This Is The ‘fashionable’ Model. Taste The Omega Flying Lady Series Watch

Choosing a suitable watch is enough to show a woman’s personality, choosing different watch styles depends on your feelings. Omega has seized this with many years of watchmaking experience, combining fashion, classic, elegance and other elements, this year launched a new design of the disco classic watch, each watch can be presented Pure design style, interpreting cutting-edge fashion concepts. Let’s enjoy one of these watches together. (Watch model: 428.

Gorgeous and elegant modern female style

  The case is made of Sedna® 18K gold. It has a thin texture and comfortable wearing experience. Diamonds are paved along the curve on both sides of the case. The beautiful curvature naturally fits, and the precious materials highlight the noble sense of the watch. , 36 mm diameter women wear very suitable. The new 36 mm watch diameter has designed 5 watches of different colors and materials, each with its own unique charm.

  The lugs on one side are also covered with diamond design. The slightly curved design of the lugs fits the wrist. The lugs on both sides are 18 mm apart.

  The crown features the classic floral design of OMEGA. Made of red liquid ceramic, the pattern is composed of five Omega brand logos overlapping, and the diamond-studded flower core has a gorgeous charm, showing the glittering charm of fashionable women.

  The dial is designed in grey-brown lacquer. The color texture meets the needs of fashion people. The dial is embossed with Sedna® 18K gold Roman numerals and the hands are made of the same material. It meets the fashion needs while taking into account the elegant and noble design. The mirror is round and wear-resistant sapphire glass. The interior is anti-reflective.

  The watch is equipped with a gray-brown leather strap, which matches the overall color tone of the watch. Its color design is very unique, and it will be the most eye-catching presence when displayed in the showcase.

  It is equipped with an Omega 4061 movement, which is waterproof to 30 meters and meets the daily needs of women. The special mirror back is adorned with the ‘Her Time’ pattern, which complements the red floral design of the crown, and incorporates artistic elements into it with rigorous watchmaking.

  Summary: The new watch launched by OMEGA this time continues its long tradition of creating exquisite and elegant watches for women. Combining with the innovative needs of the times, it extracts the essence of the original classic design and compares it with the avant-garde fashion design concept. Combining them, launching a watch that meets the needs of modern women, expanding the charm of women, adding fashion and elegance. Watch price: RMB 64,600 (picture / text watch home Qiu Shiya)

Introduction To Girard Perregaux Time Control Series

Girard-Perregaux was founded in 1791 as a high-end watch manufacturer. It is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and is now a member of the Sowind Group. The (World Time Control) series was founded in 2000, and it quickly became one of Girard Perregaux’s most iconic production lines.

Girard Perregaux watch series
& Ldquo; World Time & rdquo; function displays all time zones on its panel at the same time. The secret of its unique system lies in the coupling mechanism used to drive the ring that displays 24 time zones (represented by 24 cities). The hour hand has a day and night contrast function, which makes it easier for people to see the time.

Girard Perregaux is a real producer (meaning they have produced at least one movement in the industry). This unique movement is driven by the GP033C0 movement, which is a very powerful self-winding mechanical movement. It is also decorated with 63 gems. It runs at 28800vph (or 4 Hz, which is the most common speed for automatic mechanical motion), with a 46-hour power reserve.
透视 The interior that can see through its sapphire cover is the best example of watchmaking tradition: the circular pattern on the motherboard, the Geneva ripple of the bridge, the natural swing of the wrist to make the automatic coil rotation, blue steel screws.

Girard Perregaux Series Matt Black Short Nose Alligator Strap
The folding buckle on the matte black short-nosed crocodile leather strap ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. There is also a steel bracelet type strap with full satin interior.

Stainless steel case
腕表 This watch has replaced many other watches, including gold and titanium, but it will never replace a stainless steel case. It is the first stainless steel case in this series, the same size as the previous model, with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 13.4 mm.
Water-resistant to 50 meters.
Retail price: $ 14,000.

The Next ‘take-off’ Patek Philippe

In recent days, the focus of people talking about Patek Philippe has focused on Nautilus. For example, how much Nautilus has risen; various Nautilus recovered at high prices; buying Nautilus and so on. But just when everyone cares about Nautilus, a new Patek Philippe market is ‘ready to take off’. This watch is this year’s Patek Philippe new chronograph grenade (chronograph Aquanaut) 5968A.

Patek Philippe 5968 with orange tape.
 A few days ago, I chatted with a familiar god, and speaking of 5968, I learned that the market for 5968 has soared outside the mainland. Patek Philippe 5968 is a new version of PP this year. If it were not for this chat, I would have almost forgotten this watch. On the one hand, the reason is that the topic of Patek Philippe in China is all around Nautilus. On the other hand, the new 5968 didn’t appear much in the mainland’s primary and secondary markets, and it didn’t attract attention. However, the current situation is that the current actual price of 5968 with a public price of 320,000 (the public price of 320,400) has reached more than 450,000.

