Breitling Won The Royal Cause Air Force Charity Foundation’s 2015 Good Cause Marketing Campaign Award

At the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund award ceremony on April 14, 2016, the famous Swiss watch brand Breitling won the 2015 Cause-Related Marketing Activity Award. of the Year). In 2015, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Breitling launched a limited edition of 75 iconic Navitimer pilot watches and donated one-tenth of its sales revenue to the Foundation, raising a large amount of money for the Foundation.

   In addition, at the British Battle Memorial Dinner held in September 2015, Breitling also donated a special 1/75 Navitimer Pilot’s Watch for auction, which raised 16,000 pounds for the foundation.
   When receiving the award, Breitling Managing Director Gavin Murphy said: ‘The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain is an important milestone and one of the few remaining opportunities to commemorate with survivors. For the Royal Air Force, the Charitable Foundation Important and critical, working with the latter on this project is a natural fit. The Royal Air Force Charity Foundation provides valuable support to World War II veterans and active pilots who continue their spirit, and we are very proud to continue working with the Royal Air Force Charity Foundation . ‘
   Mike Neville, Director of Strategy and Fundraising, RAF Charity Foundation, added: ‘It is an honor to help the British veterans and their families for the past 75 years. We are also grateful to Breitling for creating such a charming watch and the brand’s Generous support. Breitling’s sponsorship allows us to continue to fulfill the foundation’s mission. ‘
   The award ceremony was sponsored by Lockheed Martin and held at the Victory Service Club in London. Lawrie Haynes, chairman of the Royal Air Force Charity Foundation, was the guest of honor.

Ancient Wind Heritage Breguet Heritage Series 7047br/G9/9zu Brief Comment

A friend who is new to the watch often asks me when he sees the Breguet Tradition 7027: ‘Does this watch have a tourbillon? Which is it?’ In fact, the Tradition 7027 just hides the movement normally The mechanical structure underneath the bottom plate, such as gears and barrels, is displayed from the front through clever design, thus obtaining a strong appreciation value. It is not equipped with a tourbillon. And the Breguet series of watches equipped with tourbillons does have one. It is the Breguet Tradition 7047 watch with tourbillon and sesame chain. Today the watch family brings you the Breguet series 7047. A wristwatch for the reference model: 7047BR / G9 / 9ZU.

   The Tradition 7047 is the first multi-functional watch of the Breguet line-up, featuring a tourbillon, sesame chain drive system and a Breguet balance spring made of silicon, enriching Breguet’s existing gold and platinum models. .

Case in rose gold with a diameter of 41 mm

   The case of this watch is made of 18K rose gold with a diameter of 41 mm, which is in line with the current trend of large watch diameters. The watch is simple but not simple. It is composed of four main elements: a tourbillon, a sesame chain drive system, a barrel with a power reserve display and a dial.

Watch with a sapphire crystal

   The watch uses a classic and timeless dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass. The watch is sturdy, wear-resistant, clear and transparent, exposing the perfect craftsmanship of the top watch without any reservation.

Triangle pitted rose gold crown

   The gear crown made of rose gold has a simple and exquisite shape, which makes the classic case more elegant. The crown of the crown is printed with a floral ‘B’ logo, which shows the distinguished brand identity.

Brown leather strap

   This watch is equipped with a brown leather strap. The strap is made of fine leather, exquisite workmanship, comfortable wearing, fine stitches and natural leather texture show extraordinary elegance.

Classic Breguet Coin Case Design

   The case of this watch still uses Breguet’s very classic coin-shaped case, which fully shows the implicit style of Breguet’s details.

Breguet classic rounded straight lugs

   The lugs are made of Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded straight lugs. The fine polishing reveals the luster of the precious metal material. The slight backward tilt makes the watch fit the wrist more comfortably.

Polished and delicate rose gold folding buckle

   The watch uses a folding clasp, which is polished and delicate, with exquisite workmanship. The buckle is engraved with a flower-shaped letter ‘B’, demonstrating the noble brand identity of the watch.

Dial at 7 o’clock

   The dial of this watch is located at 7 o’clock. The black dial is matched with the white Roman numerals, and the exquisite machine-engraved carving is also infiltrated into the classic. Below the two elegant Breguet hollow eccentric moon-shaped hands, the delicate Paris spikes and other hands are more clear and easy to read, and the triangular scales are used as the division of the functional area between the dial scale, time scale and inner dial. appropriate.

