Nomos Tangomat Gmt Plus Watch

Nomos Tangomat GMT Plus watch (Model 637): equipped with a self-winding movement, 40 mm diameter, stainless steel case, white silver plated dial, blue steel hands, waterproof 30 meters, top Cordoba Horse leather strap, price: 39,800 yuan
    Even if you already know the time difference between the second time zone and home time, if you are always scratching your head on geography or mathematics, when setting the second time zone, I am afraid that the time will be adjusted due to the calculation deviation.
    The Nomos Tangomat GMT Plus watch adopts such a simple trick, making you more intuitive when performing the second time zone adjustment. Just adjust the hour between the second time zone and home time on the number box at 9 o’clock by pressing the button on the 2 o’clock position of the watch (for example, your area is Dong Er District and your home time is Dong Ba District , East 2 district is 6 hours later than East 8 district, so just adjust the number box to -6), then you can complete the time synchronization. And the time in the second time zone can be clearly displayed through a 24-hour window at 3 o’clock.
    This setting has another advantage, that is, you can not only understand the day and night change of the second time zone through the window at 3 o’clock, and by calculating the time difference, you can also know the day and night change on the large dial. -For example, the scale indicated by the center hand on the figure is 10, the number displayed in the 24-hour window is 16, and the time difference indicated by the number box on the 9 o’clock position is -6. We can infer that the time indicated by the center hand 22 points instead of 10 points. Maybe you have a headache for these ‘complex’ calculations, but in the actual journey, this simple two-time watch will still bring you enough convenience.
    Compared with other complicated watch functions, on the surface, the two places really do not look extraordinary, and can even be regarded as bland-there is no gorgeous appearance like a tourbillon, no like a chronograph watch. For the fun of playing, the simplest two-hour timepiece only needs to add an hour hand indicating the second time zone on the dial that contains the basic functions of the watch, but it is just such a small visual change. So that the two places have acquired the connotation enough to the world. For people, the dual time function is not the icing on the cake of a watch-apart from the dual time watch, it seems difficult to find other better ways for people to see so easily but clearly immediately Then, another time in the world is geometry. I remember in the article of ‘Fashion Time’ last year, the author praised the two-time function as a killer application, and now most manufacturers are very happy to add more two places in each year’s new product release. Products. This is really because the functions of the two places are too in line with the needs of today’s people. Whether it is attached to a sports watch or a formal watch, it seems so appropriate-because whether you are going on a vacation or business trip, as long as you Now in a foreign country, this function seems so indispensable.
    Although as early as 1930, watches with world-time functions appeared before the world, but the retrospective of the prosperity of watches in both places, we have to mention that only in 1955, the 24-hour hand was introduced to the watch dial Rolex GMT Master watch. Although the amount of information provided by the watch in the two places is much less than that in the world, the simplicity and practicality of its appearance have been improved a lot. For ordinary people, how many opportunities do you need to know in daily life? What about time changes in several time zones? It is precisely because of this small hand change that the watch can become a frequent guest on the wrists of countless watch lovers in both places.
    Although the functions of the two places are simple and practical, we can still see that many manufacturers are working on the transformation of the two places. For example, the general two places watches will use the crown to move the second time zone. The adjustment is simple but prone to deviation, because if the position of the crown is different, it will cause the watch to set the second time zone. In the same way, this adjustment method is not fast, so in order to simplify the adjustment process, add a button at 10 o’clock, and use this button to set the second time zone to set the second time zone watch. . The designer added a lever to the movement, and every time you press the key, the second time zone hand of the watch can be moved forward by one hour-this two-time adjustment of the watch even has the final version. An additional key is designed on the eight o’clock position, so that the second time zone pointer is freed from the constraint of only one-way adjustment. Of course, the addition of these technical means will undoubtedly increase the technical difficulty of the watch, which also makes the price of the watch in both places ‘rich and frugal.’ There is always a watch at a price that suits you!

Kunlun’s New Rubber Watch Is Fitted Like Skin

Since its establishment in 1955, Kunlun Watch Factory has taken the courage to break through tradition, forge ahead with innovation, and strive for perfection. In just 40 years, it has been recognized as the world’s most energetic luxury brand watch manufacturing Business. About sixty years after its establishment, Kunlun’s history may not be as rich as that of hundreds of years of watchmaking, but the achievements it has made are not much to be desired.

