Month: June 2012

Wei Aixin Moving, Xun Has Lingxi’ Citizen X Wei Daxun Qixi Table Confession

On flowing Valentine’s Day, the singles who are iron-clad and the Chinese New Year are approaching, how can you confess to the goddess you love? How to save straight men’s earthy love story? How to deal with my girlfriend’s proposition? On July 29, well-known watch brand Citizen joined hands with the brand ambassador and exemplary ideal boyfriend—Wei Daxun came to Xinmart Mall in Shenyang Middle Street to open a training course on the Qixi Festival of “Wei Aixindong, Xun You Ling Xi”.

   Wei Daxun staged a ‘confession reality show’ on the spot. He accepted the triple assessment of lines, form, and desire to survive, and performed a trilogy of love courses. Regardless of being an overbearing president or a gentle boyfriend, Wei Daxun can easily cope with the assessment, and also recommended the Citizen Perpetual Calendar, Satellite Synchronization, and Huayu Fengyin series watches for fans with different dating scenes.

   After confession-level training, Wei Daxun finally cleared the customs and successfully unlocked the ‘Tanabata Gift Box’, which is also a carefully-made Tanabata gift for him. The sweet packaging gift box has Wei Daxun’s photo printed on it, and a beautiful Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Timekeeping Watch has been ‘hidden’ in a heart of love, making the expressions sweet and upgraded. Wei Daxun also expressed very surprise: ‘One of my favorite links in the game is the rewards for customs clearance! But the rewards in the game are not physical. Today this is a physical and very pleasant surprise.’

   At the end of the event, Wei Daxun not only revealed his idealistic style playfully, but also expressed his affectionately that fans ‘dance you with light and move you with me’ caused the fans to scream passionately. At present, Wei Daxun’s Tanabata core gift box has been listed simultaneously in Citizen’s online and offline stores. Move quickly and save this Citizen gift carefully prepared for Tanabata!

Happy Sport Oval Watch With The First Bracelet Watch Brings Chopard Classic Series To A New Life

The Happy Sport series watches are timeless and fun, and they are constantly innovating to create the ultimate elegance. It embodies the spirit of the times in a fascinating way. The oval watch adopts a new proportion of lighter and harmonious, with a unique shape and perfect shape, which closely fits the curvature of the wrist. With the ‘Galet’ bracelet used when the first watch of this classic series came out in 1993, it is even warmer. Wan charming, once again witnessed Chopard’s superb skills. This masterpiece of luck-like amulet is available in three options: stainless steel, 18K rose gold and two-tone. It is exquisitely elegant and echoes the sweet life concept advocated by the Happy Sport series. Inside the case, the automatic movement 01.09-C, which was developed and manufactured by the brand itself, seems to hide the luxury treasures and quietly beat.

First Happy Sport bracelet watch

Chopard Happy Sport Oval

Blurring the gender boundary, matching steel and diamonds to achieve eternity in an instant, the spirit of Happy Sport is just like the classic watch of the same name, offering you everything. Paired with a soft and elastic metal bracelet like a knitted fabric, the new bracelet watch takes this seemingly contradictory opposition to the extreme. The bracelet is available in 18K rose gold, stainless steel, and 18K rose gold and stainless steel two-tone models, which perfectly fits the curvature of the wrist, which is more delicate and exquisite. The prototype prototype of the Happy Sport series, introduced in 1993, is exquisite and exquisite, reinterpreting its unique insights into balancing fashion style and elegance. The delicately intertwined pebble-shaped bracelet makes the Happy Sport Oval watch as simple as an amulet in an elegant retro atmosphere. The round pebble links on the bracelet are beautifully polished, interlocking, freely moving and comfortable to wear.

Chopard Happy Sport Oval

Happy Sport Oval watches are available in 18K rose gold and stainless steel with polished or diamond-set bezels. The woven bracelet was created by the craftsmen of the Chopard watch factory, witnessing the brand’s vertical integration of all craftsmanship and skills, and it is this vertical integration that has enabled Chopard to achieve many timepieces and jewelry masterpieces. This unique strategy of bringing craftsmen together can not only complement each other’s craftsmanship, but also allow the brand to fully control every step in the production process of this extraordinary boutique, just like every piece produced in the Chopard workshop. .

A perfect oval

Chopard Happy Sport Oval

On the 25th anniversary of the Happy Sport watch, Chopard redesigned the elliptical shape for its watchmaking classics. Drawing inspiration from elegant lines, the Happy Sport Oval watch embodies the style of Chopard’s classics, and follows the trend from the fashion industry to the watchmaking industry. It pays homage to the eternal feminine charm through a lighter and more harmonious proportion. The bezel curve is agile and smooth, revealing a delicate and unique style on the wrist. Each line of the Happy Sport Oval watch outlines a light and soft arc, conveying a optimistic attitude to enjoy a sweet life, which coincides with the spirit of the Happy Sport watch. The closed ellipse breeds all possible possibilities, brewing the transformation of the future. On the dial of the Happy Sport Oval watch, a bright future is opened in every second. With its exquisite watchmaking technology, Chopard equipped the Happy Sport Oval watch with a 09.01-C self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by the watch factory.

Happy Sport, a new interpretation of time

Chopard Happy Sport Oval watch wearing diagram

In 1993, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele upheld the spirit of advancing with the times and designed a sports watch based on a novel and unique combination of materials such as steel and diamond. The Happy Sport series was born in 焉, a bold and avant-garde innovation. The diamonds on the dial follow the spirit of Happy Diamonds. Like the star dancers, they swirl and dance between two layers of sapphire glass. The Happy Sport watch quickly became the iconic design of the Geneva brand Chopard, leading the field in women’s watches. . The Happy Sport series of watches not only triggers a change in aesthetics and style, it is also a reflection of advancing with the times and exquisite craftsmanship. The wearer can not only read the time through this exquisite watch, but also appreciate the wonderful ballet starring in the swirling diamonds. Chopard is following this luxurious idea and put forward a new theory: we must not only look at time with a pragmatic perspective, but also feel the romantic poetry of time. This is the unremitting mission of this watch masterpiece, and the wearer of the Happy Sport series also plays an irreplaceable role in it. The wrist movement of the wearer provides a source of power for this constantly changing picture. This series represents the courage to move forward. Since its inception, the Happy Sport watch has been continuously innovating, preparing for never-ending innovation. The variety of styles reflects Chopard’s ingenious ingenuity and creativity. In terms of shape and design, the graceful device is advancing with the times with the change of time, style evolution and technological innovation.

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