Cartier Id One Concept Watch

Cartier ID One Concept Watch
Cartier ID One concept watch
Innovative keywords: Niobium-titanium alloy, Z & eacute; rodur, Carbon Crystal, one-piece pallet, lubrication-free, ADLC coating
Movement: copper plywood with ADLC coating, Geneva stripe polished
Case: Niobium titanium case
Dial: Carbon crystal transparent dial
Strap: black fabric strap, 18K white gold adjustable folding buckle
Case diameter: 46 mm
Innovation type: application of many new materials
评论 [Review]
很多 In the minds of many people, it seems that most of the things related to the term ‘concept’ are ‘illusory’ and ‘not practical’. However, except for watches. Watches, which are traditional ‘time carriers’, are now given more meaning than simply recording time. Cartier, a brand that was once titled as ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, now has its identity as a standard-bearer in the professional watch industry. The ID One Concept in front of it has not become so simple as a ‘concept table’.