   Because of the passion for watchmaking. The courage to innovate and create trends has given Kunlun a unique position. The new president, Michael Wunderman, 30, has been in formal contact since the age of 18. Although he has been involved in the watch industry for more than a decade, his passion for timepieces has not become a standard, and he is still full of passionate ideas. This spirit is in line with Kunlun’s family business model.
    The Admiral Cup Victory Rubber Watch launched by the Kunlun brand is a new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber chronograph rubber watch made of vulcanized rubber, with a unique design and soft and smooth texture.
    When I saw this rubber watch, I immediately saw that it was launched to inject unlimited vitality and color on a hot summer day. The new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber chronograph rubber watch has a colorful vulcanized rubber case, which is suitable for wearing in different types of sports. It is also a good equipment for all kinds of underwater adventure sports.

Audemars Piguet Minute Repeat Tourbillon Chronograph 26564ic.Oo.D002cr.01 Watch Released Directly At The 2013 Geneva Watch Show

The highly skilled artisans uphold the passion for watchmaking, so that Audemars Piguet, which is still under the control of the founder’s family, has always maintained the fine tradition at the beginning of its creation, making experienced watch collectors and Watch enthusiasts appreciate endless complications.

   This year, in order to highlight its tradition of pursuing top-notch watchmaking skills, the Audemars Piguet watch factory in Brassus finds inspiration from a ‘cushion-shaped’ pocket watch that is now displayed in the brand museum and produced in the 1920s. A watch with complex functions.

   As a result, the traditional series of three minute tourbillon chronographs came into being, made of two different exquisite materials: rose gold / platinum and titanium, each limited to 10 pieces.

   The rose gold / platinum case is crafted from rose gold with a white gold bezel, with a smoked dial, rose gold hour markers and hands. The original design gives the watch its timeless character.

   Titanium alloy with titanium alloy bezel and platinum bezel, to give the wearer the best minute repeater sound quality. Little known is that the quality of a watch’s tone transmission depends to a large extent on the metal used and the size of its case. The larger the case, the lighter and stronger the material used, and the longer the sound waves it emits. Therefore, this watch is equipped with a titanium alloy case with a diameter of 47 mm, which maximizes the volume of the minute repeater and brings the most pleasant listening pleasure to watch lovers. This unique timepiece not only has an original design, but also carries a high-performance movement that combines the popular complications-tourbillon and minute repeater-with the addition of a chronograph function To make it better and more precious.

   Traditional series three minute tourbillon chronograph with a beautifully curved case, equipped with a hand-wound movement of 13¼ centimeters (ie 29.90 mm). Its thickness is 7.65 mm and it consists of 504 components. The bottom cover can peep at some mechanical parts and
Components. It is worth mentioning that through the hollow dial, the tourbillon composed of 83 parts can perform an elegant round dance with its balance wheel (21,600 vibrations / hour), one designed to improve the accuracy of the watch The governor, which weighs only 0.4 grams, rotates during the operation, allowing the wearer to appreciate the magical charm of this dream timepiece.

   This extraordinary watch is hand-crafted according to the strictest standards in the fine watchmaking industry at present. It adheres to the traditional god, strives for excellence, and carefully builds all parts.

   The traditional series of three minute tourbillon chronograph with its unique case design, highlights the magnificent style, equipped with Calibre 2874 manual winding movement, visible components through the case back operation, power reserve for 48 hours. This watch is available in rose gold and titanium / platinum, rose gold with a crocodile leather strap and rose gold folding buckle, and titanium / platinum with a platinum folding buckle.

Technical Parameters
• Movement model: Calibre 2874 manual winding movement
• Diameter total length: 29.90 mm (13¼ law minutes)
• Movement thickness: 7.65 mm
• Number of gems: 38
• Number of parts: 504
• Minimum guaranteed power reserve: 48 hours
• Balance frequency: 21,600 times / hour
Case: Titanium case (47mm diameter), anti-glare sapphire crystal, case back, 18K white gold bezel, crown and buttons.
Dial: Frosted silver dial, rose gold applied Arabic numerals and hands.
Bracelet: Hand-sewn large checkered black crocodile leather strap with 18K rose gold AP word folding clasp.
Functions: Tourbillon, chronograph, dual-reed minute repeater, hours, minutes, small seconds.

