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The World Is Full Of Beauty And Beauty, Not As Good As Your Eyebrow.

‘I ride on an oil tanker, Lang rides on a green horse. Where do we tie together? Under the Xiling pine and cypress.’ There is a Mucai Pavilion next to the Xiling Bridge in Xihu, Hangzhou, and a small grave under the pavilion , Letter ‘Qiantang Su Xiaoxiao’s Tomb’. Su Xiaoxiao, a kabuki in the Southern Dynasties, was extremely beautiful and had lived in the dreams of literati for thousands of years. It is still controversial whether Su Xiaoxiao is indeed someone, but the ‘Qiantang Su Xiaoge’ in the ancient poetry collection ‘Yutai Xinyong’ has been circulating for more than a thousand years, and it has become a classic picture of talented ladies dating. There is no time in the poem, much like the evening, the sky is dim, the horse is blue, and the pine and cypress are also green and cold. Perhaps in the hearts of ancient Chinese, love should be elegant and long. Girl feelings are always poetic. The word ‘green’ for ‘green horse’ depicts the ink-and-wash picture of Su Xiao’s careful eyes, a handsome young man strategizing his horse. 01 Beautiful cyan love Chinese ancients love cyan. From the clear water to the dark night, you can think of ‘blue’: Xueqing, Aiqing, Bamboo Green, Bean Green, Indigo Green, Tibetan Green, Xuanqing … We will still use Zongzi today. The allusions to persuade students to learn ‘blue is out of blue.’ Love the blue into the bones, the representative is Song Huizong Zhao Yun, the literary and artistic emperor who is deep in calligraphy, painting and poetry, leaving many fine works of art, his ‘Ruihetu’ is one of the collections of the Liaoning Provincial Museum Town Hall, ten The background behind the eight flying cranes is the cyan sky. ‘Ruihetu’ @Liaoning Provincial Museum Collection His preference for azure color has also influenced the development history of Chinese porcelain art. Ruyao celadon has been favored by Song Huizong because of the azure glaze color, and it has become a top five Song Dynasty. The head of the famous kiln. Northern Song Dynasty Ru Kiln Celadon Non-Textured Narcissus Basin @ Taipei Forbidden City Museum Collection The blue color is not only loved by the emperor’s family, but also integrated into various beautiful images by the people. Green plums and green apricots are often associated with vibrant young boys and girls. Especially refers to the two little no guess, innocent sweet love. ‘Green’ has many meanings in ancient China. One of them is related to love, and the word ‘love’ is even more image. Young people have a mind. To this day, the word ‘blue’ is still used to create an atmosphere of love. Fang Wenshan wrote in ‘Blue and White Porcelain’ ‘Sky is blue and so on, and I am waiting for you’. Oriental Valentine’s Day is approaching. We saw a special cyan on a new watch just released. Looking at the dial, our eyes seemed to be gradually immersed in another time and space. Vacheron Constantin Heritage Line Smoke Cyan Chinese Limited Edition Watch is the exclusive Vacheron Constantin Heritage Line China limited edition female watch. The color of the mother-of-pearl dial is very different from the previous white or pale pink. Vacheron Constantin specially gave it a blue Color and named ‘smoky blue’, with alligator leather strap and pink gold case of the same color, very exquisite and elegant. Following the launch of a variety of watches with dai blue and midnight blue dials at the beginning of the year, this is another new version of Vacheron Constantin’s blue dial this year. Compared with the bright dai blue and rich midnight blue, this female dial is more elegant. Color is more in favor of the elegant and poetic ‘smoky blue’ of ancient China. Vacheron Constantin’s Wulu-shaped series automatic winding watch-daily blue dial ‘Rain passes through the sky and clouds break through’. Later generations used the sky described in the ancient poem to describe the color of Ruyao celadon, and Vacheron Constantin’s smoky pearl pearl The white ripples on the mother dial are slightly like the sky just after the sun has set and the clouds are sparse. And the beautiful meaning of ‘admiration’ expressed in cyan is perfect for Qixi Festival, a traditional festival of love. Long press the icon to identify the small program, you can order this Vacheron Constantin The line-up series of smoke blue China limited edition watches, officially released on August 1. 02 The unforgettable lover’s green collar is green. This somewhat cold, yet very gentle color tone often becomes the background of love stories. The ancients used this to write a lot of poems praising love and lover. In addition to ‘Qiantang Su Xiaoge’, another love poem in ‘Yutai Xinyong’ has a witty color, and the Han Yuefu poem ‘Mo Shang Sang’ wrote a story of a young woman under 20 who refused to be conscientious. Qin’s daughter Luo Shi is beautiful and beautiful. When she sees her passersby, she often loses her heart and forgets the business at hand. Luo Shi is also a virtuous and hardworking young woman who is particularly good at raising silkworms. One day, Taishou met Luo Shi on the road, and she was ill at once. She invited her to go with her in a carriage. Who knew that the young woman gave a vengeful retribution and talked about her husband’s pride: ‘Why use a husband? Bai Macong Maju, green silk is the tail of the horse, and the head of the golden horse. ” How to identify my husband? The big officer who rides the white horse and follows the little black horse is that he tied the horse’s tail with green silk, and the horse’s head wore a golden halter. ‘ With her husband’s horse pony tail fluttering with a cyan ribbon and mighty beauty, Luo Shi was sweetly proud. Vacheron Constantin’s lineage series of smoky blue Chinese limited edition watches and