Singapore’s First Fundraising Party Raised 1.2 Million Singapore Dollars

The National Gallery Singapore is the premier visual arts institution in Southeast Asia. Vacheron Constantin was the sponsor of the first fundraising party in 2016 and helped the museum raise 1.2 million Singapore dollars. The fund-raising evening was held on October 12, with 250 guests including local and regional artists, patrons of art galleries and good people, including personal and corporate philanthropists.

Front of National Gallery of Singapore
   Vacheron Constantin has a long tradition of loving art and culture, and constantly strives for excellence and actively supports artistic creativity. The funds raised at this event will assist the museum to deepen its collection research, increase and preserve its collections, and display them to the world. The money will also be used to fund community and educational programs in the art gallery.

From left to right: Mr. Yassin Tag, CEO of Vacheron Constantin Southeast Asia and Australia; Mr. Xie Fuhua, Director of the National Gallery of Singapore; Ms. Fu Haiyan, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth; Ms. Zhang Xueqian, CEO of the National Gallery of Singapore; Chief Executive Officer of Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific Mr. Julien Tornare and Mr. Jae Soh, Marketing and Communications Director, Vacheron Constantin Southeast Asia and Australia.

A charity auction was held at the dinner, featuring artworks and opportunities to participate in unique events, including a visit to the Vacheron Constantin watch factory.

   The museum’s first fundraising event was held on October 7 in the museum’s carefully restored City Hall and Supreme Court platform, in the form of cocktail parties and dinners. Famous international and Singaporean artists, as well as affiliates of art galleries, generously donate multiple pieces of art and participate in unique events for auction. Other auctions include social and educational programs from art galleries for students, dialect communities, vulnerable children and the hearing impaired.

Before the dinner, guests were invited to visit the Vacheron Constantin brand exhibition located in the art gallery city hall

Dinner guests (from left to right) Ms. Ow Pui Yee and Mr. Victor Ow, (from left to right) Ms. Paige Parker and Mr. Jim Rogers

   Ms. Zhang Xueqian, Chief Executive Officer of the National Gallery of Singapore, said: ‘… the support of the public and the guests of the (National Gallery of Singapore) fundraising evening, and we strongly encourage us to promote the art of Southeast Asia and Singapore …’

Mr. Julien Tornare, CEO of Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific, welcomed the guests.

Guests watched watchmaking demonstrations by watchmakers in the town hall.

   ‘Vacheron Constantin believes that the transfer of knowledge can build a treasure house of everyone, bring together our skills and experience, and lead us to perfection. We support Singapore’s vision of enhancing Singapore’s role as an international platform for visual arts.’ Vacheron Constantin Asia-Pacific chief executive Julien Tornare said.

Blancpain Blancpain’s ‘heart Is The Ocean’ Touring Theme Exhibition Lands In Moscow

Blancpain’s ‘Hearts of the Sea’ International Touring Theme Exhibition continued to sail, arriving in Moscow, the Russian capital. On November 2, the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in the exhibition hall on the 5th floor of the famous Central Department Store (TSUM) in Moscow. Blancpain Global Vice President Alain Delamuraz and National Geographic Resident Explorer Dr. Enric Sala demonstrated the extraordinary charm of the ocean to brand connoisseurs, celebrities, media reporters and passionate marine enthusiasts present , Revealing the possibility of a deeper understanding of the underwater world.
Blancpain Global Vice President Alain Delamuraz and National Geographic Explorer Explorer Dr. Eric Sarah
National Geographic Resident Explorer Dr. Erik Sarah and Blancpain Global Vice President Alain Delamuraz

   Throughout the history of brand development, Blancpain has always pursued innovation and has developed innovation as a great tradition of the brand. One of the most important innovations in watchmaking is the pioneer of the modern diving watch released in 1953-Fifty Fathoms. This watch is Blancpain’s current president of diving passionate Jean-Jacques Fiechter and the founder of the French Navy’s diving commando, Robert ‘Bob’ Marubier (Rober ‘ The work of Bob ‘Maloubier), which draws a blueprint for the production of diving watches for the entire watchmaking industry. At the same time, the Fifty Fathoms watch series has brought the safety features that are urgently needed in diving for underwater explorers, photographers and videographers, allowing them to show the beauty of the ocean to the public, thus making the underwater world secret. Significant contribution.
   To pay tribute to this brand tradition, Blancpain is committed to protecting and preserving the oceans of the earth, actively investing in supporting major scientific research projects, ocean exploration operations, underwater photography, environmental forums, exhibitions, launching focus publications and a dedicated website to enhance the public Broad awareness of protecting the ocean. Together, these efforts have become a commonweal cause of Blancpain’s ‘Minds for the Ocean’.
Alain Delamuraz, Global Vice President, Blancpain

   To date, this operation has achieved many concrete results, including the ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition’ project of Blancpain and the International Geographic Society, which have jointly promoted an increase of 3 million square kilometers in marine protected areas and expanded the total area of ​​marine protected areas. Doubled.
   Blancpain’s ‘Heart on the Sea’ Moscow Touring Theme Exhibition will be open to the public on November 5th from the 5th floor of the Central Department Store at 2 Petrovka Street.