4:30 and 9:30 with sesame chain drive system

   At 4:30 on the dial, the delicate pagoda wheel and sesame chain are very eye-catching. They together constitute a constant power system. This device has extremely strict requirements for accuracy, not only has a strong ornamental value, but also all constant One of the most superior technical performance in power system.

1:30 direction tourbillon

   The design of the tourbillon at 1:30 is inspired by the drawings submitted by Mr. Bao Di when he applied for a patent for the tourbillon in 1801 more than 200 years ago. While being as faithful as possible, he also added modern technology and materials Improvements. The larger tourbillon frame not only operates more spectacularly, but also balances the ratio with the dial, making the overall visual effect of the watch more harmonious.

The watch is equipped with a Breguet 569 manual winding mechanical movement.

   This watch is equipped with a Breguet 569 manual winding mechanical movement. Compared with the complicated and exquisite design on the dial, the bottom of the watch is more simple. The fine chamfering of the chamfers all proves the brand’s meticulous watchmaking process.

Summary: The undeniably avant-garde design of the Breguet heritage series 7047 watch contains the rich imagination of the Breguet heritage series watches as always, and it is undoubtedly another representative of the classic Breguet brand watches. Its unique design fully meets the series characteristics of the handed down series. It integrates modern craftsmanship with retro craftsmanship, interprets complex craftsmanship in a pure and simple style, and renews the classic youthful glow with a new design.

Tag Heuer Became The Official Timing Partner Of The 2014 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

According to the Watch House, TAG Heuer, a well-known Swiss watch brand, recently announced the signing of a three-year partnership to become the official timing partner of the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Corresponding club competition activities.

 The Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in 2014 is expected to be held from June 26th to 29th. The world-renowned Goodwood Speed ​​Festival was founded in 1993. It is currently the largest motor sports event in the UK, with more than 100,000 people participating each year . This year’s event focuses on celebrating the 100th anniversary of Rolls-Royce. One hundred years ago, the automotive engineers Royce and Rawls met for the first time. Together, these like-minded friends laid a solid foundation for today’s most prestigious automotive company in the world. Centuries of fate, Goodwood’s sky is still the world’s most famous car is still a sacred monument in the hearts of car fans around the world.

 For this great collaboration, the TAG Heuer brand also launched a brand new design watch. Headed by brand design director Christoph Behling, the number is only 1,500.

 Behling’s design is designed to reflect the inextricable connection between the TAG Heuer brand and the car. Never before has a watch brand been able to have such a close connection and long history with racing events as TAG Heuer. This top timing brand and racing event spans a long history, leaving brilliant moments and singing for a while Historical legend.

 Especially in the 70s of the last world, in the history of racing, there are two teams that must be mentioned, that is, Ferrari and McLaren, both of which have an inextricable bond with Heuer: ten years Here, TAG Heuer has served as the private timer supplier for the Ferrari team and has sponsored the entire team. Since 1985, TAG Heuer has been the official corporate partner of the McLaren team for 26 years.

 The relationship between TAG Heuer and the car has just begun, and I believe they will rub out more exciting sparks in the future.

Beloved By Everyone – Iwc Portofino 37 Watch

Tranquil, leisurely, and romantic. The red-toned terracotta houses are lined on the clear water shore. Travelers stroll here and enjoy the satisfaction of the small fishing village; Portofino is a wonderful place. Many people think of her as a vacation paradise, but IWC regards her as an expression of emotion, a love that separates from time.

   The feeling of love is wonderful and indescribable. Is it the speed of the heartbeat or the smile? Is it time to think about it, or not seeing it every day like Sanqiu? Is it tolerant, but in fact every shortcoming has its own cuteness? Maybe, both. A kind of care that is carefully cared for on the palm, and at the same time immersed in the feeling of owning; owning each other’s eyes, having a common language, possessing magic that will make the ordinary become beautiful, and owning the time and time of the world of two. Yes, time. No matter how beautiful the world is or how beautiful the heart is, there must be time to enjoy everything. Enjoy the taste of love and the feeling of being loved; enjoy the moment of laughter, and release the sorrow of your heart.

