Mysterious Goddess Looking For The Holy Grail Of Time Iwc Da Vinci

What is time, what is space, what is life … When asked to ask this series of ancient questions, life falls into a myth, these ultimate questions of life throw people into the unknown and Adventure situation. Only those who have the courage to explore, with courage, wisdom, and a keen and determined heart, persevere. This process is wonderful and long, just like the old Da Vinci code, in the long years, waiting for the brave mysterious goddess to come to reveal the truth. Hard and soft, the fearless goddess finally harvested the answer and revealed the truth of life.

Constantly chasing and surpassing the IWC Expressive Western Series, designed for brave and wise women, it is also the era of interpretation of the IWC Expressive Western Series. The meaning of life is to seek forward, go beyond creating classics, and classics achieve eternity.

Origin, Flower of Life
Morning light, bells, old castle … The story happened in a quiet manor in Italy, where the silence of history reveals itself, and it seems to keep a secret that has been sealed for a long time.
A mysterious woman wearing a saint’s robe came here. She was noble, intelligent, and calm and rational, and obviously she came for a purpose. At the end of the garden, she found the ancient and magical ‘flower of life’ pattern on the wall.

This mysterious visitor, full of beauty and texture, is full of firm faith. She reached out and touched the center of the ‘Flower of Life’. Instantly, the walls rotated, split, and opened … The adventure entered a wider world. Under the guidance of the ‘Flower of Life’, time, space … slipped into the eternal world.
Elegant radian, noble color, engraving of the flower of life, slender hands … Da Vinci watch shining with wisdom, it is the gift of the flower of life, it is a guide for women to continue to explore.

Guidelines, Da Vinci Code
With the hands pointing at 12, the woman’s decryption journey entered the core. At this time, she met the ancient soul and shuttled with the wise. The wise man has a great name, Da Vinci, a man who has been exploring the mysteries of human beings in time, space, and the universe, and constantly pursues the meaning of life.

What is life and what is time … this is the ultimate goal to attract countless wise men and warriors to explore, and at this moment, he welcomes this lady, a woman who coexists with wisdom and bravery, she is looking for the Holy Grail of time to start life Meaning, Da Vinci uses a series of ‘passwords’ to guide beautiful women.

Facing everything that followed, a hint of pre-war excitement appeared on the confident face of the woman. Yes, she was ready. After splitting, maneuvering, and reorganizing again and again, finally, the eyes suddenly opened up … the woman found the holy grail of time. On the dial, the second hand points to 8, which means infinity, meaning the infinite possibilities of the universe and space … the answer came to the surface.

Decoding, the meaning of time
Fearless and brave people can finally reap the gift of time and the gift of life. Just like IWC expresses the Vinci series, it is specially designed for outstanding and confident ladies. Elegance and wisdom coexist, and toughness and graceful dance. The Da Vinci series watches use the unique softness and toughness of women to sublimate wisdom and use dark The protagonist of the flower of life, which contains magical power, gives the watch a mysterious and intelligent energy. Confident women can take it easy, and the world of time and space is in their hands.

IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36 (Model: IW458310)

The 18K red gold case is set with 54 diamonds, the silver-plated dial is matched with the 18K red gold bracelet, and the 18K red gold butterfly buckle. Mechanical movement with date display. Special engraved case back. Water-resistant to 3 bar.

IWC Express Vinci Automatic 36 (Model: IW458307)

Stainless steel case, silver-plated dial with stainless steel bracelet, stainless steel butterfly buckle. Mechanical movement with date display. Special engraved case back. Water-resistant to 3 bar.

IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36 (Model: IW459306)

Stainless steel case, silver-plated dial and dark blue Santoni alligator leather strap with stainless steel butterfly buckle. Mechanical movement with moon phase profit and loss display. Special engraved case back. Water-resistant to 3 bar.

The Grand Opening Of Parmigiani’s First Macau Store

On November 12, 2013, Watch House was invited by the world-renowned Swiss top watch brand Parmigiani to attend the grand opening of the brand’s first Macao store in the Venetian Macao Shopping Center. Store opening celebration. It is well known that Parmigiani, a top Swiss watch brand with ‘watching for the heart, knowing the skill’ as its watchmaking philosophy, has been dedicated to finding unparalleled inspiration in the production of high-end watches and pushing the field of high-end watches into the world. A balanced and rich new realm. This time Parmigiani and Xiyunjia Watch Group jointly presented Parmigiani’s first Macau specialty store at the Venetian Macao Shopping Center, which is another important milestone for the brand to explore the market. More exciting report editors from the scene will be detailed in the following articles.

Many friends who know Macau will be very familiar with the Venetian Shopping Center. It brings together top luxury brands from all fields in the world. It is also known as the preferred landmark for luxury consumption in Macau. The Venetian Macao Rose Hall, occupies 646 Square feet, while Parmigiani’s store design is personally mastered by the famous Parisian designer Thierry Conquet, which is unique.

