Month: September 2011

A Heartbeat Journey Beyond Imagination – Breitling Luxury Watch Owner Enjoy The Ultimate Experience

In addition to focusing on my career, I will chase a variety of heartbeat experiences. Burning life makes life full of passion forever. This is the life credo of Breitling. Breitling, Switzerland’s top independent watchmaking brand, is not only good at watchmaking, but also pays more attention to the personal experience of customers. The Breitling Jet Team rushed to the sky to challenge gravity; join Breitling Basel’s top private party to experience a passionate and crazy full sensory feast; visit the Breitling Precision Timepiece Center to reveal the birth of professional timepieces. Every journey will be beyond imagination, every minute of the journey will undoubtedly become your unforgettable heartbeat memory. Welcome to the Breitling World!

Integrating speed, precision, and courage, the Breitling Jet Team is currently the world’s largest civilian professional jet aerobatic flight demonstration team. This unique flying team interprets the most cherished values ​​shared by the Breitling brand: superior performance, precision and reliability, aesthetic connotation and determined innovation. The powerful flying team vehicle, the L-39C Albatros two-seat jet military trainer, can also be used for passenger flights in addition to aerobatic demonstrations. Breitling’s distinguished watch owner can not only visit the scene in person, watch the aerobatic aerobatics show of the flying team up close, but also have the opportunity to sit in the rear cabin of the L-39C, and get rid of gravity with the elite pilots. When the plane takes off, the passion for flying will occupy your mind instantly, let’s meet the unprecedented exciting experience together. As long as you are bold and powerful inside, Breitling’s ace pilot will definitely not make this flight a leisurely aerial sightseeing-extreme speed up, vertical dive, 360-degree rollover, ultra close-range formation flying … The aerobatic flying action will instantly pull the G force to nearly 5, which is really enjoying a lofty ambition in the clouds and fog. When the flight is nearing its end, please remember to look out of the cabin and take a good look at the beautiful scenery of the European land. I believe this will be the best dessert for this flight.

释放 Intentionally released in a carnival that disrupts reality: Breitling’s top private party in Basel

As the most watched show of the annual Basel International Watch and Clock Fair, the annual Breitling Basel top private party has attracted the attention of watch lovers all over the world. It has led the latest trend of fashion-themed parties and has been called ‘ The most must-see event during the Basel show ‘, one ticket is hard to find. Here are the sexy and mysterious Breitling Angels showing their graces; the fire trees in the sky and the flowers on the ground alternately transform into a dream-like world; the hot, hot girls turn around the various music styles around the stage; All guests don’t need to pay attention to other people’s eyes, you can still be a good dancer even without any dance foundation. Take a sip of intoxicating wine, under the guidance of passionate dancers, sway along with the rhythm of the music, immerse in the atmosphere of singing and indulging, and enjoy the unique dazzling moment exclusive to Breitling … every year the theme of the party is Different and very individual, Breitling’s boundless imagination and imagination will always be unexpected. Breitling distinguished watch owners from all over the world have the opportunity to be invited to personally experience this passionate, crazy and boundless imaginative audio-visual feast, to release or explore the true self in the extraordinary world carefully created by Breitling.

Engraving time in an extraordinary precision square: exploring the Breitling Precision Timepiece Center

Breitling is the only famous watch brand in the world equipped with the most accurate and reliable movements for its entire series of watches. All movements (including mechanical watches and quartz watches) of all 11 major watches are certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). ——This is the highest benchmark for precision and reliability. Breitling builds a Breitling Chronométrie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, dedicated to the development and production of mechanical chronograph movements. Breitling’s distinguished watch owners will also have the opportunity to be invited to in-depth visits to all aspects of Breitling’s precision timepiece production process, from the selection of components to the inspection of the finished product, including each process of assembly, as well as steps such as oiling and adjustment, close range Experience Breitling’s superb watchmaking skills. It is this relentless pursuit of superior performance that inspires Breitling to continue to develop more advanced high-quality movements and more stringent production processes, and to create precise and extraordinary timepieces for customers.

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