   Portofino is a wonderful place. Many people think of her as a holiday paradise, but IWC regards her as an expression of emotion, a love that separates from time.
   Since the Portofino interior watch was renamed, Portofino 37 entered the world of watches with a larger lineup. Although the protagonist of IWC was a Portuguese series watch last year, the brand still added new works to the Portofino series, and did not change the attitude of low-key luxury in the past. The new moon phase automatic watch 37 is the only one in the same series without diamonds in the case. It is simple and clean, and the brilliant polishing sets the moon mother in the mother-of-pearl dial extremely clear; with large and small stars beside it Dotted, as if a pair of loving eyes, admiring the full moon.

   Portofino Moon Phase Automatic 37 stainless steel case, 37 mm diameter, mother-of-pearl dial set with 12 diamonds, hour, minute, second, moon phase display, 35800 self-winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, double Anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, waterproof to 30 meters, Santoni alligator leather strap.
   The other two Portofino automatic watches 37 are studded with diamonds on the bezel, and the sun-shaded dial changes with light, one blue and one white, each with a brightly colored Santoni alligator leather strap. The Portofino series is good at interpreting the description of time with one point that is too elegant. The two new timepieces naturally inherit the style of the past. On the eve of 2016, IWC chose to present a smaller series of watches, showing its much-loved charm. And they are like a lazy lady lying on the shore of a fishing village, waiting for a love affair with a famous traveler.

   Portofino Automatic 37 stainless steel case with 66 diamonds, 37 mm diameter, mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamonds, hour, minute, second, date display, 35111 self-winding movement, 42 hours power reserve , Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, Santoni alligator leather strap.

   Portofino Automatic 37 stainless steel case with 66 diamonds, 37 mm diameter, mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamonds, hour, minute, second, date display, 35111 self-winding movement, 42 hours power reserve , Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, Santoni alligator leather strap.

The Choice Of Modern Gentlemen Montblanc’s New Masterpiece 2019 Will Be Displayed In Shanghai

On May 10, 2019, Montblanc held a Montblanc New Appreciation 2019 at the Montblanc boutique in CITIC Pacific Plaza, Shanghai. The Watch House is fortunate to be able to admire Montblanc’s new watches and take a look together.

  This year Montblanc introduced new works at the Basel Watch Fair, including new models such as the new Montblanc Star Series, the 1858 Series, the Heritage Series, and the Timewalker Series. At this new product appreciation meeting, all Montblanc’s new watches are on display, let us feel the infinite charm of watchmaking technology and mechanical watches.

2019 new Montblanc Star Collection watches

New Montblanc Star Full Calendar

2019 New Montblanc Star Automatic Calendar Watch

  Montblanc presented two new Montblanc watches at the Geneva Watch Fair this year: the new Montblanc Star Automatic Calendar Watch and the new Montblanc Star Full Calendar. The biggest change of these two watches is mainly on the dial. The dial has changed the Arabic numerals of the original models to Roman numerals. Relatively speaking, the dials of the models are more retro. The new Montblanc Star Collection models have always been elegant and gentleman-like, and this year’s new watch is no exception. It inherits this series of elegant design specifications. The silver-white dial is equipped with willow-shaped hour and minute hands, and Unique rail-type minute scale ring.

  In addition to these two watches, two Nicholas Case chronographs were also displayed on site. Montblanc launched a Nicholas Case chronograph last year. This year’s new masterpiece has changed to a smoky gray dial, one with a diamond case and the other with a rose gold case. The dials of these two distinctive chronographs include two highly recognizable, horizontally arranged rotating discs. The left disc measures 60 seconds and the right disc measures 30 minutes, just like the original drops. The design of the ink timer is the same, with two fixed chronograph dials at the two ends of the fixed hands. Montblanc’s continuous improvement in watchmaking technology, we can see its strength from these two Nicholas Kays chronographs.

Montblanc’s new 1858 collection

  This year’s Montblanc 1858 series is inspired by the spirit of mountain exploration. The khaki green is used as the main color of the watch. At the same time, it is equipped with a retro bronze case that can become more and more different with the passage of time. The new 1858 watch is hard to hide.