• Movement equipped with three complex functions
• Column wheel timing device
• 30-minute chronograph
• Manually retouched the bridge and the board
• Hand-polished parts (polishing chamfers, granular grinding on the upper side, and matte polishing on the lower side)

Number: 26564IC.OO.D002CR.01
Limited edition of 10 pieces

   The result of hundreds of hours of patient work done by a professional watchmaker can be seen through the transparent case back. Chamfering, drilling, tapered holes, spiral patterns and other delicate processes require meticulous long-term fine operation, the cost required is equivalent to about one-third of the total cost of the movement. Among these dazzling movements, the chamfering process is undoubtedly the most praised and the most demanding manual technique for manual operation. This technique requires craftsmen with years of extensive experience, using files to smooth the edges and corners of parts, and using polishing wheels to throw fine lines to highlight the effect of light refraction. In fact, these post-processing processes from ancient times to today have the practical function of preventing dust and moisture from entering the movement. Only in the hands of the watchmaker’s perfect mastery, these finishing and decorative treatments can make the icy metal installations glorious. Audemars Piguet’s master watchmakers have mastered these craftsmanship and have applied them to branded products freely.
   In this piece, each component is carefully and carefully processed. Some parts, such as the minute repeater hammer visible through the case back cover, use two advanced and sophisticated post-processing treatments: the first is mirror polishing, and the component is polished to be smooth and nearly ‘blowable’ Then, the chamfering process is performed, including the chamfering of the inner and outer corners, so as to reflect the artist’s superb skills. These special chamfers, which are easy to identify in the components, are like a secretive mark of an artisan, because no machine can create this delicate effect.

 Summary: The appearance design of this watch can be said to be very unique. It looks like a square case but has some barrel style. The titanium alloy material used to create the case and crown makes the watch more beautiful. The upper and lower buttons on the side of the case and the crown design retain the original pocket watch design, which is both innovative and traditional.

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

Fiyta Shamrock & Extreme Series 30th Anniversary Watch Will Debut At Baselworld 2017

In Basel in March, there is a kind of light, not strong or weak, just right. Since 2000, Colour Institue, a subsidiary of Pantone, has released fashion colors every year. These colors are not only one of the indicators of fashion trends, but also the source of inspiration for designers in the new season.

The watch industry also has its own popular colors. The watchmakers at the forefront of fashion have integrated the popular colors into the dial, breaking the dull monotony of the past, and rolling up a different design trend.

Plant Green X Clover Series 30th Anniversary

Pantone-International color authority forecasting agency has designated Greenery as the color of the year in 2017. The spring greenery meets our longing for vitality and vitality, and represents our hot pillow for exploring nature. ‘Liu Huishui has a lot of frost, and the world knows everything from spring to spring.’ The popularity of greenery makes the whole world full of vitality and hope. The touch of green in the watch awakens the energy of fashion, but it is not overly flamboyant, it is eye-catching but not excessive.

The Fiyta Clover series follows the trend, applying green boldness to the dial and strap. Bright dazzling malachite, elegant and handsome, has a different kind of beauty, is the finishing touch for the transcript of ICON. The green strap of the lizard leather not only exudes a high-level texture, but also confirms the unique meaning of this color: exploration, experimentation and remodeling. It seems to say goodbye to the dull past, and there is an incomparable lightness.

Watch configuration
Name: The 30th Anniversary of Clover Series
Model: LA862023.GNNS
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Dial: skeleton, shell; malachite, crystal inlay
Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass
Ring mouth: stainless steel, IP plated rose gold, combined into a square zirconia inlay
Case: Stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold
Hands: Rose gold-plated brass hands
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom, synthetic sapphire glass
Strap: Green Lizard Skin
Clasp: stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold, double opening buckle
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited: 300 pieces worldwide

Colorful X Clover Series 30th Anniversary

Bright and shiny, outstanding. The colorful and splendid colors convey a passionate atmosphere, expressing the freedom feelings vividly, so that the most beautiful time alternates between the wrists.

