Twenty 4 Twenty-four Hours Of Tender Companionship

At the beginning of the new millennium, the name Twenty ~ 4® is almost unknown when it comes to Patek Philippe women’s watches. Her exquisite appearance, stable travel time and easy to wear make her the perfect choice for ladies when choosing Patek Philippe watches. In recent years, ladies have become more and more enthusiastic about complex mechanical watches. The advent of Patek Philippe’s series of Ladies First complex functional watches has gradually brought the Twenty ~ 4® series out of people’s sight. Today, with more and more choices of women’s watches, it is also time to relive the simple and exquisite beauty of Twenty ~ 4®.

24-hour companionship

    In Patek Philippe’s history, there are many timepieces made specifically for women, such as the opening of the Patek Philippe watch by the British Queen Elizabeth I at the London World’s Fair; the first square bracelet watch commissioned by Hundred Duchess Koscowicz; A women’s five-minute timepiece from 1916. Most of them are custom made for female customers. The first regular watch series designed for women was Twenty ~ 4®, launched in 1999.

    The name of this series of women’s watches is Twenty ~ 4®, which reflects Patek Philippe’s high hopes for it: it can adapt to the needs of modern women in different identities, different occasions and different styles, always show their personality and style, and get time at any time and conveniently . In other words, she is the company’s 24-hour companion.

Elegant, slim, convenient and precise

    Twenty ~ 4®’s shape is inspired by Patek Philippe’s classic non-circular geometric model Gondolo series. It specially selects a small rectangular case to interpret the Art Deco line beauty. A soft bracelet-style bracelet sets off a woman’s slim and elegant wrist. In addition, the mirror, case and bracelet are all curved, which perfectly echoes the feminine curvature of the female wrist, making the Twenty ~ 4® watch and the wrist as one.

    In addition to the slim design, the Twenty ~ 4® series also features diamond embellishments. The simple dial and case are inlaid with double rows of diamonds, which are low-key and subtle, elegant yet playful and cute. The dial colors include classic black, bright white, solid coffee, modern dark gray, mysterious midnight blue, and stainless steel and gold. , Rose gold bracelet or silk silk straps of various colors, can create a variety of styles; more sophisticated craftsmanship full of diamond models, diamonds on the dial, bracelet, or snowflake inlay, the style is random and romantic, or long Diamond inlaid, noble and gorgeous, extraordinary style.
    At the same time, Patek Philippe chose the Caliber E 15 quartz movement for the Twenty ~ 4® series based on the actual needs of modern women. This specially-built quartz movement has high precision and sufficient power, which meets the needs of modern women for precise travel time and power reserve. For women who prefer mechanical watches, you can also find full diamond styles with delicate mechanical movements in the Twenty ~ 4® series. The manual winding design makes wearing more fun.

Timepieces and jewellery

    For modern women, watches are not just a tool for measuring time, but also accessories to show their personal style. Its role is no less than glorious jewelry. Therefore, the Twenty ~ 4® series watches are all crafted with exquisite jewellery craftsmanship and set with exquisite gemstones to set off the extraordinary charm of women.

    Not only that, Patek Philippe also created a number of high-end jewelry watches for the Twenty ~ 4 series. The complexity of the craftsmanship and the exquisite shapes are no less than a piece of jewelry art. For example, the 2012 ‘Rose’ watch is set with 1671 diamonds, 922 rubies, and 131 emeralds, and uses the case, dial and bracelet as drawing paper, depicting an elegant and unique ‘roses and leaves’ pattern. In 2014, it coincided with the 150th anniversary of the founding of Patek Philippe and the 15th anniversary of the birth of the Twenty ~ 4 series. To this end, Patek Philippe used 1937 top Wesselton diamonds and sapphires to inlay a lifelike ‘aquatic life’ sketch.

    Twenty ~ 4 adhering to the concept of decorative art design, with simple design and diamond embellishment, release the elegance of women. Whether working hard at home or spending time with your loved ones at home, the Twenty ~ 4 series can become women’s close friends, succeed together, laugh together, and witness wonderful moments together.

Introduction of some models:
4910 / 10A-012 & gt; Women’s Twenty ~ 4® Series:

Twenty ~ 4® Medium
Case set with 36 diamonds (~ 0.45 ct)
Blue sunburst dial, diamond hour markers and gold applied Roman numerals
Stainless steel bracelet
Folding clasp
Water resistance 30 meters
Case dimensions: 25 x 30 mm


Quartz Movement
Movement E15
Dimensions: 16.3 × 13 mm
Thickness: 1.8 mm
Gems: 6
Number of parts: 57