  There are four new Montblanc 1858 watches: two new 1858 self-winding watches, a 1858 automatic chronograph and a 1858 Geosphere world time watch. These four new products are inspired by the legendary Minerva professional military and mountain adventure watches of the 1920s and 1930s, and adopt the elegant matching of khaki green and bronze to show the spirit of being close to nature. Cousins ​​who like retro style may wish to try.

Montblanc’s new Timewalker watch


  The strength of Montblanc’s new Timewalker series cannot be ignored. The brand’s new Timewalker’s new work launched this year is very recognizable. It adopts the ‘inverted panda’ aesthetic design. The black disk surface is paired with a white secondary function disk to form a strong color contrast. The unique aesthetic design is memorable. The new Montblanc TimeWalker series watches reappear classics in a distinctive style, strengthening its sporty style, vintage style and racing spirit.

Montblanc’s new heritage watch

  A new heritage watch from Montblanc this year was also on display. Legacy watches have long been known for their elegance and elegance, and this year is no exception. Among the new models, a new one-button chronograph is very eye-catching. Unlike traditional chronographs, this watch has a chronograph button on the crown, which is more simple in design and adds another advantage in technology. In addition, the design of the watch comes from the era when people used coin-operated phones and needed to calculate the cost according to the duration of the call. The dial is very retro, decorated with smoke-gray Arabic numerals and dots as time scales, and a rack-shaped minute scale; The minute chronograph dial is located at the ‘three o’clock’ position and is marked with three, six and nine minute chronograph scales. This mid-range single-button chronograph movement pays tribute to the long-standing history of watchmaking by Minerva’s single-button chronograph.

In summary: Montblanc has inherited the traditional aesthetic design concept on the way of watchmaking, and at the same time, it can also integrate modern fashion elements into the watch, which makes people shine. Montblanc’s new models will be fully sold in the Chinese market in June. Interested table friends can pay more attention to relevant information. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Bucherer Names New Ceo And Executive Vice President Of Sales

The Bucherer Group has identified Sascha Moeri as its new CEO, responsible for Carl F. Bucherer’s high-end products in the watch brand brand. He will be on November 22, 2010
   Since September 2002, Sascha Moeri has held the position of Vice President at Milus International in Biel. In this role, he participated in the company’s new journey and defined marketing strategies and product ranges. On the other hand, he was also responsible for the brand’s distribution development in more than thirty markets.

   After more than two years as managing director of the Asia Pacific region, David Vallata will be appointed Carl F. Bucherer executive vice president of sales on November 1, 2010
   Since 2009, David Vallata, managing director of the Asia Pacific region, is based in Hong Kong and is mainly responsible for the development of the brand in Asia. Its subsidiaries are located in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. When he is named executive vice president of sales, he will continue to be responsible for this important area. He is also responsible for Carl F. Bucherer’s global sales role. He will therefore be a member of Carl F. Bucherer’s Board of Directors.

   Until mid-2011, David Vallata will be responsible for his duties in Lucerne half the time in Hong Kong, and he will be called back to Switzerland in the second half of 2011 because he will be the representative of the Asia-Pacific region at the brand headquarters in Lucerne.