The dial made of mother-of-pearl shines differently in different aspects. This gorgeous, noble yet elegant. The magnificent colors and elegant fritillary decorate the luxurious texture on the wrist. The loosiness of the rush grass powder is like a cluster of gorgeous light in the sea, showing nobility and exquisiteness in the Ambilight. Raise your hand and cast your feet, shining brightly, with wind on your wrists.

Watch configuration
Name: The 30th Anniversary of Clover Series
Model: LA862022.PWWD
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Dial: skeleton, shell; crystal inlay
Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass
Ring mouth: stainless steel, IP plated rose gold, combined into a square zirconia inlay
Case: Stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold
Hands: Rose gold-plated brass hands
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom, synthetic sapphire glass
Strap: Cowhide
Clasp: stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold, double opening buckle
Waterproof: 5ATM

30th Anniversary of Primrose Yellow / Lapis Blue x Extreme Series

Primrose yellow is born with a warmth, as if the first rays of sunlight just emerging from the clouds fell on the shoulders, warmly wrapped around you, activating that energy that has accumulated throughout the winter. Lapis lazuli represents the starry expanse of the clear night sky. Born from the calm blue color of the past, it is strong and confident, exuding a strong inner light, yet unforgettable and understated.

The extreme series watches focus on coupe elements, and their tough and tough shape makes it stand out from many watches. The air grille-like hollow and the steering wheel-shaped dial seem to ignite the adrenaline of young people in the first place. And this commemorative watch boldly used the yellow / blue second hand. The vividly contrasting second hand lights up the expansive and deep black dial, like a racing car that is about to start, and has already felt the passion and vitality of the gallop before it even hit the road.

Watch configuration
Name: 30th Anniversary of Extreme Series
Model: GA866000.BBB
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Dial: hollow, oil pressure
Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass
Ring mouth: stainless steel, IP plated black
Case: stainless steel, IP-plated black
Hands: Black-plated brass hands
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded see-through bottom, synthetic sapphire glass plated with decorative film, electroplated wheel-shaped pattern
Strap: stainless steel
Clasp: stainless steel, black IP-plated, double opening buckle
Waterproof: 10ATM
Limited: 3000 pieces per model worldwide

Vacheron Constantin Launches Limited Platinum Collection Date And Week Power Reserve Display Watch

Vacheron Constantin launched the (CollectionExcellencePlatine) limited platinum collection watch in 2006, and now the series welcomes two new members, the Traditionnelle weekly date display and Traditionnelle world time watch . Today, we mainly introduce the Traditionnelle Day and Day Display.

In addition to the 950 platinum case and crown, the sandblasted dials of these two new watches have a “PT950” mark between the four and five o’clock positions, and the folding clasp is also made of 950 platinum. , The dark blue crocodile leather strap is hand-stitched with saddle-shaped corners using silk threads and 950 platinum silk threads to bring the ultimate touch to the wearer.

Vacheron Constantin’s limited edition Platinum Collection watch never produced more than 150 pieces. The two new members, the Traditionnelle Sunday Date Display and the Traditionnelle World Time, are naturally the same. Each of the two new models is limited. Only 100 pieces.

The timeless classic style exhibited by these two watches reflects their traditional timepiece temperament from the Traditionnelle series. Slim bezel with a knurled pattern on the center of the case back screwed into a sapphire crystal, three-dimensional scales, toffee hands, a concise dial and a finely lined case, Vacheron Constantin’s Traditionnelle series Watches blend tradition with modernity.

The Traditionnelle Day-Date Watch has a 39.5 mm case. The dial is equipped with a pointer-type power reserve display, date and day display functions. The case is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 2475 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement splint is chamfered, rhodium-plated and decorated with a ring texture. Both the watch and the movement received the Geneva Seal. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Longines Joins Hands With Fei To Bring Exciting Games To Germany To Win

Last Saturday in the Hickstead Cup equestrian obstacle race in the UK, Germany sent a first-class team and won the game with superb performance.

 According to the watch house, Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) was established in 1921 and is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is an international equestrian sports organization approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The International Equestrian Federation is the competition rule management and law enforcement agency for equestrian sports worldwide. The agency sets the rules for equestrian events and has the right to approve equestrian events in the Olympics, championships and regions.

