Bronze Military Watch, Continue The Legend Of Blood—beijing Watch Replica Series D301 Military Watch Special Section ‘bronze’ New Products Listed

Hao Hao in the sky, like a flying eagle, crossing Guanshan thousands of miles, there will be a storm, and flying is paramount. In keeping with its respect for the heroes of the Air Force, Beijing Watch has launched a new ‘Bronze’ special series of D301 military watches, reshaping the classics and continuing the legend.

Beijing watch replica series D301 military watch special section ‘bronze’ continued writing legend
Brand new color engraved fighter instrument D301
 A significant feature in the military is the habit of using numbers as codes for various needs, while D301 is the code for the Air Force. As an important weapon of the Air Force fighters, fighter aircraft is a powerful embodiment of the strength of a national air force. Every design detail and component structure of a fighter requires very rigorous, and the aviation clock is an important part of it. Each fighter aircraft’s aviation clock is made using the most exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring the highest accuracy, so as to ensure that Air Force soldiers are accurate and effective in every operation of driving the fighter aircraft. The 301 aviation clock is mainly used for the instrumentation of China’s first and second generation fighter jets. It is a timing instrument with special missions. It used to fight alongside F-5 and F-6 fighters and soared into the sky.

 The new ‘Bronze’ special model of the Beijing watch D301 military watch is a replica of this classic aviation clock. It inherits the pure blood of the D301 military watch and has a new interpretation in color matching. It extracts colors from military uniforms and launches black. The three new colors are brown, olive and green. The dial is finely sandblasted and has a fine matte texture. The gradient dial changes with the light and shadow of the light, showing a changing color. Equipped with a leather strap of the same color and a woven strap, to meet the needs of watch owners in different occasions.

Fighting in the sky

 Pilots have no time in the air to think about the past and the future, they only have the present. Therefore, for the Air Force to perform missions within strict time limits, the watch is one of its important equipment. Due to the limitations of the flying environment, the requirements for flying watches are higher: a solid and firm structure, a precise movement time, a simple wearing method, and the recording of minutes and seconds. The vintage chronograph has its own unique charm, not only has the charm of classical chronograph, but also the fun of mechanical timing. The special “Bronze” watch of the replica series D301 military watch has multiple and precise dial scales. It is equipped with a Swiss multifunctional mechanical movement. On the 45mm dial, there are a minute counter, a clock counter and a constant small seconds dial. The large second hand of the ‘Beijing Red’ aircraft on the dial is still at 12 o’clock, and only moves when the timekeeping function is activated. The 12-hour timekeeping process can be completed by the operation of the timing button on the side of the crown, recording precious time between the wrists.

 The round Arabic numerals and hands on the dial are luminous, and the time can be seen clearly in the dimly lit cockpit. The rose gold-plated facetted ‘Sky’ hour hand, combined with the design of the dome shape, shows the sky, The heroic posture pointed directly at the sky; the steel bottom cover, using numerical control carving, vividly reproduces the strength of the fighter aircraft flying over the sky during the parade, and there are pentagrams hanging above the sky. Those warriors once dreamed of possessing will be on the wrist Once again across the sky.

Live up to time

 The special ‘Bronze’ watch of the replica series D301 military watch retains the rough and tough shape of the military watch. The case is made of bronze aluminum alloy. Bronze is a witness of time. With time, air, environment, humidity, lifestyle Such changes will produce varying degrees of patina, giving the watch owner a unique watch color. This bronze tone also appears on the large onion crown and bracelet. The large onion crown makes it easier for pilots to adjust the time, and the oil pressure is refined on the pentagram. The leather strap uses a combination of cable tie and bronze pentagram. This pattern comes from the fighter 5 fuselage pattern and bronze The rustic feel complements each other.

 Each ‘Bronze’ watch has a unique code, limited to 700 pieces worldwide, and comes with a Miyagi gift box, which draws inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics and architecture, and breaks through the traditional way of opening the heaven and earth cover. L-shaped ‘can be opened with a slight push.