Tissot Preferred 100 Series Watch

The new Tissot Junchi 100 series chronograph is equipped with a high-performance ETA7750-watt storage movement, which combines classic and stylish design and dynamic small seconds function. The perfect combination makes it suitable for various occasions Watch. The generous watch design highlights the extraordinary tolerance and adaptation to today’s society, and the precise technology of the watch movement ensures that time is always controlled. The Jun Chi 100 chronograph contains the essence of Eastern philosophy: outside, it is firm and flexible; inside, it is unique. Tissot Junchi 100 Watt Automatic Mechanical Chronograph Series Reference Price: RMB 10,250 –10,650
Perfect pedigree inheritance
The Tissot Junchi 100-watt storage movement automatic mechanical chronograph inherits the basic characteristics of the series-the most classic sports watch, as can be seen from its name. P stands for Precise; R stands for Robust; C stands for Classic; 100 stands for a depth of 100 meters. These elements reflect the essence of the watch’s design: it is both dynamic and classic, suitable for sports and more suitable for formal wear.
The unique round case of the Junjun 100 series ‘turns the circle into a square’ is rigid and flexible, forming a unique dodecagon, which resembles a bolt and has a sense of strength. There are protruding protection devices on both sides of the crown, which functionally protect the crown and the timing button at the same time to prevent damage to the button due to collision. The appearance of the line is smooth, and the three buttons are cleverly integrated into one. . These heritages of toughness and fashion make Junchi 100 series tile storage automatic chronographs more attractive.
High-performance mechanical movement for victory
After the success of all the appearance parts of the Junjun 100 watt storage mechanical automatic chronograph, the design master implanted a strong and powerful heart for its handsome appearance and high-performance ETA7750 watt storage movement. With a vibration frequency of 28,800 beats / hour, 25 gems, a power reserve of 46 hours, and precision made with details. Three asymmetrical chronograph dials on the dial balance the dual calendar window at 3 o’clock. Through the transparent case back, you can enjoy the rhythmic beauty of the movement.
It can be said that Junchi’s 100-watt storage chronograph is perfect. Whether it is a black leather strap or a 316L stainless steel strap, it offers a choice of black or white dials, corresponding white or black hands and scales, and a combination of black and white to become a classic forever fashionable. This watch complements each other for formal occasions and leisure sports, so it is suitable for all types of men.
详情 Watch details:
-ETA 7750 mechanical movement, 25 gems, 46 hours power reserve
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistant to 100 meters / 10 atmospheres
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back with screw-in crown
-316L stainless steel / leather strap with folding clasp

2014 Basel Radar Hao Xing Series New Watches Available

Baselworld 2014 is in full swing, major brands are scrambling to release new models this year. Radar watches from Switzerland are known for high-tech ceramics, and this year’s Hao Xing series also brought us new single-piece watches.

 The integrated (single-structure) high-tech ceramic case, a new member of the Rado Swiss radar family, not only achieved a new breakthrough in technology, but also took a new step in design. Lightweight, comfortable and eye-catching, the Rado Swiss Hautestar series is suitable for any occasion and is the ultimate choice for your daily life.

   The above is the cutting-edge information of the TAG Heuer Pavilion at the 2014 Basel Watch Fair prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Winter Day Warmth 3 Belt Watches Recommended

The footsteps of winter are getting closer and closer to us, and the indoor and outdoor temperatures are getting lower and lower. Do you feel when you wear your steel band watch when you wake up in the morning and finish washing? The coolness of the steel belt, as a player who really loves the watch may consider updating the strap in the winter, but as a player who is just getting started or a player who is about to get started, buy a favorite belt wrist in the winter Tables should also be regarded as a shortcut.

Panerai 111-Panerai Classic Belt Watch
 The Panerai brand was founded in Florence, Italy in 1860. It began to manufacture precision instruments and watches mainly for the Italian Royal Navy. After a few twists and turns, it finally established a watch factory in Switzerland in 2002 and has now become a world-renowned high-end sports watch. And diving watch brands. The Panerai 111 watch with a large dial design is more suitable for tall men to wear, and also has a transparent and stunning luminous display effect, using brown belt, plus the Panerai belt changing characteristics will definitely be suitable Love tossing players.

Longines caliber L688.2
 Longines caliber L688.2 uses automatic machinery and has a 54-hour power reserve function. The hour hand is equipped with a vernier to allow the time to be accurate to 1/8 of a second. A 41 mm diameter stainless steel case, a sapphire crystal, and a water-resistant 30-meter white. The dial with a brown pattern leather strap makes you feel like it at first glance.

IWC Automatic Portofino Automatic IW356501
 When it comes to belt watches, I have to say that the brand is IWC. IWC has always been based on elegant watch design styles. The new Portofino series continues the simple and elegant style of IWC. It uses a 40mm dial and is fully automatic. After careful design, the mechanical movement is even slimmer, with a black alligator leather strap exuding an understated luxury.
Reference price: 35,000 yuan

Girard Perregaux New Movement Girard Perregaux 1966 Column Wheel Chronograph Real Shot

GP Girard Perregaux proudly introduces a new member of the 3000 family: 3800-001 manual winding column wheel chronograph movement. This new design debuts in the elegant case of the Girard-Perregaux 1966 collection. Superb technology, classic style, will surely make the fans of high-end watches.

