hand and a 24-hour timer. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can easily observe the powerful movement of the multi-function mechanical movement and the carved rotor. The Mido Berencelli multi-function chronograph moon phase watch also has a stainless steel case with a belt to choose from, I believe we will be able to offer you the most exciting moon phase scenery.
     The PVD rose gold-plated dial shines in the moonlight, and the diamond-polished hands reappear on the dial week after week. It is fascinating. Enjoy the beauty of the dome that jumps between your wrists, and understand the changes of the stars and moons on your wrists.
Basic parameters of Mido Berencelli multifunctional chronograph moon phase watch
Movement: mechanical multifunctional automatic and manual winding. MIDO1321 movement (based on ETA Valjoux 7751)
Diameter: 13?’’’, 30.00 mm, thickness: 7.90 mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof system, gold-plated nickel balance, NIVAROX II balance spring, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, rounded gums, Geneva ripples and a logo-torped automatic rotor, with a 46-hour power reserve.
Function: hours, minutes, seconds, 24 hours, time, multi-function, date, week, month, moon phase indication
Time: hour and minute hands, short seconds and 24-hour chronograph hand at 9 o’clock
Multi-function timing: 60 seconds in the center, 30 minutes in the 12 o’clock position, 12 hours in the 6 o’clock position
Date-Day-Month: The date hand is in the center, and the day and month are displayed at 12 o’clock
Moon Phase: Moon Phase Imaging and 6 o’clock
Case: stainless steel 316L (DIN X2CrNiMo 17 14 3) PVD rose gold plated, 3-part combination, double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, transparent back can see the carefully crafted movement, 11-digit serial number, 50 meters waterproof .
Strap: Calfskin leather strap with rolled crocodile pattern and PVD rose gold-plated folding buckle.
Dial: Silver, independent scale display
Hands: Diamond cutting and polishing