 Princess Haya, the sheikh of Dubai, is the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan and half-sister of the current King Abdullah of Jordan. She has been involved in equestrian sports since the age of 13 and has represented Jordan in the 2000 Sydney Olympics equestrian events.

 Up to today, the International Equestrian Federation has seven equestrian sports, namely: equestrian triathlon; dressage and disabled equestrian dressage; field obstacle course; carriage driving race and disabled riding carriage driving race; horse endurance race ; Immediate skill competition; venue control Marseille.

 The International Equestrian Federation holds the ‘World Equestrian Games’ every four years (biennium). It is the world’s largest equestrian event. It has held five sessions since the first session in 1990. The eight-item ‘World Championship’ will be held, and the next ‘World Equestrian Games’ will be held in Normandy, France in 2014.

 The International Equestrian Federation organizes equestrian events for previous Olympic equestrian events, Paralympic equestrian events, Central American Games, Mediterranean Regional Games, Bolivian Regional Games, Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, South American Games and Pan American Games. The International Equestrian Federation also organizes the World Cup, Intercontinental Equestrian Championships, Intercontinental Youth (riders aged 16-18 years) Equestrian Championships, Intercontinental Young Riders (riders aged 18-21 years) Equestrian Championships, Intercontinental Junior Level (riders age 14– 16 years old riding a pony) equestrian championship, youth Olympic equestrian competition. In addition, the International Equestrian Federation also organizes international equestrian competitions at different levels and in different professions held around the world.

 According to the Watch House, this game ended with the German team winning. The US and France teams won the second and third places.