The history of GP Girard Perregaux and chronographs
 The modern chronograph with seconds hand and start / stop / reset function was first introduced in 1862 by Swiss watchmaker Adolphe Nicole, who lives in London. Constant Girard-Perregaux quickly became interested in these watches and improved or added complications, such as the chronograph with retrograde seconds and jump seconds introduced in 1880 and the retrospective chronographs introduced 9 years later. Chronograph with seconds hand, minute repeater and perpetual calendar function. In the history of GP Girard-Perregaux watches, there are various ‘doctor’s watches’ equipped with pulse meters, including pocket watches and watches. In addition to the medical profession, scientists and industrialists are also keen to use GP chronographs. For example, Count Zeppelin used these chronographs for time measurement in aviation flight tests in the early twentieth century. The brand and the chronograph have a long history: the latest masterpiece of this great tradition is here.

GP 03800 movement
 After five years of scientific and technological research and development, the 3,000-calibre family launched in 1994 added another new feature-the GP 03800 movement, which also follows the classic construction model of the traditional column wheel chronograph movement on the side of the bridge. It contains 312 parts, a diameter of 25.60 millimeters (or 11 ½ centimeters), an amazing thickness of 5.40 millimeters, and is equipped with 31 rubies. Its Microvar variable inertia balance vibrates at 28,800 times per hour. The date window can be set at 1:30, 3 or 6 o’clock. The small second hand is set at 9 o’clock. It is worth mentioning that this movement is an adaptable movement: in fact, it has the potential to load all types of complex functions on one side of the dial.

 The chronograph function display includes a central second hand and a minute instantaneous abacus. The hands of the abacus can jump instantaneously when the second hand has made a full circle, which is more convenient than reading the slow jump mechanism. The core soul of this integrated chronograph movement is the column wheel equipped with a steering clutch. In addition, it is equipped with a hammer pressure spring, which can tighten the hammer arm by means of an eccentric wheel, so that the hammer tip can be accurately positioned in the center of the minute hand wheel.

 The details are also refined: the bridge is chamfered and decorated with côtes de Genève; the steel parts are also chamfered and modified by ‘stretching lines’; the gears are rounded. Only the eccentric wheel is blued out, this is intentional, designed to avoid excessive design of the movement, and to allow watchmakers to position the adjustment.

New 1966 chronograph
 The 1966 series inherits the elegant and simple style of Girard-Perregaux watches, becoming the ideal carrier of GP 03800. The Girard-Perregaux 1966 chronograph combines superb technology and subtle elegance to strive for perfection, fully displaying the outstanding craftsmanship of the watch factory. This watch has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.25 mm. It is made of rose gold and is finished with a polished finish. The watch is equipped with a double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal and a curved dial with a flat case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters. Two dial styles are available: silver-tone milky or dark gray. Both are equipped with a three-dimensional time scale that matches the color of the case and a ‘railway’ minute scale. The speedometer is embedded in a contrasting area of ​​the color layer. Like the small second hand and minute chronograph, it strengthens the personality of the watch. The hands are set with diamonds. The date is displayed in a three-dimensional window at 6 o’clock.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 column wheel chronograph
Technical specifications
Rose gold case
Diameter: 40.00 mm
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal (curved)
Case back: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters
Girard Perregaux GP03800-0001 movement
Manual winding column wheel movement
Movement: 11 ½ ‘French points
Frequency: 28800 times / hour-(4 Hz)
Gems: 31 rubies
Power reserve: minimum 58 hours
Number of parts: 312
Balance: Microvar variable inertia balance
Functions: hours and minutes display, date, column wheel chronograph, chronograph hands, 30-minute instantaneous abacus and small seconds
Hand-stitched brown alligator strap
Pin buckle
Model: 49529-52-131-BABA (silver dial)
Girard-Perregaux 1966 column wheel chronograph
Technical specifications
Rose gold case
Diameter: 40.00 mm
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal (curved)
Case back: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters
Girard Perregaux GP03800-0001 movement
Manual winding column wheel movement
Movement: 11 ½ ‘French points
Frequency: 28800 times / hour-(4 Hz)
Gems: 31 rubies
Power reserve: minimum 58 hours
Number of parts: 312
Balance: Microvar variable inertia balance
Functions: hours and minutes display, date, column wheel chronograph, chronograph hands, 30-minute instantaneous abacus and small seconds
Hand-stitched black alligator strap
Pin buckle
Model: 49529-52-231-BA6A (dark gray dial)