Patek Philippe 5968 with black tape.
Grenade has always been more low-key than Nautilus.
 Compared to the well-known and hot Nautilus, Patek Philippe Aquanaut, also known as a grenade, has always been relatively low-key. Patek Philippe Aquanaut (commonly known as grenade) is a watch series launched by Patek Philippe in 1997. The grenade is also a Patek Philippe sports watch. Many people regard the grenade as the ‘evolutionary model’ of the nautilus. The biggest difference between the grenade and the nautilus is that the grenade lacks the two ‘ears’ of the nautilus. With the shape of the dial and the lines on the dial, it is very similar to a grenade, so it has this common name. The grenade is designed to be more sporty than the nautilus, with tape or steel chain. The junior version also uses the 324 movement and the nautilus. Patek Philippe Nautilus also considered and retained some formal styles while exercising. The Patek Philippe Grenade is almost completely sporty.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 (top) and Grenade 5167 (bottom).
 The low-key of the grenade is mainly reflected in the same as the Patek Philippe’s steel case sports watch (also available in a gold case), because the Patek Philippe Nautilus is very well known, the grenade is not as hot as the Nautilus. The Patek Philippe steel shell sports watch has always been hot fried Nautilus, and the price of the Patek Philippe Grenade is relatively low. For example, the steel shell three-pin grenade of tape with a price of 5167 is 130,000 (the price of the tape version is 138700, and the steel chain is 160200). The actual price of the tape version is 150,000, which is ‘modest’ than the nautilus and the second-hand price is more it is good. So some people who want to buy PP sports watches, but do not deliberately pursue Nautilus, go to buy a grenade.

Patek Philippe 5968
What kind of watch is the grenade 5968 taking off?

 The Patek Philippe Grenade has fewer branches. Before that, there were only three major needles (such as 5167, 5168) and two places (such as 5164). This year, the new 5968 is the first time model of the grenade.

Patek Philippe 5968
 The biggest feature of the 5968 is its high color value, which is particularly fashionable. The 5968 uses a colored dial surface and colored tape. The chronograph seconds hand, scale in the center of the dial and the 30-minute chronograph dial and chronograph hands at 6 o’clock are orange. The tape is also orange. Yellow (both black and orange). The orange color scheme is particularly striking. Before playing color labels, color discs, and ribbons, the Royal Oak Offshore, Hublot Fusion, Hublot Big Bang and other luxury sports watches that closely followed the fashion trend were generally used. Patek Philippe is relatively conservative, this time ‘breakthrough’ on the 5968. If you compare the Nautilus 5980, which is also a chronograph with a similar disk layout, to the grenade 5968, you will find that the new grenade 5968 is particularly stylish and young.

Patek Philippe Nautilus timing 5980 (top) and Patek Philippe grenade timing 5968 (bottom).
 Both Nautilus 5980 and Grenade 5968 use Patek Philippe CH28 chronograph movement (automatic winding, column wheel, vertical clutch, flyback function), so the watch dial layout is similar, but there is a detail to pay attention to, 6 points of Nautilus 5980 The position counter has a 60-minute counter and a 12-hour counter. The two counters are set together (the 60-minute counter is on the outer ring and the 12-hour counter is on the inner ring). The 6-point counter of the grenade 5968 is only 60 minutes. There is no 12-hour counter, which is different from the Nautilus 5980.

The CH28 self-winding chronograph movement used by Patek Philippe 5968 and 5968.
 The new Patek Philippe 5968 is a steel watch with a size larger than the previous steel case three-pin grenade 5167. The steel case three-pin 5167 is 40 mm in size, 5968 is 42.2 mm in size and 11.9 mm thick (in the automatic chronograph) It’s relatively thin). The new 5968’s dial continues to maintain the checkered pattern of the grenade, with a calendar at 3 o’clock. As a sports watch, the grenade 5968 maintains a water resistance of 120 meters.

Patek Philippe 5968
 After the launch of 5968, I also read some foreign comments on this watch. Everyone thinks that 5968 is a very fashionable and young Patek Philippe. Great for young people, but destined to be owned by very few people. First of all, the public price of 320,000 is very high. The current situation is (outside of the mainland). Even if you have the opportunity to buy 5968, you must distribute it and buy another PP. So the actual price is more than 400,000. This is also the reason why the actual price of 5968 on the secondary market must reach more than 450,000.

Patek Philippe grenade timing 5968 (top) and conventional three-pin grenade 5167 (bottom).
 Therefore, I have also seen people suggesting that grenade will become the next nautilus? Personally, I don’t think so. From the positioning and fair value of Patek Philippe, the nautilus is higher and the grenade is lower. There is always a nautilus on a grenade. Like a Rolex DJ, there is always a DD in front. DJ popular models, explosive models, there are some times when the price is high, but not higher than DD. In addition, the nautilus was born in 1976 and the grenade was born in 1997, which is many years behind. Nautilus has antique watches, while grenades do not. The antique nautilus and the selling of nautilus have the function of pulling each other’s quotations, which is not found in grenades. This time the new grenade 5968 soared all the way, but the conventional grenade 5167 and so on will continue to be ‘moderate’ (compared to the nautilus), so 5968 cannot be bought, the conventional grenade 5167 can still be considered.