Good Table, We Must Pay Attention To Details

In Chinese history, there is such a ‘bone-level’ cattle man, he is the common idol of Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek. Mao Zedong once said, ‘Foolen with others, serving Zeng Wenzheng alone.’ A book often placed on the desk of Chiang Kai-shek is ‘The Complete Works of Zeng Wenzheng.’ Zeng Wenzheng here is to calm down the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, launch the Westernization Movement, lead the modernization of China, and rank among the top four ministers in the late Qing Dynasty. I have read Zeng Guofan’s biography before and I am deeply touched. He did not show particularly amazing talents since he was a child. When he was studying, he did not count the outstanding students, and Kao Xiu had only been tested 7 times before he was barely admitted. In his time, he had better grades and more talents than him, but none of them changed from ordinary people to epoch-making strong men. So why did Zeng Guofan change from ordinary to extraordinary, and finally achieved such a high achievement? Of course, Zeng Guofan, the chief of the four famous ministers in Wanqing, certainly does not rule out the elements of opportunity and luck, but the hard power of Zeng Guofan is more important. He believed in Cheng Zhuxue’s Confucianism and brought the essence of Confucianism to the extreme. He worked hard on details and small things, and continuously accumulated, precipitated, reflected, and summarized. He put countless details and small things into place for decades, and finally achieved counterattack and achieved life great cause. This spirit and attitude of focusing on small things and paying attention to details is also the reason why the Japanese watchmaking industry is prosperous. Japan does not have as many watch brands as Switzerland, but the status of Japanese watches in the world cannot be ignored. In May of this year, I went to visit two Seiko watch factories. In the workshop of Seiko Epson, I was impressed by the Japanese craftsmen working silently and focusing on details. Seiko’s ‘third’ movement, Spring Drive, was born in such a workshop. The advent of Seiko Epson’s watchmaking workshop, Spring Drive, came from an ordinary idea. At that time, after Seiko’s engineer Akaba was good and saw the advantages and disadvantages of quartz and mechanical watches, he wondered if it was possible to make a new movement that had both the beauty of a mechanical movement and the precision of a quartz movement. Many people have such an ordinary idea. But Ken has worked hard for nearly 30 years, and finally, the person who made ordinary ideas into extraordinary movements was only Akabane. Before the birth of Spring Drive, Akane was good and experienced more than 600 failures. If each failure is regarded as a trivial matter, then Spring Drive is based on countless trivial matters, constantly summing up and perfecting, and finally a major event . Akabane’s peaceful life can be said to coincide with the crown blue lion will simply go to the extreme and pursue the highest level of ordinary ideas. This is also the philosophy that Mr. Yoshimura, chairman of Seiko China has always pursued. Mr. Yoshimura, Chairman of Seiko China (left) and I are in Matsumoto City, Japan. Since Mr. Yoshimura became chairman of Seiko China, he has carried out a series of innovations. Through these innovations, Guanlan Lions has undergone a lot of changes. In the past, the Blue Lion was cheaper to sell in Japan than domestic, and it could only be returned to Japan for repair if it was broken, which was troublesome and time consuming. With the efforts of Mr. Yoshimura, Guanlan Lion not only achieved the same price between China and Japan, but also can be repaired even in China, which greatly benefited the domestic Guanlan Lions fans and brought real benefits to these fans. In fact, the blue lion’s spread problem is good, as well as after-sales problems. It has always been before. I found that these problems are very simple. It is not easy to solve these problems, but Mr. Yoshimura did. Mr. Yoshimura speaks fluent Chinese and knows well about the retail channels in the Chinese market. Mr. Yoshimura has also taken many measures. Guanlan Lions and Xinyu, one of the world’s largest luxury watch retail groups, and its subsidiary Shengshi, as well as Tmall and, the most influential e-commerce platforms in China, have launched a series of cooperation. If it was difficult to buy the Blue Lion in the past, now there are many more channels to buy it. No matter in Xinyu’s stores, or online platforms such as Tmall and, you can buy Crown Blue Lion, and the price is the same whether online or offline. I have known Mr. Yoshimura for two years. Mr. Yoshimura speaks fluent Chinese and knows the Chinese market very well. He has a traditional Japanese style in treating people and attaches great importance to business etiquette. Every time he participates in an event, he must be a suit and tie. These are all details, but it is not easy to do the details well, or even to the extreme. Moreover, he prefers to communicate and share. There is no such high-level and unreasonable shelf of some brand executives, which is particularly rare. This is a video taken for Mr. Yoshimura. The video was explained by Mr. Yoshimura himself. There is such a sentence, I think it is particularly good: ‘Ordinary or extraordinary, depends on countless moments that do not seem eye-catching.’ It describes from one side why the Blue Lion has become a model of fine watchmaking in Japan. It is precisely because the watchmaker does ordinary work every day, accumulates over time, changes from quantity to quality, and finally reborn, reaching the pinnacle of his career. This applies not only to the watch industry, but also to any industry. Mr. Yoshimura’s spirit of simplicity and extremes has penetrated into every aspect of his life. Let’s take an example of personal experience. On platforms such as Toutiao today, whether it is watch world or other media, the content related to Seiko or Blue Lion, if Mr. Yoshimura sees it, he will definitely like it. At first I thought that he occasionally saw a like to support his own brand. Later, I found that every time Seiko or Crown Blue Lion related content was revealed, Mr. Yoshimura would like it. Occasionally, liking once is the simplest thing, but no matter what media, no matter how much related content is published, you will like it whenever you see it, and you can continue to do it for a long time, but few people can do it. From this little thing, we can also see Mr. Yoshimura’s attention to detail and the spirit of making the little things to the extreme. These are undoubtedly in line with Guanlan Lion’s ultimate simplicity and pursuit of the highest level of ordinary. This is the SBGA211G watch that Mr. Yoshimura often wears. It is a blue lion spring drive with a white snowflake face and the model number is SBGA211G. This watch can be said to take the crown blue lion proud of the characteristic movement Spring Drive and Japan’s natural scenery into one. It is called Snow Flake because its dial design is inspired by the snow scene of Hotakayama in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The location of Seiko Epson is located in Nagano Prefecture. It’s really beautiful to get started. When the winter comes, Sui Takayama is covered with snow, holy and beautiful. The unique dial of SBGA211G seems to reproduce the natural scenery of Sui Takayama. The watch pays great attention to details. We know that titanium is difficult to polish, but the titanium case of this watch has been polished very finely. Can reflect the spirit of Japanese craftsmen. The 9R65 Spring Drive movement ensures that the watch has a day difference of plus or minus 1 second. This watch is 41 mm in diameter. Thanks to the titanium case, it is very light to use and very comfortable to wear. The SBGA407G snowflake surface is not only white but also ‘blue’. The ice blue snowflake surface of the model SBGA407G is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of about 40 mm. Together with the white snowflake face, it is two ‘net red’ models in the Crown Blue Lion Spring Drive watch. Both watches are around 40,000 yuan, with a white snowflake surface selling for 40,300 yuan and an ice blue snowflake surface for 41,000 yuan. This year is not only the 20th anniversary of the birth of Spring Drive, but also the 50th anniversary of the birth of the GT-R sports car owned by the famous Japanese car brand Nissan. Both Spring Drive and GT-R are leaders in their respective fields, with powerful performance. To this end, Guanlanshi specially launched the SBGC229G Spring Drive 20th Anniversary & Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch. Spring Drive 20th Anniversary & Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch This is a Spring Drive chronograph made of ceramic and titanium with a domineering side leak. In addition, it also has dual time functions. Therefore, it can be regarded as a complex watch. In terms of overall design, the watch is very dynamic, and the unique layout of the chronograph dial allows it to emit a temperament that is different from common chronographs. On the back, you can see the golden lion logo and the gold GT-R logo on the back of the watch. You can see the crown blue lion and GT-R two logos. The golden lion logo with the blue lion crown is printed on the case back, and the golden GT-R logo is engraved on the rotor. The 9R96 self-winding Spring Drive movement on the watch has a time difference of plus or minus 0.5 seconds, which is better than the standard difference of 1 second of Spring Drive. The price is 136,000 yuan. SBGH269G uses a new crimson dial. Friends who like mechanical watches, may wish to pay attention to Guanlan Lion’s new SBGH269G. The watch is priced at 45,000 yuan, with a limited edition of 900 pieces worldwide and only 15 pieces in China. The new dark red dial is reminiscent of Japanese autumn leaves. And the floor of traditional Japanese houses is often decorated with this red color, which can make people living in the house feel closer to nature. The back of the watch is also very characteristic, the rotor is anodized titanium rotor. The 9S85 high-frequency automatic winding movement is equipped with a time difference of -3 to +5 seconds, which is more stringent than the official Swiss Observatory standard.