heritage series automatic winding watches-Midnight blue dial with ‘blue’ to render love, the most representative is the ‘Book of Songs’, poems from ‘National Wind · Zheng Feng ‘Zi Qin’: ‘Qing Qing Zi Xun, leisurely my heart. Zi Ning does not miss the sound? Qing Qing Zi Pei, leisurely I think. As long as I do not go, Zi Ning does not come? Pick Xi Daxi, in the city Xi. I do n’t see it in a day, like March! ”The girl was in love, but she could n’t let it go. She complained that her loved one was late and had no message. In the long thoughts, in the interlacing of dreams and reality, what is most impressed by the man is the blue collar and the blue ribbon of the jade pendant. Yupei is a token of love in ancient times. The ancient Chinese have developed dazzling love tokens for thousands of years, and each has its own meaning. The closest thing to Shanmeng’s pledge is the hair— ‘green silk’. The homonym happens to be ‘love’. Sending the head to the sweetheart is to leave love and thoughts with him. The token has the meaning of a contract and an oath. Lovers donate tokens to each other, expressing a commitment to love, without the need for a marriage book and ceremony. The token is my testimony of your loyalty. Vacheron Constantin’s lineage series of smoked-blue Chinese limited edition watches in Eastern Han Fanqin’s ‘Love Poems’ listed many sentimental tokens, ‘Why do fists? Arms with double gold rings. Why is attentive? About one pair of silver. There are double pearls in the ear. Why is it so stupid? The sachet is behind the elbow. Why is the width of the sacrifice wide? The wrists are twined. ”This poem can be regarded as a collection of ancient Chinese tokens. Faith is more about love than value. Bracelets, earrings, buns, sachets, combs, ropas … because of symbolic meaning, or because of the scent of a lover, it becomes a heart-loving acacia. ‘The sachet is behind the elbow’ makes you not only smell the aroma, but also the tenderness of your lover. In the Song Dynasty, Gao Guan had a sentence: ‘The concentric Luopa is light Tibetan, and the sachet is golden.’ ‘A Dream of Red Mansions’ Here, Baoyu was beaten hard by her father, and Daiyu secretly came to see him, ‘I saw (Daiyu) two eyes with swollen peaches and tears in her face.’ That night, Baoyu “did Daiyu because of her heart”, that is, sent Qingwen to send two old handkerchiefs to Daiyu. Qingwen was puzzled. At the sight of Daiyu, she didn’t feel the spirit swinging. 03 Wristwatch The ticking watch on the wrist beats with the pulse. It is personal and exquisitely compact, like a token in ancient China. The hands rotate, time passes, no matter whether you and I are accompanied by the night and night, this watch is like I am by your side, feeling your body temperature and breath. Watch sent love, often accompanied by ‘Mountains without hills, rivers are exhausted, winter thunder shocks, summer rain and snow, heaven and earth, but dare to smash the king.’ The ancients once expressed the ultimate romance between lovers, and they began to exaggerate time. In the eyes of lovers, time is really a mysterious thing. Waiting for the loved one to arrive, you may raise your wrist from time to time to glance at the pointer. One minute is as long as an hour. Together, a meal, a cup of tea, or just snuggling quietly, time seems to be flying, and it feels like only a moment, but the minute hand has been rotated once or even twice. It is said that Einstein used the story of time and love to explain to young students what relativity is. Time is such a joke. The length of time depends on your different moods. The Vacheron Constantin watch on your wrist adheres to the ticking rhythm and does not change for one minute and one second, while your heartbeat and mood fluctuations stretch and bend the time to the fullest, the rigorous hours, minutes and seconds become abstract and romantic. This Vacheron Constantin inherited a series of smoke-blue women’s watches with the meaning of ‘admiration’, expressing love with color, with a bit of subtlety, the time significance of the watch, and reminding lovers to cherish every moment of companionship. Jewelry setters set the bezel with 64 classic cut round diamonds to add sparkle to love; the watchmaker’s carefully polished faceted gold hour markers are set on the dial, and the gold hour and minute hands are in the shape of a traditional broad sword. The gold-polished ‘Maltese Cross’ brand logo below the 12 o’clock position of the dial is a symbol of the excellent quality of Vacheron Constantin watches. It is accurate, stable and trustworthy, just like our expectations for love. Vacheron Constantin inherits a series of smoky Chinese limited edition watchesToday, the global watchmaking industry produces more than 1 billion timepieces each year, and 25 million pieces are produced in Switzerland, and only 500,000 of them meet the advanced watchmaking standards. Vacheron Constantin timepieces each year Only more than 20,000 pieces are produced, which are even more precious and rare. Each one is a masterpiece of excellence. This watch is limited to only 50 pieces, which is definitely a love token for thousands of miles. Moreover, Vacheron Constantin has listed every piece of work on record, which can be traced, so as to provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service and abide by the eternal promise of time. A Vacheron Constantin watch symbolizing love, cherished and taken care of by customers, and received professional and intimate service from the brand, will become a testimony of lovers’ loyal and loyal love throughout their lives, and they will also record their true and touching stories, endless, Pass on to the younger generation. / end / Interview Notes of Lu Xi Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]

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