This is the largest indoor shopping mall in Macau. It is located on the third floor of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, covering an area of ​​968,000 square feet. It has more than 350 shopping merchants, dozens of restaurants and three 390-foot canals.

The entire shopping center is covered by a large sky curtain. The sky curtain can be combined with computer-controlled lighting effects to create the morning and dusk sunrise and sunset clouds and sky. With the characteristic streets, canals, and the 157-foot Rial bridge, the environment is elegant and magnificent. Travelers feel as if they are on the streets of Venice.

In such a perfect combination of art and business, the feeling presented by the Parmigiani store is even more self-evident for each visitor. The flexible design of various lighting combinations and the soft light give the shop A more intimate and private atmosphere. The specially designed lights are focused on the watch pieces in the window. Carefully selected decoration materials, including wood with various unique textures, carefully carved copper decoration, novel combinations of various materials, and comfortable velvet seats and other furniture, reveal the brand’s elegant qualities everywhere. In addition, the designer also arranged bright red and gold elements in the specialty stores, showing the festive and auspicious atmosphere of Chinese culture.

The opening of Parmigiani’s first Macau store ushered in congratulations from many colleagues. Of course, the guests who attended the opening ceremony were also heavyweight. Among them, Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot, Parmigioni’s global chief executive Ms. Shan Wei, Managing Director of Makonia Nitai District, and Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyunjia Watch Group and Yuyi Watch Co., Ltd. both attended the event.

When the host officially began to give a speech, the opening ceremony of Parmigiani’s first Macau store was officially opened, and invited media from all walks of life gathered here to witness another timepiece industry together. The important moment is coming.

First of all, Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot, the global chief executive officer of Parmigiani, gave a speech at the opening ceremony. While warmly welcoming the guests, he also said that Parmigiani was very honored to cooperate with Xiyunjia Watch Group. Macau, the world’s premier entertainment and luxury shopping destination, opens its first boutique. The opening of Parmigiani’s Venetian Macao Store will further bring our proud Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship to watch enthusiasts in Greater China and Asia.

Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyunjia Watch Group Co., Ltd. and its watchmaker, said that he was very happy to work with Parmigiani to open the first flagship store in Macau and expand our business in the Pearl River Delta. With Parmigiani’s great trust and support from us, the new store is able to uphold three reputational and innovative business principles of trust, innovation and excellent exclusive service experience to provide more valued customers with the best shopping environment and the most complete watches. Choice, and unique personalised services. Afterwards, everyone completed the ribbon-cutting activity in the specialty store together.

Of course, after completing the entire opening ceremony, Parmigiani’s watches officially debuted. The specialty store displayed six major watch series developed and produced by Parmigioni completely independently, and more than 20 women’s and men’s watches. Among them are six world-first watches with self-made movements, and new and complex watches introduced at the Geneva International Horological Fair this year, including Pershing Tourbillon Abyss, Toric Tecnica Minos and Toric Tecnica Palme watches. Grand debut together. Next, please follow the pictures taken by the editor to experience the infinite charm brought by this top Swiss watchmaking brand.

The first to bring to you is the latest ‘Tecnica Palme’ complication watch launched by Parmigiani. In many cultures, palm trees are a symbol of vitality. Palm trees grow in hot and arid countries with dripping water. The moist fruits refresh the thirst of the local people, and the fan-shaped leaves shade the people. Parmigiani wants to express his praise to this tree of life, so he specially designed a unique watch Tecnica Palme-it combines four ‘high-level clocks’ complex functions in one, its dial reflects This marks one of the highest level of craftsmanship of the Parmigiani brand to date.

The engraving process gives the case back a rich texture. After tens of hours, the enamel craftsman can begin the following process.

Tecnica Palme is priced at HK $ 6.9 million at the Venetian Parmigiani Macau. And the watch does not have a three-question slider, but the bezel rotates clockwise to open the time. Under the operation of the watch store staff, we were fortunate to hear the sound of the minute repeater like a question.

Parmigiani TONDA QUATOR series PFC272-1002400-HA1241 watch

Parmigiani’s new Transforma series fits the rich changes of life and is suitable for everyday wear. Whether it is a watch or pocket watch, whether it is sports or elegant, the Transforma series can be changed at will to meet any need. In the evening it turns into a table clock to accompany you to sleep, counting the passage of night.

Parmigiani TONDA HÉMISPHÈRES series PFC231-1001200 watch

In the name of refinement, Parmigiani painted a precious and elegant reputation for his latest diamond-studded ultra-thin watch with precious Tahitian mother-of-pearl. The ‘Tonda 1950’ series has thus reached an elegant new quadrant, bringing luxury to life.

Parmigiani TONDA 39 new watch

Kalpa Donna Women’s Watch

After the opening ceremony of Parmigiani’s first Macau store, the brand prepared a rich lunch for the media and guests. The Macao trip edited here also ended successfully, adhering to the unique design and excellent watchmaking technology. Parmigiani has demonstrated his outstanding strength with his step by step, I believe everyone will look forward to the same extraordinary watch experience that we will bring to us in the future.