Four Simple And Stylish Watches Recommended For Men

Portofino Manual Winding Eight Days Power Reserve Watch
The timeless shape and reliable mechanical movement have made this watch attractive to many watch lovers. The hours, minutes, seconds and a date window are all driven by a sturdy self-winding mechanical movement: no more, no less, just perfect.
In 2011, the year of the Portofino series, this classic watch was replaced with a more modern 40 mm diameter case; after careful redesign, the watch became even thinner. Its consistent classic design is reminiscent of IWC watches in the 1960s, but at the same time without losing the modern atmosphere. The Portofino automatic watch in red gold style with silver dial exudes the charm of understated luxury. The watch is also available in stainless steel, with a silver or black dial.

Pipa Portofino Chronograph
This watch is a model of practical design. The various chronograph elements are subtly combined with the watch in harmony, without compromising the simplicity of the Portofino series. However, unlike sports cars equipped with extra-wide tires and large spoilers, the Portofino chronograph does not exaggerate its sporting qualities. This watch is still low-key and restrained, but at the same time has the same vitality as the Italian sports car in the 1960s.
In 2011, the layout of the Portofino chronograph watch became more detailed and symmetrical, with softer lines. The diameter of the case is slightly increased by one millimeter to 42 millimeters; the smoother case contour and soft and smooth lug design are particularly pleasing to the eye. Paired with lightweight timing buttons, its striking flared design is also common in the cockpit of Italian sports cars. The design of the chronograph dial is also gentle and restrained, and the function is complete and practical. In addition to the cumulative chronograph display, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock corresponds to the day and date display opposite the dial. The color of each display panel is exactly the same as the color of the dial.

Pipa Portofino Time Watch
表 This watch is undoubtedly the ideal choice for global travelers and frequent flyers. The crown allows the wearer to easily change the time zone and reset the date. A rustic, low-key 24-hour display is set on the upper half of the dial to accurately remind the wearer of the time of departure. The red hands rotate once a day, while the hour markers and embossed numbers indicate 0 to 24 o’clock. Local time is indicated by the hour and minute hands as usual. To set the local time, simply pull the crown to position 1, and you can move the hour hand forward or backward in units of an hour. When set, if the hour hand crosses another day, the date of the destination is adjusted forward or backward by one day accordingly. The dual barrel design ensures that the watch can provide a 72-hour power reserve when fully wound.
The two-way detent-type winding system can transmit energy to the barrel as the wearer’s arm swings. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, you can admire the oscillating weight of ‘Probus Scafusia’-the extraordinary technology and exquisite craftsmanship from Schaffhausen, and the beautifully modified movement. The Portofino time watch is available in precious pure red gold with a black dial and red gold indexes, numerals, and a simple stainless steel version with a black or silver dial.

