Month: October 2010

Parmigiani Studio Concept Store Opens In Paris “Royal Palace”

‘Countryside in the city’: This is exactly what Parisians think of the ‘Palais-Royal’, the cultural and historical center of France. The Parmigiani Studio concept store is located here. This unique store is based on the concept of ‘sharing’, providing the patrons with an exclusive space to explore the works of Parmigiani timepieces.

 I’m afraid there has never been a more prestigious environment here. Opposite the Paris Stock Exchange, the ‘Royal Palace’ is the high-level seat of the French government, including the French Ministry of Culture. The echo of history echoes here: Molière has performed here, Lully has composed operas here, and Comédie-Française has deep roots here. A veranda connected by 180 metal arcades extends to the park, and the walkway is lined with trees, lined with linden and chestnut tree branches. Further south, the iconic marble columns by conceptual artist Daniel Buren are scattered throughout the Cour d’ Honneur. Once, the ‘Royal Palace’ was also part of the daily living work of the king’s artisan masters, who constantly improved their art works in high-level workshops.

 This Parmigiani Studio concept store is not a traditional store, but a creative space with a sense of study. The combination of professional joinery and inlay work, gray and bronze-colored puppets, together create a world full of elegance and creativity. Here, tradition and wisdom have a perfect collision.

 Elegant panels, parquet floors and oak elements create a warm atmosphere. The long display not only displays watches, but also books and other items, which complements the atmosphere. In this 40-square-meter studio, Parmigiani welcomes customers, VIPs and media friends to relax—the giant sofa that is as ‘green’ as the ‘Royal Palace’ century-old linden tree is relaxing.

 Opposite the display rack, wooden panels surround a fantasy cottage-like place. This space is used to display the unique watches and complex multifunctional timepieces in Parmigiani’s series, which proves Parmigiani’s unique position in the field of ‘high-end watches’.

 Like Parmigiani’s boutique on Mount Street in London, this Parmigioni Studio concept store in Paris’ ‘Royal Palace’ is also unique, elegant and unique, but also permeates the authentic Parisian atmosphere. . For those who see time as the source of eternal charm, this is the ideal place to meet.

Parmigiani Studio Patron, Brand Friend — Guy Martin
 To celebrate the opening of the Studio Concept Store, Parmigiani has invited Michelin Samsung Chef Guy Martin as patron of the Parmigioni Studio Concept Store. Guests will be invited to dinner in his restaurant. You will be fortunate enough to be the first to taste his new dishes. As a self-taught celebrity chef, Guy Martin advocates pure and elegant cuisine. He is also an amazing traveller and was once selected as a ’21st Century Chef’ in Japan. Parmigiani presented him with a Tonda Centum Retrograde white gold watch, welcoming him as a ‘palmion of the Parmigioni’. This is a distinctive style watch with perpetual calendar, date retrograde, leap year and precise month. When the chef leaves his restaurant Le Grand Véfour near Parmigiani’s studio, leaves Paris and embarks on a long journey, this watch will become his perfect travel companion.

Longines Longines Celebrates Its Trademark For 120 Years To Date

Longines celebrates the 120th anniversary of its trademark registration. This trademark was designed by the famous manufacturer St. Imier and has been used ever since. It was registered in Switzerland in 1889. It consists of a winged hourglass and the word Longines, and it is the oldest of the trademarks that remain prototyped in an international registry maintained by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Mr. Walter von Känel, President of Longines

1889 trademark
To mark the 120th anniversary of the original trademark registration, Longines held a thematic exhibition at the Cité du Temps in Geneva, published a research result on the trademark, and also developed two limited edition watches, each of 120 pieces.

The exhibition is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm from Friday, October 2 to Sunday, November 1.
Source: Longines

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