Cypress Portofino Manual Winding Eight Days Power Reserve Watch
表 This watch has sophisticated technology and is definitely the flagship of the Portofino family. This prestigious status is not only due to its appearance design, but from its inherent value: the case is equipped with a newly developed IWC-manufactured movement in the 50,000 movement series. This 59210 movement has a diameter of 37.8 mm, which is the same size as a pocket watch movement, but it is more modern in design.
机 This movement is very modern and equipped with large bridges and splints; extremely sturdy and reliable, fully meeting all the strict requirements of watch lovers in the 21st century. Despite its elegance, the Portofino manual winding 8-day power reserve watch is definitely a watch made for daily wear. With its reliable performance, it can run for 192 hours without any external force, that is, A full eight days.
The power reserve display on the dial allows the wearer to know exactly how soon the movement needs to be wound. From the round case with smooth and smooth lugs to the dial design, the designers of IWC faithfully present the classic style of the Portofino series. Various display functions are carefully set. The small seconds dial is set at 6 o’clock, the date display is set at 3 o’clock, and the power reserve display is set between 8 and 9 o’clock. The overall layout of the dial is harmonious and balanced. The Portofino manual-winding eight-day power reserve watch in red gold with a slate-gray dial, the scales are also made of pure red gold. Two stainless steel models with black or silver dials are also available.

Time Passes In The Snow – Swatch Christmas Special Snow Your Time Away Watch

Swatch Christmas special SNOW YOUR TIME AWAY watch can look forward to Christmas expectations. This watch is inspired by sparkling snow, and the dial is surrounded by a circle of dazzling gold. Surrounded.

Christmas, white snow, good dreams, gift boxes … On snowy Christmas Eve, curled up in bed, looking at the window of frost and mist, and fell asleep with anticipation of gifts under the Christmas tree …

The Swatch Christmas Special SNOW YOUR TIME AWAY watch can meet this expectation. This watch is inspired by sparkling snow. The dial is surrounded by a circle of dazzling gold, and the white gold is inlaid with transparent white crystals. Just like a little snowflake falling on the ground. The golden bezel surrounds a hollow window. Through the window, you can see the dynamic movement of the movement. At 7 o’clock, the dial is inlaid with a golden snowflake, showing the romance of the snow scene. The SNOW YOUR TIME AWAY watch has a 41 mm case, which is clear and transparent, with a plastic strap decorated with golden snowflakes.

Swatch specially matched this watch with mittens, which are also decorated with golden snowflakes. Let it greet the advent of snowflakes!

I Like To Use My Watch To Measure Time, Then Come To An Outstanding Chronograph

Like measuring time and controlling time has been human nature since ancient times, not only for the purpose of marking and planning activities, we also see it as a way to measure time, which can further explore the nature of time, Makes us more aware of the importance of time to us. The meaning of wearing a chronograph is just like the ‘time recording tool’ in its description, which is beautiful and fascinating. In recent years, chronographs have become more and more one of their favorite watches with its features such as strong functionality, simple and convenient use. So today I will introduce three outstanding chronographs.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-78590 Watch

Watch price: RMB 95,000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 97,800
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch thickness: 14.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 85,700
Watch diameter: 46 mm
Watch thickness: 15.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: Breitling / 12952 /
Watch Reviews: This Breitling chronograph is also one of the classic timepieces of 2016. The neatly arranged dial display explains the rich connotation of the watch. The 46 mm large-diameter stainless steel case is atmospheric and tough. The central hands and hour markers are covered with a luminous part, so that the watch can provide a striking time display in dark conditions. Equipped with a delicate black alligator leather strap, mature and stylish, attractive.
Summary: All three watches are better timepieces in chronographs. They can stand the test of time in terms of function and appearance. These three watches are also the most popular models nowadays Cousin, may wish to consider.